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Kiyoshi's Revenge!
Posted 07-25-2017, 12:52 PM |
Divine Intervention
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© Divinity
How dare he! For as long as there had been demi-gods in Doutaini, Kiyoshi had been embittered and agitated by Akako's affronts; in their infant days, their packs had oft warred, producing terrible bloodline feuds to fan the flames. The magma king had stolen from him incessantly - with his latest transgressions being Singer, for whom Akako had the gall to grieve, and his dear Tillyons - and Kiyoshi's frozen heart could suffer these vicious insults no longer. With the Sierras melting and the hardship of his wolves at the forefront of his thoughts, the god of silence and hoarfrost thrust himself away from his sacred home.

Silence, eerie in its arrival, drifted over the desert sands as the night stilled, all noise literally frozen in time. The minutes ticked away - but soon, the facade collapsed and uneasy quiet had vanished as the ground began to quake beneath him, deafening footsteps echoing across the fire lands. Movement could be seen all around when, out of the shadows, emerged a mammoth wolf carved into being from the perfect blue and white of glacial ice; he loomed threateningly, a beast far larger than any fathomable creature. The god stood without expression as a pair of haunting white eyes scanned the area before him. The sands remained unchanged as he traveled further toward the heart of the desert, no prints visible to indicate his passage - but there would be no need for hints - all would tremble with his frigid cold reaching through their home. Disdain clearly marked his face as he lifted his colossal skull, the wind howling through the ice that hung from his form. With great effort, he dragged a deep breath into his massive lungs, filling every frozen crevice of his godly form; once gorged on enough air, Kiyoshi finally released it all with violent intent. In a single, mighty exhale from the arctic king, a white-out blizzard fell across the desert.

The wind began to kick up shards of ice, sand and hail, forcing them aloft into the storm. Within seconds, a heavy blanket of snow covered the dunes, with more yet appearing to deepen the drifts; a heavy step brought him forward, the ground shaking under him, further urging the sands and ice into the raging squall that grew ever stronger by the minute. The oasis, perhaps their most prized possession, froze instantly beneath his malcontent, further disturbing the sanctity of the Torrid Desert. Enraptured with his devious handiwork, Kiyoshi turned on his heel and swiftly vanished once more into the shadows of the night. In his wake, he left a terrifying blizzard to work fear and respect into the hearts of the fire wolves - but so, too, did it plague the neighboring Crimson Meadow, driving away their nearby sources of food and plenty. Let them suffer, as his wolves had. Let Akako behold their fleeting strength and witness his fury.