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All Welcome sealed tomb
Posted 09-14-2017, 09:57 PM |
in, lbs
Spin-off of THIS thread approved by staff.

Briar has found himself growing with strength in these last moments, each step purposeful—though perhaps that is from years in this forest. I was born here. He does not care to see if anyone has followed him, why would they if Mars was left in wake of Atticus' blasphemous desires. He was a dried up thing, a wilting flower. Briar had been loosing it for some time, ever since Haya had sought to disrupt them. He'd been failing and he had been too stubborn to accept it. So this was it. He comes to rest halfway between the Devil's Ruins and Kaede's temple though more towards the Hakai, breathing heavier now. His stomach churned lightly as he rested for a moment, closing his eyes. The forest was always so peaceful. Birds flittered about in the thick canopy and the King's ears could hear the skittering of small animals in the woods. He was young, luckily. He could do this. Kaede, forgive me. I have failed you.....for you....

He moves to focus quickly, hoping to spare his pursuers if there were any. To block them off really. The earth shifts around him, rumbling against the forest as poison seeps into his veins—sweet heroine. An impenetrable canopy of earth closes him in. There is darkness. His legs tremble as he aims to focus on using frenzy plant quickly after. Liana vines intertwine with vines of jasmine and move to curl around his legs and snake upwards to envelop his body. His head became a shrieking mess, pounding, smarting. His stomach burned with an intensity, but Briar persisted. He was determined to give it his everything. He was a Deimos! His legs trembled, weakening as bruises began to form on his body. The vines would encompass him, leaving his eyes and mouth so that he could see and focus. Claustrophobia sent him into a panic. His heart races, desperate to burst, lungs burning as his head was sure to explode. Briar would lurch, stomach acid spilling and then it wouldn't stop. Blood would seep through his nose, his breathing became spurts, desperate spurts.

Briar aims to take control of a dogwood tree simultaneously, ripping it's roots from the ground as it crawled sporadically, stopping and starting again with Briar's failing life. The tree would move to straddle the king and slam downwards in finality. Breaking him from the pain he felt with the immense use of his powers. His body would grow limp, everything crushed and sealed into the Gaia. He wished it so at the very least. A painful death only for Kaede and his wolves. As the tree comes down, the canopy shatters sending dust scattering about to reveal Briar's last creation as jasmine vines and briars churn upwards the trunk. As the forest finally grows still again, blue and red pansies spring up in the ground beneath the stagnant dogwood that sheltered his decaying body in Briar's last excruciatingly painful breath of life.

Briar has died, encompassing himself in vines and a dogwood as a last tribute to Kaede and Earth.

Posted 09-14-2017, 10:16 PM |
Earth Alpha
Male, 4.00
34 in, 118 lbs
513 ep
© ev

“In our village,”
folks say God crumbles up the old moon into stars.

― aleksandr solzhenitsyn, one day in the life of ivan denisovich

mars darts after the man; his savior. he does not even care about atticus or the ruins. his heart prevails for the other as he follows behind. he knows briar is sick, he can smell it. his heart is crushing as briar closes them off before mars can do anything. mars lets out a howl, whimpering as he watches the canopy cover his king- the only wolf he had come to trust with everything.

“briar!” he shouts, teeth bared as he tries to rip at the leafy greens, “let me help! i can help you, please. let me give you life!” he howls out, tears filling his eyes.

why was briar doing this? why hadn't he called? his heart is breaking each and every second that he hears the king cry out in pain. the man bursts into tears as vines split from the ground and hit the canopy. he tries his hardest as he hears the suffering. he trembles as he feels the earth quake and a dogwood is waddling close. mars jumps back as he hisses- a low growl at the tree before it does something that mars cannot handle. it starts pounding on the canopy before he can hear briar's whimpers and cracks of his spine. a sob leaves his lips as tears stream down his face. why hadn't briar come to him? he would have given anything to the king- found a cure. poison flows through his veins after the vines slither back into the ground. all is quiet. the dogwood looks so innocent and he cannot help but fall at the base of the tree and sob. the king. the one he had bonded with, dead.

“kaede! please! no. no.” it is howls of sadness to the god. his bones too weak to move. he doesn't care about the poppies that settle up from the earth, if anything it makes the man tremble.

he was no king. no king would cry like this. mars' heart was broken- briar had crushed it with the dogwood. oh god, what had happened? mars couldn't even believe he had witnessed it before his very eyes. it is with the usage of frenzy plant that small, thorny shrubs near the dogwood- no one would harm this tree. no one. the plants settle around the dogwood, guarding it as if someone were about to tear it down. mars heaves, he cannot move his legs that are now numbed by poison. but the shrubs to their job, he is pushed to the tree as the shrubs settle their roots into the ground- pricked and ready to harm anyone who came near.

Briar; it was such a pleasure being able to be with you- to meet briar and to roleplay with you, penn. i wish you all the luck. thank you for what you have taught mars and i, we will never forget that. venture on.

searching to find myself but all i see is you,
i can hardly stand myself so, what am i to you?

Posted 09-15-2017, 10:24 PM | This post was last modified: 09-16-2017, 01:45 AM by Asceo
Earth Beta
Female, 4.50
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© Intricate

She was hot on Mars heels when he howled, as desperate as she was to stop their beloved alpha from leaving them. Asceo sprinted after Briar, following the sickly scent that trailed behind him. It was pungent like the breath of carrion crows. Her nose wrinkled as the stench of rot filled her nostrils. How did Briar become so sick? Guilt overwhelmed her as she pushed her paws to run faster.
I should have looked for him. I could have healed him!
If only she hadn't been so blind. Caught up with the gods'  stupid quarrels. Too focused on stocking herbs to prepare for wolves to heal that she could not see those who needed it–who needed her. Roscoe seldom visited with her, and Amelia had been even more scarce. Asceo had hardly seen her children in the moons she was supposed to raise them. She did not deserve them. She didn't deserve to be a healer. Briar had made a costly mistake when he appointed her. Now he would die of a wretched illness that she had failed to notice.
Briar's form slowed to a stop and his body seemed to shudder. Asceo skidded to a stop, kicking up a spray of dirt as she fumbled to stay on her feet without colliding into Mars. She froze with horror as the earth burst upwards around Briar. It enveloped him in an impenetrable wall. Tears burned her eyes when it dawned on her. He was keeping them out.
"Briar, no!" she screamed.
Mars howled beside her. "Let me help! I can help you, please. Let me give you life!" Vines burst from the ground as Mars' necklace glowed. They lashed at the canopy, but they hardly scratched the surface. It wasn't enough. Asceo lunged forward and tore at the walls with her paws, digging frantically. She snarled as one of her claws caught a stone in the earth and tore away from her skin. Blood streaked across the hard dome, pooling across what little scratches she had made against its exterior. From inside the dome, Briar's sharp agonized whines began to pierce through the canopy's impenetrable walls.
Asceo begged through heavy sobs that wracked her chest. "Stop, please! Don't do this. I'm sorry I didn't find you. I'll never make that same mistake again, just please." Asceo's heart shrieked with her, "Let us heal you!"
She could hear him vomit inside, trapped and alone. Her eyes were wide with panic as she heard the wet splash of acid streaming onto the floor inside. Briar wasn't stopping his magic. He had used too much. The faint scent of blood began to mingle with the smell of Kaede's poison. Briar's muffled pained cries were growing louder in the dome, his breathing came in short ragged breaths. Asceo pressed her face against the walls, her blood and dirt smeared across her tear-stained face.  "Briar," she pleaded. "Don't!"
The ground began to rumble ominously under her paws until it shook her. She looked up in horror as a great dogwood tree tore itself free of the earth and crawled towards them. It staggered as its roots and branches clawed at the ground, dragging itself forward. It was unnatural. The malevolent thing loomed over them. Fear and panic gripped Asceo and she closed her eyes tight against the impact she expected. With a yelp of terror she pushed herself off of the dome and abandoned Briar as the dogwood straddled over them and came crashing down.
The adrenaline pumped through her body and her eyes flew open in time to see the dirt canopy disintegrate and Briar's frail body–constricted by vines–was slammed into the earth. The sound of bones breaking under the weight snapped in her ears like sticks. Then a wall of hot agony washed over her. Asceo screamed as sharp pain lanced up her right hind leg and she crumpled to the ground. Dust billowed down her throat and, dirt stung her eyes. She lay on the ground sobbing, the pain in her leg felt like nothing compared to the pain in her heart. In silence, she cried until her heart felt like it would burst. She hardly heard Mars distressed howling, but she joined him. Asceo sang for her lost alpha, the pain she could have saved him from, the wolf who had granted her only wish to become a healer–her friend. His death was a great loss for all of Doutaini, so many lives he had selflessly touched through healing, and together they had saved lives.
Until all was still, she wept for him.
When she opened her eyes once more, the dogwood sat firmly affixed atop where her alpha had stood. Briars climbed wildly up its trunk, blue and red pansies had blossomed around the tree and underneath her. Small thorny shrubs surrounded the tree and some pressed sharply into her sides. Asceo struggled to get up but she howled as her leg blazed with excruciating pain. She grit her teeth and raised her head to look at the damage. One of the dogwood's roots curved unforgivingly over her back leg and grown back into the ground, pinning it painfully to the earth. Her leg had been crushed, though to what extent she could not tell. All she could feel was white-hot pain radiating into her whole body.

for Briar Mars. 890 words. "speech".

notes: Penn, thank you so much for helping me get started on Doutaini and roleplaying with me. It was a delight, truly. You will be missed by so many, and I am definitely one of them. You've been wonderful to work with on staff and are an amazing person and roleplayer all around. I'm sorry life is hitting you fast right now, and I hope someday to see you return. I wish you the absolute best of luck in your endeavors. Much love -hugs tight- <3

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Posted 09-18-2017, 10:01 PM |
Divine Beta
Female, 5.00
32 in, 110 lbs
209 ep
© Lou
&& she is forever faithful

She wouldn’t deny it, but over the months she and her family had been hiding in the Gaia, Lypso had ignored all the details of what had happened. Along with what should happen next. They were wandering through the forest, Amaranthe tagging along behind her, two white wolves with curling tails; comfortable enough to lope about their temporary home while the world glided passed outside. It was only chance they happened upon the King himself, fallen victim to the very illness that had almost taken Amaranthe and Charlotte both, it is where Lypso had been these last few weeks, by the bed side of her daughter. She hadn’t thought, she hadn’t had the time, to check on Briar, and it is as her eyes flitter over his lifeless body that she realizes much too late, that she'd lost him. It is as the tree and roots and vines of all sizes seize his figure, that the two make their appearance. From beside her, Amaranthe draws in a gasp, a breath that rattles on her teeth and tongue as her legs freeze in horror. Briar was family. "Oh Hotaru..." amy's voice is a hushed whisper of shock and it stuns Lypso further as her knees collapse and she crumbles before the fallen King. "Briar..." she wails softly, the pain clings to her throat and rocks her ribcage into submission as sobs embrace her. Amy is there, against her mothers' side as she too succumbs to the sadness of what had happened. It is never ending.

Please tag me if I forget to reply within 3 days. <3

Posted 09-21-2017, 06:41 PM | This post was last modified: 09-21-2017, 06:41 PM by Mars
Earth Alpha
Male, 4.00
34 in, 118 lbs
513 ep
© ev

“In our village,”
folks say God crumbles up the old moon into stars.

― aleksandr solzhenitsyn, one day in the life of ivan denisovich

it is heat of the moment, but very few come. his eyes are blurred but, he knows asceo's scent by heart. she smells of earth and sadness. they howl in agony, anyone who knew briar would. what a heart he had for earth, for kaede. it made the man wail even harder. his head digging into the dirt before he lifts when asceo screams in pain. he is to take care of her, of earth. tears fall from his eyes and a sob wails from his lips as it takes him a moment to stand,

“a-asc-acseo..” he stutters out, worry crosses his eyes and his heart strains more, can someone die from heartache? it felt like he could drop dead right here. “j-just please stay. don't move.”

mars tries to formulate a plan. where was everyone? where were the earth wolves to help? lypso'ru and her daughter had showed, though he cannot tend to the woman's crying for briar. he needed to help asceo. his head turns back to her, she tries to wiggle out. his heart aches as he uses vines barely being able to muster the power up, bile rises in his throat. between sobbing and this, his head throbbed. the three vines sprout from the ground and slide to where the tree has clamped down on the poor healer. the vines grip the root and pull up, tugging hard as mars swooped in and grabbed the female by her scruff. he pulls her quickly out and falls beside her, weak and trembling. tears still fall from his eyes, they will most likely stain his face. a reminder of this day, this awful, wretched day. the man looks to asceo's broken limb and let's out a howl, for briar, for the woman who laid in pain. why had kaede let this happen? why had kaede let their alpha pass? mars was not ready for this. to be the new king of the forest, he was nothing but a mere pawn. now upgraded to a king without notice. it weighed on him, on the kingdom. he would try his best for briar, for asceo, for his home.

life is used upon her leg, mending the broken as he throws up to the side of the two. his legs numbed so he cannot move from her side as his head falls to the ground, panting hard as the pain seeps through him. a soft cry leaves his lips. the saddest part of all this, is the pain that seeps through him from the poison is nothing compared to the pain of losing their king. he wants to console lypso'ru, but he cannot. he has done one thing too much. he fades in and out of consciousness. maybe he will die as well, here, beside the king. devotion to the end.

Asceo/Lypso'ru?; mars does not die but, he is about to pass out. for reference, intricate let me pp to a mild point to pull asceo out.

searching to find myself but all i see is you,
i can hardly stand myself so, what am i to you?

Posted 09-22-2017, 09:51 PM |
Water Alpha
Male, 4.75
36 in, 135 lbs
809 ep
© Julie
Despair clung to the man of sunkissed features and an ocean breeze as he followed after the trio of Earth wolves, concern twisting his face into a heap of wrinkled contortion. Briar’s appearance at the spar haunted the king of the sea as he raced quickly after Asceo and Mars, their howls echoing throughout the forest as he neared the borders. Keston has come to offer his aid, however feeble it might be, but he cannot bring himself to simply waltz across their sacred borders without so much as a warning. Throwing back his head, he howls into the jungle, a labyrinth of thick trees and gnarled roots, before he charged forward in pursuit. Their scents were still freshly permeating as flared nostrils grappled a path after them, stumbling through the unfamiliar landscape as his progress was delayed. Muffled by distance, he can hear their cries pleading with Briar—but by the time he found his way through the forest and arrived at the scene, he is much too late. His eyes settle briefly on Lypso’ru in a moment of confusion (an old friend to which time had made a stranger), but it is the need of Asceo and the sealed tomb crushing her leg that ultimately drew his attention. Panic and helpless worry commandeer his heart as he rushed forward, Mars’ presence fading from the use of his powers in trying to heal her limb. “What can I do? What do you need?” Keston cried out frantically—he was a poor medic despite his penchant for attracting battle wounds, and with Asceo in trouble, Keston is wrought with helplessness in the flurry of his wild, chaotic thoughts.

Posted 09-24-2017, 03:41 PM |
Female, 3.00
36" in, 132 lbs
204 ep
© Violetta
     I'm so sorry... I neglected you. Earth. And yet I dare demand to made heir. I don't deserve it. I didn't deserve you. I'm so sorry... "NO!" The girl, the child screeched. Spilling her anguish all of the marble floor of this castle, Kaede's castle. But he killed Briar didn't he? He killed his champion. Briar... What didn't I do? What can I do for you? "Get away from my brother! You killed him! Leave him alone! Don't touch him..." Periwinkle eyes refrained themselves from watering with tears, but all she can't do is collapse. They wouldn't see her heartache, and it's breaking point.

Theo'd be better for him, she would swear in front of the Gods if possible. If needed. Anything for Briar. Her muzzle wrinkles viciously, a rough snarl leaving the painted black contour of her lips. Three Vines whipped from the earth, aiming to shove anyone out the way that sought to stop the soldier. She fet the effects like a needle in a haystack, they couldn't out do her shattering heart. But every now and then, the cool rich metal drug itself across her skin. Letting the blood dribble out in patient drops. Theodosia's heart pounded against her ribcage, this hurt more then the day she rejected Veronica. Why...? Selfishness. She always wanted more than allowed, that would be her downfall. She'd be smited for this, "Kaede forgive me... Please forgive me Briar..."

There were too many people. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't think.

Ears flick back into her skull, Theo's hefty build shuffling through the masses to be near him. If one could drown from their own tears, she'd be long gone. Lying dead on the Devil Ruin's ground, dust flying around her, even as her carcass quietly rotted. Even as she got closer, witnessing Briar's destruction, watching as the blood dribbled through punctures in his glorious pelt. Tangled and messy, gory, bloody.

No... No. No.

"No. No. NO. GET UP! I want my brother back! This isn't him. You aren't him. Get up already!" This had to be a cruel joke. And yet, the stench of death kept slapping her. Wrestling and imprinting the truth in Theo's brain. This was no joke. This was really happening. Crazed sapphires flickered over to the others present. They did this. They caused all her heartache and suffering. "What the hell are you waiting for? Help him!"


Posted 10-10-2017, 04:20 AM |
Earth Scion
Female, 5.00
38 in, 94 lbs
22 ep
© baphometric.
the gaia takes a breath and from within it she is borne. from shadow and root, from the dusty underworkings of an ancient, distant room, spilled out among the turmoil in her dress of rags and bare feet. princess. serpentine movements; the silent, hollow face that swings away from their mournful gathering, her shoulders dark and lean as they cut aside from those trembling bodies -- she carries grave-coldness with her, a wraith clad in a fragile shell of living flesh.

no ears for words, no eyes for features. but she knows. she knows. 'so..' her voice has dimmed to soft thunder, embedded within her ribs, striking like a brass chime. 'you finally left us.' she had seen it in him, like the last fibre tethering a seed. gone with the wind, with the sway of the leaves. she pricks herself upon the thorns to step among them, and rests her cheek upon the rasping flesh of that strong trunk as his people wail about her. a mourning choir. but she would never sing.