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One door closes; another one opens [Death/Birth]
Posted 06-30-2017, 04:29 PM |
in, lbs

mystery crystal


"The Wise One"

The old woman moved swiftly through the area, her head high as she took in all the beautiful sites that this place held. She was glad she called this place home but as she felt her stomach constrict she knew it was time for her babies to be born. She had gone through this once before so it wasn't too bad but it still hurt to say the least. Laying down onto her side, she lifted her head to the side, muzzle parting to call out for those who wished to see her pups. Part of her knew that this might be the last thing that she ever did as she could already feel her body slowing down and her energy slowly vanishing. But no, she refused to leave before she was able to give her babies the life they deserved.

Her whole body shivered as she laid on her side, her breath coming out in pants. The pups were ready now and they weren't going to wait much longer. She just hoped that everyone would show up. Another call went out to the heavens, asking the gods to make sure her pups were alright when she was gone, to bless them and keep them safe when she finally crossed over to walk with them among the stars."Hear my plea and grace my children with life. Let them live without me and grow strong. I hope to one day look down and see that they have changed the pack for the better. Please give me this. " Laying her head down against the ground once more she would groan as she felt another constriction, panting as she tried her best to keep herself calm and awake even as she felt herself slowly losing her energy.
Bhaltair Panik Orestes Lypso'ru Lunafer Vodka Song Makenna Zinna Kaleddin Asher Desdemona Venus Divine Intervention Acidalia Amaranthe Anteros Mavis River Liam Leiley Fidelis Ramona Rose Berlioz Divayth Lament Fior
I will post again July 11th to give people time to arrive before she gives birth and dies in the next post

Posted 06-30-2017, 05:04 PM | This post was last modified: 06-30-2017, 05:06 PM by Zinna
Divine Healer
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© Amber
Something disturbed her... something was happening. She could feel it in her gut, somethings was going on, and it was close. The red wolf jolted her head up from the tuft of herbs she was examining and took a few steps, ears alert.
Noise. Could she be mistaken? It was faint, almost nothing... but it was there. She's never heard this sound before - what was it? - she wondered... it was like pain, but not quite...
Here it is again!
This time she managed to locate where it was coming from. Zinna bolted into a run and quickly skipped the short distance that held her from the noise.
Someone's there...
"Mystery?" she whispered.
The midnight-furred wolfess was laid on the sand.
- "Hear my plea and grace my children with life. Let them live without me and grow strong. I hope to one day look down and see that they have changed the pack for the better. Please give me this. " -
Mystery... her mentor was giving birth!
For a moment Zinna just stood there, dumbfounded, confused, amazed, afraid. Her first thoughts were some mixture of Oh. My. STARS!;Will she be alright?!?;Wait, isn't she too old to give birth? and more of that sort. Of all things she's experienced (which wasn't much), this was entirely new.
Then, thank Hotaru, her senses got back to her.
She strode to get closer to Mystery. She looked at her, worry in her amber eyes.
Think, think! Dayflower? No, it doesn't grow here... But what does???
"Blue Cohosh..." But that was for before birth!
"Is it too late for Blue Cohosh?" she whispered, half wanting Mystery to give her the answer.
Well of course she would not, she's giving birth, for Hotaru's sake!
Zinna felt panic rush into her, she needed to dosomething.
The Cohosh! She quickly scanned the area, but found nothing.
So she'd just sit there... hopefully it would all be well... aaaah, what was she supposed to do?!
Zinna sat close to the blackfur, whispering her very first prayer to the goddess in the sky above.
"Please, Hotaru, let it be alright..." Soon others would come too, she just knew it. But for now this was it - she, Mystery... and the life coming out of her.


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Posted 07-01-2017, 04:44 PM |
in, lbs
He heard her call just as he awoke from his slumber. Mystery was their pack healer, and though it was not entirely unusual for a healer to call on the pack for some reason, this call seemed different than the call for a meeting.

With curiosity in his gait, Song made his way in the direction where the call had originated. In his leisurely walk he heard a second call, this one less clear than the first; something was wrong. Instinctively he quickened his steps into a well-spaced gallop before skidding to a halt before the scene that lie in the sand before him.

"Zinna. Mystery...is she? Is she alright?" He pushed his way closer until he was beside the midnight healer, noting that her sides were still heaving, swollen and contracting with childbirth. His mind got fuzzy and he took an uneasy step back, turning to meet the eyes of the youth beside him.

"I think something is wrong with the babes. Do you know what to do?" He cursed himself inwardly for never having taken the time to understand the complexities of medicine, and he quickly tilted his nose into the air to release a call for Bhaltair and any other wolf in Divine who may know how to help the birthing mother. What could be done?

Straightening his mind as best he could, he went to Mystery's rear to see if he could see a pup on its' way out, hoping he may be able to aid it somehow. He remembered then that Briar was noted as an ally, and released a call for him as well as Lunafer. Someone had to know what to do.

Posted 07-01-2017, 11:10 PM |
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LET'S LET THE STARS WATCH, LET THEM STARE! oh, oh, she hates this.

it seizes the heart that still swells in her chest, squeezes it tight until she swears she can feel the ache in her bones. it steals the breath she doesn't even need, but makes her feel lightheaded all the same. it reminds her, oh it reminds her; and she nearly stays away. there's a small, selfish part of her that refuses to go, because gods she doesn't want to be reminded of what she lost, what was taken from her and everything she missed - but it takes less than the space of a heartbeat for her to realize how very wrong that is. so she materializes into being in the cove, faded at first as she assesses the situation, and then more solidly as understanding settles over her.

"child," she breathes, brows gently furrowed and greygreen eyes bright as they trail across mystery's dark face. "your pups will grow - they will have strong hearts and gentle minds and will be everything you've ever wanted." her own heart swells at the memories of her own children, grown and scattered to the wind like so many seeds. they were perfect in every way, each and every one of them, and she hates nothing more than having been taken from her youngest. watching them had been a special kind of torture, one that mystery would have to endure. but knowing your children were safe? that they live, even as you don't? it was enough for fidelis.

she hopes it will be enough for mystery.

it is zinna that she answers, lifting her gaze to the gentle healer and giving the smallest shakes of her dainty head. the little spirit drifts nearer, settling at mystery's head even as song finds his way to her rear. "this is an end as much as a beginning, my friends." she can't lie to them - and surely mystery can feel it, too. fidelis knew from the beginning; she knew when she spoke to ariel, that day, at the seaside. she knew that she would never see her boy again, that she'd not be able to tuck herself into his side and show him his new siblings. mystery had to feel that, now. and while fidelis wishes she could implore her gods to save her - she knows everyone has a time.

"have heart, mystery. take comfort in knowing that they will live."

though she's no clairvoyant, she knows the gods won't be so cruel as to snatch bother mother and children from this world in one fell swoop.

they are not always kind, but, o gods, don't be so cruel.

Song Mystery Zinna

Posted 07-02-2017, 03:36 PM |
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The passing of a soul within Divine would always sing to Leiley O'Sullivan. It was a gentle twang, a vibration of the heartstrings, and a child's breathy voice at her hip, prompting her to bend to her knees and hear the whisper.

She descended gracefully, feeling that this was a peaceful goodbye, and not a rushed one. In the spirit plane she hummed sweetly to herself, feeling neither joy nor sadness. Today, she would make a new friend - but others may lose someone dear to them at the same time.

The white lady materialised, taking the form of the slim and elegant, somewhat elderly woman, as she had appeared later in life. She found herself greeted by several other wolves and spirits, but instantly drawn to the one whose passing would be witnessed today. As her eyes cast over the laboring woman, they narrowed slightly as if wincing in pain. She had seen the woman's pregnant state, pups soon on the way, and her heart skipped in her chest. She had been content to guide Lypso'ru's unborn children to their home in the stars, but they were not fully developed like these ones were. These would have a full soul, not just the shining lights that she'd brought back to the heavens with her. She wasn't sure she could bear the possibility of these pups dying, so soon after that. And, from where she stood (floated), she couldn't tell whether it was the mother or her children who might be coming back with her today.

Her remnant earthly emotions peeked through. Anxious, she allowed herself to move round until she could see Mystery's face - and her chest seemed to deflate, as if letting out a breath, although she did not need air. Yes, this woman had lived her time. It made sense that she would be coming home at this time. Leiley just hoped the children would survive without her.

She let herself portray a pleasant contentedness, to relay peace to the dying mother in her time of need. "Oh my. You are a weathered soul, aren’t you. You must have quite the story to tell. Your star will shine bright to the ones you’ve guided in your life, and brightest of all to the little ones you leave behind." Her voice was soft, sweet and musical, as it had always been through her life. She was like the quiet dream, imparted by herbs meant to soothe someone in their final moments, to bring them softly into sleep when nothing more could be done for them.

Posted 07-02-2017, 04:13 PM |
Divine Alpha
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© Sylvirr
He was unprepared for this-- but only because he had not expected both simultaneously. He came, though he'd paused now at the borders, watching as the glimmering form of spirits surrounded Mystery, dancing over her, coating her in little bits of stardust just as they had with Lypso. Both warmth and a note of somber resignation pulled at his heart, but he advanced forward and lowered his head to lightly press his brow to Mystery's,"...I will take good care of them, and they will know you well." he promised. He lifted his ears then, towards Zinna and Song--their panic, while endearing, wasn't needed. "Relax. What she needs, right now, is for us to be firm and supportive." At this point, there was little they could all do-- perhaps dulling Mystery's pain? But beyond squeezing the pups out of her, they would have to let things come and go as they pass, though he did not have the feel that there would need to be preparing MULITPLE funerals. Were that the case, though, it'd be a somber task he'd undertake without hesitation, as he'd done for Lypso, as he would do for her, and as he would do for anybody who died within the Cove.

Song Mystery Zinna Leiley Fidelis

Posted 07-03-2017, 08:59 PM |
Divine Warrior
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..The stars shine as bright as your soul..

There is a sadness that befalls the cove, even at such a young age, Amaranthe can feel it. She trots along the beach, through the caves and through the meadows until she finds Mystery, her screams would echo in her ears for days to come. Zinna and Lunafer are there already, along with ghosts and other Divine wolves she doesn't know. "Zinna," Amaranthe whispers, coming up beside the woman she knows the most with sadness twinkling in her eyes, she could tell that today; someone was going to die, call it divine nature, for she had been crafted from the hand of Hotaru herself and perhaps that was why she knew. The ghosts do not scare her anymore, not after Divayth, for she knew they could not hurt a hair on the head of a living wolf, still she is devastated that they are there, ready to claim the living Mystery as their own. "Mystery?" and Amaranthe crawls closer, "they'll be okay, momma and I will look after them," and soft as eggshells; Amaranthe lays a kiss on the old healers forehead as she waits for her mother to arrive.


Mystery <3 ;.;

Posted 07-12-2017, 06:47 PM |
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he is quite in his appearance. his spirit ghosting into view. eyes glancing around those who were gathered fro the death. he say the others. those who lived in the veil as he. he knew of them, but he did not know them. his eyes moved to the wolf on her side. watching as her body prepared for a once of the most beautiful things in life. but there was an air about her. she knew it. there would be a sorrow surrounding this birth. fior knew of that.

his specter moved a step closer. coming towards the group of wolves. including himself in this private moment. "they will be well sweet child. not only the living will watch them, but the dead as well." he wondered if he could bare it. to shadow a child through life when he had done so poorly to his own lineage. his closed his eyes for a moment and waited. what else would come of this day.


Posted 07-16-2017, 11:51 PM |
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mystery crystal


"The Wise One"

Her bright silver eyes clenched shut as pain moved through her body. She knew that the pups were coming now and there really wasn't anything she could do about it. But, somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew something else was happening and she had no control over it. The sound of her apprentice calling out to her dragged her out of her state for a few moments as a simple and struggled smile crossed her face. "Zinna?" She let out a soft chuckle at the girl's words, shaking her head slightly. "Its too late for Blue Cohosh... but you remembered.... good job." She winced in pain as she felt the contractions that came with childbirth. "Zinna, take the knowledge you have learned and use it..... be the healer I know you can be...." She didn't know where the woman wanted to go in life but seeing as her own was coming to an end rather quickly, Mystery wanted to make sure the girl did what she could to help others.

About then another voice called to her and she slowly looked up at Song, watching him through narrowed eyes. She really couldn't say much at the moment and instead kept her mind on the matter at hand, her pups. That was the only thing that mattered to her. She didn't care about what happened to her as long as her pups were safe and healthy. Her silvery eyes closed shut for a few moments, for what seemed like hours but mere seconds at the same time. When they were open once more her eyes gazed upon not one, but two spirits. Their beautiful shimmering bodies brought her comfort as she panted through the pain. As the first one spoke to her, it seemed to wipe away all of her worries. They will live was all she needed to hear to know that they would be alright. The second ghostly woman spoke up and Mystery found herself lost in the beauty that stood in front of her.

Another contraction hit her as she finally felt the little pup inside her push its way out. Two others joined but she was too distracted with pushing out the little darling to say anything to them. But their words didn't go unnoticed. It was the final spirit's words that gave her the energy needed to finally push, letting the first little bundle fall to the ground. Instantly she lifted her head, already feeling her energy fading from her body as she did so. Pulling the little girl towards her, letting the child snuggle against her side for the little time that she had with her. A soft smile crossed the old woman's face as she looked upon the girl. This one looked just like her, a pure black girl but the image of her father was in her blond underbelly. "Crystal" Her voice was soft and light, weaker then it had been not too long ago.

A soft cry escaped her lips as she felt another wave of pain, the second and final pup wiggling its way into the world. This one looked much more like his father, a cream base with black eyebrows, dorsal, and leggings, along with a small little stubbed tail. Her body seemed to relax now that she knew her children were alright. "Cerberus" She muttered softly before laying her head against the dirt. She knew it was her time but she didn't want to leave, not yet.

Turning her eyes towards the wolves that gathered, she tried to pitch her voice to all of them but with the weak state she was in, it merely came as a whisper. "I love you all.... Divine was my home for so long.... my family... each and every one of you... is family." Her body relaxed slightly as she turned her head up towards the sky, a short and struggled call for the gods above her. "Hotaru, please watch over my children, keep them safe and let them live out their live within Divine. Don't let my legacy die along with me." She would use the very last of her strength to curl around her babies one last time, wanting to feel their bodies against her before she knew she wouldn't be able to again. As the light faded out of her eyes, three small words were left on her lips, a soft whisper against the wind. "I love you..."

Mystery has no knowledge of the DM that happened before this

Divine Intervention Zinna Song Fidelis Leiley Lunafer Amaranthe Fior

Posted 07-22-2017, 05:22 PM |
Divine Intervention
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Thousands upon thousands of fireflies appear in the distance as they float just above the ground in a tight-knit sphere which appears solid. As the sphere nears those wolves gathered near the ailing Mystery, fireflies begin to break away from their seemingly solid appearance to reveal a small, pallid wolf within. The dainty wolf steps from the sphere, fireflies creating steps for her to walk down as she descends to stand among mortal beings. Bright, golden eyes peered around at those faces gathered, solid and transparent alike. A deep furrow etched across her brow, uncharacteristic of the youthful goddess, displays a deep anger while the heavy downturn of lips speaks of her disappointment in her loyal subjects.

None of those who surrounded Mystery deserved Hotaru’s attentions, especially Song and Zinna, who had watched the destruction of her beloved pack from the inside without action. She made her way through the grasses, leaving a trail of glowing insects behind as she approached Mystery. "Mystery," there’s a swell of grief behind the once bubbly voice as it beckons with a soft coo meant to comfort the woman through her labor pains, "fear not, Mystery." An earnest plea as she had heard the prayer for the pups to be spared, and Hotaru was not a wrathful god by any means, though the Dalmasca’s latest cacophony left her spirit torn.

Pale, ethereal, beautiful, the young goddess draws close to those pups born on this eve. She bends, muzzle reaching out towards the small forms, seeking to place a kiss on each tiny brow. "I promise them life, for your legacy and unwavering loyalty to me." Ever kind, Hotaru’s voice is light, generous with its compassion considering the sire of these pups. Golden eyes brighten for a moment, a small twist of her lips for the innocence the pups represented, unscathed by their sire’s damnable acts.

It was time.

Time to take the mother home to play among the stars, as if returned to the prime of her youth. Mystery would not be condemned for Bhaltair’s wrong-doings. "Come now." A soft whisper, a beckoning call, as Hotaru’s fireflies begin to swarm around Mystery and ascend with the frail bodice to the heavens, while Hotaru’s own grief overwhelmed her and she turns to covet the pups; they would be hers, and the goddess would suckle them at her own breast. With the use of godly power, her form had begun to fade and she dragged her fading form into a humble cave, set into the mountains at the back of the meadow. She was exhausted, the fur plastered to her cheeks. She had wept tears every step of the way home, growing steadily powerless the more her emotions were drained. Hotaru felt entirely mortal by the time she lay herself upon the earth.

How could there be so much unhappiness, so much death, all in one place, at one time? It wasn't right; was there no balance in this world? Hotaru placed the two babes beside her and let them nestle at her bosom - but these new lives could not make up for what she had lost. Her pack had been torn apart before her very eyes. She could not face being hurt like this again; it would break her, more than she had already been broken!

At her command, the gates of Divine slammed shut. None were to enter. Those who left now would be barred, as would every wolf who fought at the Willows. Her flock would not hurt her again - she would swear it through gritted teeth. Only the truly loyal would stay.

Two half-life souls had been following her since the Willows - invisible to the living wolves, they curiously flitted behind her. A cloud of fireflies trailed in her wake alongside them - the cloud had grown steadily as she passed through the territory, picking up every firefly along the way, until not a single one was left across the entire land. Even those that usually provided company to the wolves of her pack had left their charges to comfort Hotaru instead.

She looked to the cloud of bugs wearily, only half-remembering how she had magicked Bhaltair's rabbit into those same creatures and how they had followed her around since then, aimless, purposeless, formless. With a wave of her paw, the entire cloud collapsed into two small baby bunnies, pure white in color. Carefully, she guided each of the two half-souls towards their new vessels. Though they could never become a full-grown wolf, they would still live on - each would be a companion to Mystery's children, growing alongside them, experiencing a taste of the life they never had a chance to live.

She pulled all four tiny bodies closer to her, letting the pups suckle as she finally lay down her weary head and settled into a deep sleep.


The Cove is closed to anyone currently outside it. Anyone who leaves now will also be unable to enter. Wolves who joined the fight at the Willows are barred, even if they have returned to the Cove since then.

Mystery's pups will be nursed by Hotaru until they are old enough to be weaned, and cannot leave the Cove until they are weaned (if they leave, they cannot return while the Cove is closed). Each has a companion white rabbit, which is limited to the territory within the Cove. (Hotaru cannot be interacted with at this time).

Image by Maud. wolf from dawnthieves.