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Meeting we, the stormbloods. celebration of haya.
Posted 06-20-2017, 09:27 PM |
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Posted 06-22-2017, 02:02 AM |
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daughter of the storm winds, "Haya," a breathless woman whispers to the skies, "be with us tonight." Overhead, the night churns with hungry clouds that devour the open patches of stars to the rhythm of distant thunder. The dark that settles over the winter-bound valley is vast and quiet. It should have been eerie, this immovable nothingness, but there was a kind of comfort clinging to its underbelly. It was a quiet that heralded a coming celebration. Content with her appeal to the mighty storm goddess, the woman stepped from the cover of the old pines and dogwoods to meet the thin river splitting her home in two. Beyond it, in the heart of the valley, a golden tree blossomed. Even in the dark, it seemed to spark and glow, its leaves still full and vibrant despite the winter cold pressing in on them. Glancing at its distant beauty, a smile slipped over the woman's dark lips, drawing a bit of warmth across the sharp edges of her cheek bones. Pride glinted in her ocean-hued eyes.

Snow blanketed the valley floor in a swath of uninterrupted white and clung to the tops of the old trees and limestone peaks. It was breathlessly beautiful. And, Svana thought, it was all hers. It had been hers the moment she'd stood at the Valley edge, laughing with the lightning that flashed overhead as the Valley's former caretakers (the failed Queen and her consort) greeted her and her cousin at the borders with aggression in their teeth and suspicion in their eyes. Linette hadn't deserved the bounty of this Valley. The poisonous woman had left it to rot and she'd deserved every last breath of her exile. A wrinkle creased the thin flesh atop Svana's muzzle as her thoughts turned to the woman she'd come to so despise. Snow collapses beneath her weight as she wades her way to the golden tree, a growl lingering on her breath. Her thoughts turn, then, to Jensen and her heart shivers with the echoes of a loss still deeply felt. His reign had been short--too-short--and his legacy even shorter. Death should not have come for him so soon. All of her aches with the memory of his drowned body and the way Quinn had looked so broken in the ocean-drenched dark. Not long after, she realizes, even he'd slipped away. A pang of regret and guilt squeezed her eyes shut and her heart trembled in her chest. Would Haya despise her to know how much she'd cost the Valley? How she'd murdered a Sildunah? Lost her family? Destroyed their strength? Guilt laid down across her shoulders in a heavy burden, dragging her soul down, down, down again.

"Forgive me," she whispers to the quiet, staring balefully at Haya's tree. "Let this be our new beginning."

As her journey comes to an end beneath the golden boughs, Svana is once again smiling. It was time to begin the celebration, to sing Haya's name until the sky glowed with lightning and the world trembled beneath the power of their thunderous hearts. She'd prepared for days for the feast laid beneath the tree. Frozen bodies of hares and pheasants and a single doe lay stiff before her frost-studded paws, their dead eyes reflecting the dim light like glass. It wasn't much, but it would be enough to satiate the appetites of her people and their esteemed guests. A deep breath steadied her as her toes rooted through the cold to find soil to anchor her and her heart quickened in her chest. Tossing her muzzle to the sky, Svana loosed a howl to the top of world and sang for what remained of the Storm wolves to join her and for outsiders to step inside their electric world. Pushing her voice to its highest reaches, her heart continued to hammer in her chest. It beat faster and faster until her chest ached and her veins filled with the same electricity beaming through the amulet at her throat. Static electricity raced through her fur, causing the thick tangles and curls to stand on end and crackle with wild energy. This must have been how Haya felt. Like an endless wave of electric energy racing from one end of the world to the next. Her song ended in a reckless grin as Svana faced the golden tree and the offerings beneath it and released her true storm on the Valley.

Lightning snaked through the sky to strike the snow in a sizzling hiss, cooking the prey corpses and laying bare wide swaths of scorched earth. Thunder roared overhead, demanding the presence of all who dared to listen, and snow fell to the earth in fast flurries. Svana stood in the storm's midst, watching it rage overhead with its raw, untouched beauty as her heart hammered in her chest and her body screamed with exhaustion. This was her gift to her goddess: her soul.
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Posted 06-22-2017, 04:03 PM |
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There are few things that stir the spirit, though as of late he had found himself wandering the halls of Haya's glorious valley. It is depressing to be engulfed in her beauty and not be able to feel it. Her voice is what draws him, though he wouldn't appear yet. What did it matter—what was he? Citron lingered around the trees, his consciousness is focused on her voice and hers alone. It was beautiful and powerful, filled with passion and it makes Citron tremble as he fades into view by Svana's right. She did not know him, who did? He was nothing. As Haya's magic courses through the queen he watches with a deep envy, longing to feel her kiss again. Haya had been the only one to remain with him. True Storm. He knew that power, it had been his undoing. He had chosen it to end his life and still his failing heart. There is panic, envy, and wonder as he watches lightning streak across the ground and as it flashed and thundered, his form would be streaked with Lynchburg scars and burnt flesh. It had been the ending appearance of the king, the scars of lightning an intricate pattern. Alluring, but deadly. He cannot feel the rumble, the kiss of the light rain, the static he craved.

"Be careful, Haya's gift has the ability to lie and make you feel invincible....", it is soft, tinted with an Italian accent. Would she mind if a King of Old joined her celebration? As he speaks his form ebbs back into his normal large and golden form, his pastel pink and yellow eyes shifting. "Spero che Haya ti benedica sempre.", he muses with a dip of his muzzle as he simply stands there to observe and enjoy the presence of Storm and it's glory.

( briar is coming later, he's a bit far away. lol )

Posted 06-23-2017, 01:39 AM |
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There was a certain anger in the clouds when they rolled and quaked over the ridge, each dark formation close enough to touch,- close enough to taste. She found a certain comfort in a roiling sky, a mass of destruction that nothing could deter or bargain with, she was a fickle mistress, a merciless bitch. Perhaps, in a way, Charlotte envied her for the power she harnessed in her pocket, the flick of an emotion and the sky was her own playground. Her thoughts careen out of control now, as she watches lightning pitch a trail overhead, and still the storm clouds roll in, like waves against a forgiving shore. She knows though, that this was no storm by the finger of mother nature, but of the second in command to that very helm, one who worshipped at her altar and oh how she worshipped well; Svana. The storm herself. A twist and flinch of muscles arcs a savaged lip up over pristine canines, yellowing from age and tainted with the scarlet kill of her last victim; still its' carcass lay by her den, she had wanted to share it with the children of the pack; but as the invitation rises up over head so temptingly; how could she refuse such an offer? There is moments between the top of the mountains and her den and charlotte makes the trip in a heartbeat, long in stature; she carves a path through the mountains and in turn those mountains lay down at her feet. She is one of the fastest, sure footed from years in these near-death cliffs, but she does not waste a moment as jaws clamp tightly around the large male fox she had killed not all that long ago, before her path rattles down the side of mountain lion ridge, a subtle path of blood following in her wake.

Too soon does the hard rock give way to sand, though the beast is used to such harsh terrains, and it slows her down marginally in travels that had meant to be quick and efficient. There is no room to pay tardiness a mind, and so charlotte soldiers on, fox limp and lifeless, hanging either side of her jaws as she lopes. By the time she has skirted the eastern sides of the Torrid, hoping to catch a glance of Vaitan or perhaps even Singer's spirit, she slows to a trot through the whitening fields of the serene. She hugs the western line, skull drawn up over solid shoulders so she didn't get the fox caught in low lying rocks, she didn't want to have to rip it apart- not much of a gift that way. It is as she reaches the Naveen, a shallow outcropping of the river that traverses through most of Doutaini, that a familiar scent catches her attention, too distracted with her own thoughts she barely has time to turn around before Lypso'ru and the gifted daughter bound straight into her shoulder and chest. "Charlie!" The shrill shouts of her niece are still childish, and around the russet fur that is lodged in her mouth; Charlotte grins. Amaranthe too, buries herself in a face-full of Charlotte's dark fur, humming about a shadow and a beast named Chumbone, always the stories with that child. For a moment- the briefest of- Charlotte places the fox at her feet and winds a long and muscular neck around her niece and great-niece, their golden pendants jabbing at her knees as she does so. "Where are you off to, child?" She queries, tilting her large head as she pulls back to gaze softly into those deep sapphire eyes of Lypso'ru's. She chuckles, but it is the child who answers, with a too-large wag of her thick tail; "to a party, of course! See those clouds, mama reckons that's who invited us!"

There is a snort and a chuckle from lords' know who, but Charlotte drops her muzzle to kiss the child goddess on the forehead, right between the eyes where a golden star marks her as both Divine and blessed by the Gods Charlotte so despised. The things she would do for family. "Well, if that's who invited us, we better not keep them waiting...shall we?" Charlotte nips playfully at her great-nieces flanks before picking up her fox, and slowly the trio head up the hills to Lightning Valley, a place none had visited, and so she takes the easy route of following the river, through all its' curves and turns, until finally she catches the Storm commander's scent. "This way," she mouths around her limp prize, and though Amaranthe gives the large queen a questioning look, she follows after them silently. Lypso'ru had aged since Charlotte had last seen her, no longer a child but a woman with heavy burdens on those silken shoulders. She knew what had happened, how Amaranthe had come to life at the hands of Hotaru, but they had not spoken about it since those first few, tender days of death. Something so fragile, on a young mother, and if any had been to blame Charlotte would have been there wielding her daggers and bow. She could only do what she could though, and with a gentle bump of shoulder to shoulder, she nips a comforting gesture into her nieces' neck; before they arrive at the golden tree in the heart of the valley.

Overhead, the storm rages. Snow underfoot is ignited by streaks of lightening as they pierce the earth in different places, electrifying the area enough that Charlotte's hackles stand on end. Amaranthe, around six months old and small enough still, crawls under her great aunt's belly to hide from the display. There is a pile of food, as was expected of a host, but Charlotte doesn't hesitate to toss the large fox into its' depths, her tongue slicking across her dark lips to lap up any blood that had been left over. "Svana!" She bellows happily, and Lypso laughs from beside her aunt, sapphire eyes finding the storm queen with an apologetic grin; "how fantastic to have finally been sent an invite." Amaranthe, large hazel eyes slightly fearful, works up the courage to crawl back out and stand shoulder to shoulder with her mother, twins in shade, two white doves beside the dark shadow of the ridge. "Svana, it's nice to see you again. I hope you don't mind we came," and she drops her muzzle in a bowed greeting, her golden pendant swinging by her breast, "this is my daughter, Amaranthe, made by Hotaru herself." Though the child is silent, this fact alone seems to bring a smile to her bright features. Her tail wags, and before long she runs off to play in the snow, leaving the adults to play catch up- or whatever it was adults did.

dear lord, I don't even know if I pulled that off, but I sure enjoyed writing it! XD

Charlotte is riddled with scars from head to toe, the right side of her face is bare of fur, and both her ears are in tatters at the tips.

Posted 06-23-2017, 08:40 AM |
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Of course she arrived. Haya was her goddess, her deity. A previous piece of her soul the young teen could never take away, no matter how far she may travel from home. The ebony girl had felt the magic, the lightning in her bones, the electricity in her veins. She could never abandon that, not after experiencing the utter ecstasy Haya and their brilliant pack provided. One thing was perfectly clear as Hydra made her way over to Haya's tree, her entire skeletal form quaking with excitement and apprehension: Storm was a part of her, forever and always, and she'd never abandon that.

It is with this in mind that she approaches the festivities. Briefly, her eyes flick to the small feast beneath their brilliant tree and she notes it, before turning her full attention to Svana. A greeting income of her head is granted, a smile tempering the charcoal of her lips. A rush of disappointment is repressed as she notes the absence of her mother yet again, whom had been increasingly scarce; her absence had been felt like an aching hole in Hydra's heart, gaping and wide. They had both been absent for too long, the teen decides firmly, her eyes tracing the brilliant display of storms above. Now was the time to return completely, to re-devote herself to her duties. After all, she had never ceased being loyal to Haya of Svana, and low was the time to return. Having reached a resolve, Hydra allows a real smile to settle upon her lips, green eyes blazing with electrified excitement as she awaits the arrival of others. The approach of three strange wolves catches her attention, and the ebony girl realises that they had been present this whole time. She studies each, noting two bright gems and one absent one. Divine and Rebel. Her smile lingering, she offers a greeting kid to each in turn, curious gaze soaking in their appearances in an attempt to learn more of other packs and their residents. Turning away from their guests to gaze skyward, and, calling forth the magic she had practiced so much, she adds thunder to the mix, rejoicing joyously as she adds her own thundering voice to the sky. "."

Posted 06-24-2017, 08:04 PM | This post was last modified: 06-25-2017, 11:34 PM by Theodosia
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She was regretful, nothing was good enough for those around her. She couldn't and wouldn't please everyone, it was impossible after all. Why was picking a side even necessary, nobody would consider it in her resume anyway. Or they'd judge solely upon it that was unacceptable! There is a groan in her youthful bones, the pondering of a soon to be adult. A sigh is released into the night air, swirling in intricate patterns in front of her lips. Her sapphire jewels turned inquisitively as joyous sounds of celebration and clapping thunder reached the Gaia from so far away."It is time..." She mumbled, a placid expression settling over her mask of supposed understanding of wrongdoings. There was no reason not to attend, unless the Storm empress considered it a private fiesta. There was a clatter of vicious teeth against their own kind as her head turned further into the horizon. She didn't know the way, and had never been to Lightening Valley, but her ears were as good as ever, and she was completely able to track down the source.

It was only in good sense to bring a present however. Her natural Earth prowess would go to play well here, and with a gentle snort the teenager clambered down from her log post, settling for looking at the gorgeous moon another day. It was nighttime however, her time. What since did it make to possibly wake up everyone in Doutaini with your howling? The Earth she-wolf knew this was no time for resentment, she wasn't even sleeping. So she let go, if only for the few miniutes she'd spend at the celebration. Ears pinned while she thought over what would be good to take to Haya as a peace offering (for what? you have nothing to apologize for). Well... Of course. It was obvious what to bring. "Kaede, I beg for your magic to pull this off." She mumbled, paws moving over the fertile earth of Gaia Temple until she was near the temple, where water always dribbled out of cracks and little holes. (I need to figure out where it comes from.)

(dig a hole!: her mind said. It'll be fun!) So of course she did it, because whatever her mind conjured up was safe! Yeah right. Her nails dug at the ground, moving her fore-limbs to dig a tiny hole, basically a small dent for a sapling to grow in. She had a good idea what she wanted, preferably a sapling with little pink flowers. Kaede could provide right? He always did! So with a slightly bold expression Theodosia widened her stance, sapphire blue eyes closing to focus solely upon the dent she made. Growth + Bloom was used to make a Japenese Cherry Blossom, but not without a severe price. Theodosia felt her world spin off it's axis, and with trembling limbs her body collasped. The teen's belly flopped every which way, and she barely restrained herself from puking all over the gorgeous sapling in front of her. It took too much effort, since this was clearly bigger then any herb or flower she's ever seen.

Her creation had a long slender trunk, with fragrant pink petals that reeked of a perfume she should try some day. The earth around it was wet, so it likely had enough water in it already if it's roots sucked any up already. Theodosia could barely make out the graceful shape of each petal through her blurry eyes. The warrior hardly had it in her to stand up, but once she did she wished she hadn't. There was a clumsiness to her step that would last for a few minutes. But the headache that pounded her skull wouldn't, (it'd actually take hours). That's what she got for trying to make something that she hardly had a confident vision of, at least now she had a few characteristics that'd allow her to grow it once more. "Kaede be praised." Tonight was not about her patron god, despite his excellency.

With poison in her mind and veins Theodosia tilted her head, jaws opening (even with the aftertaste of her abilities' backlash) to grip at the delicate trunk. Her canines scraped uncomfortably over the grey bark. She clenched harder, before confidently snapping her head up. The roots seemed only superglued to the ground however, and Theodosia breathed deeply through her nostrils before backing up, chin raised as she forced all her undeveloped endomorph strength in pulling the stubborn roots out. And that's how she spent five minutes of her life. Pulling a defensive Cherry Blossom from the soil.. Yet carrying it to Lightening Valley wasn't fun either. Why was it so far? Earth had everything Theodosia needed at it's doorstep usually. Apparently all the other packs weren't smart enough to move... Bloody hell.

So, for twenty more minutes she made the aggravating journey to Storm, stepping on multiple sharp stones while her jaws loosened uncomfortably with the weight in her mouth. It wasn't a full grown tree, but big enough so that both sides jutted out painfully. Her intense blue eyes watched everybody she passed, tail curled above her waist quietly. Two reeked of Llian, while another smelt way too much like Rouhani. Divine and Rebel. Another pair wore the same gems as Svana, the one and only woman she was concerned about. She'd socialize with everyone else later, after she honored Haya. Since Theodosia wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for the wonders of Doutaini. Get to work! Despite the fact that her head was killing the girl.

The teenager dipped her head to Svana, groaning when the pressure of the sapling became worse. Then (if not stopped) Theodosia would stand beside the Golden Tree of Haya, and dig a small hole a few inches away from the main tree. Finally her head turned at an actue angle to settle the Cherry Blossom into the the small hole, using extra force to force the roots into the ground. Afterwards her jaws would achingly open, closing slowly to minimize the pain. Theodosia's paws worked the dirt back over the roots, quietly assessing the earth for fertility. (Her limbs quivered uncomfortably as the poison became more prominent in her veins. So this was the thing Briar wanted her to be so scared of). It was Storm's now, but Theodosia would eventually request to look at the progress of her little sapling every now and then. A gentle smile was aimed towards Svana, lowering herself into a slight bow for the Storm Queen. "For your majesty, Haya, and all those that reside in this glorous place of wonders."

Her body turned towards the tiny crowd gathered, "I chose this gift because of the gorgeous branch brought to Kaede's celebration by the generous Queen Svana. May your reign be fufilling." Her smile thinned slightly as another bout of nasuea hit her like a train, while teeth pierced through her tongue as a begging symphony went through her mind. Oh god, I hate 'speeches'. She quietly padded away from the limelight, settling near the edge of the meeting if not intercepted. There was no real reason to be here and ruin everyone else's festivites. Wærnyss would be displeased to have a poisoned warrior on her doorstep so late at night. So Theodosia sat in the background, refraining from clutching her pounding head in pain.

@[T A G]

Posted 06-24-2017, 08:18 PM |
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Ah, how long ha sit been sine he'd stepped foot in the soils of the Valley? Too long perhaps, as it seemed high time now to follow through on a previous promise-- and accept an invite extended long ago, and so he skulks his way to the celebration, blind eyes half-lidded as he inhales the scents and wrinkles his muzzle at the crackle of static in the air and yet it is not a sign of displeasure. He stretches, scarred jaws clamped tight around something of merit, a note as he makes his way along behind Svana and slides alongside her, a note of amusement in his tone as he speaks--through the side of his mouth, as amusing and horrifying as the act is, "A bit shocking that it's taken me so long to infringe upon your hospitality again, no?" that said, whatever it was he'd had held in his mouth is set down before Svana, much the same as he'd set it before Briar during Kaede's celebration. He leans in, gesturing forward the jagged cut of stone. Carved with Storm's distinctive slash, a a deep-cut gem of citrine-- precious, from the confines of the deepest caves. "Perhaps this will be the start of a better age now."


[Image: eLCRPG4.png]

Posted 06-24-2017, 11:56 PM |
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How he's grown, with tendrils of burnished brass running through the russet curls of his pelt, how the gangly limbs have become more proportionate to the rest of his body. There's a subtle handsomeness to the broad features of his stern face, a trait perhaps adopted from Svana. Just the hint of a sway to his steps born through a confident nature that resided within his mindset thanks to his upbringing. He remained short, stout, and perhaps smaller than if he'd received proper nutrition as a pup, yet these things did not bother him as they might another young man, just on the brink of puberty in those awful teen years. Headed straight towards the celebration, he is nervous to meet his mother's gaze and know that he's slacked on being a more attentive member to society.

He winds around the bodies of unfamiliar souls, all whom appeared to be outsiders from other packs. Sad, that Storm felt so empty despite his mother's love for Haya and devotion to the goddess; though hope lay on the horizon to build numbers in the future. Singed earth threads itself into his nostrils. The air felt more electrically charged than normal, leaving russet and brass hairs standing on end as he traveled through the near vicinity of the celebration's stage.

As he nears the matriarch, his stern visage softens at the sight of her and he draws near enough to offer a delicate smile with a soft wag to his russet tail. Never had he taken advantage of the woman's kindness towards he and his brother; quite the opposite, as he felt a fierce loyalty to the matriarch for saving them. "May Haya smile upon you." Due to the public occasion he refrained from calling Svana mother. Though he felt no shame for the matriarch also being his mother figure, he felt that such a notation was better left to private ears lest he explain his heritage. Vivid yellow-green eyes cast around the party as he turned from the direct approach he'd taken with Svana, only to find his gaze latched onto Theodosia as she brandished a sapling towards his mother.

Breath catches in his throat as his eyes lay upon the timber form of the older girl. Not much older but enough to pronounce maturity around the edges that his own body yet lacked. The blue of her eyes catches him off guard; they are muted yet bright like the color of periwinkles set within the pretty face. He only half-hears the intentions of the sapling, only half-recognizes the fact that Svana has traveled to this girl's land at some other point in celebration of another god. "Oh umm," sweet bass tones slap the air as he searches for something to say to the girl, "hello." Embarrassment dodges his face to the side, looking away from Theodosia, just before he takes off at a fast paced walk away from she and Svana. Miserable attempts at open communication with a new face drove him to the edges of the gathering, embarrassed that he'd let a pretty face trip him up.

Posted 06-25-2017, 01:42 PM |
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(Joining thread for Storm pending)


Haya, how I have missed you.

Svana's call beckons him forth like a man to a siren. Each step is filled with eagerness and determination. Fruit punch pink eyes glow alight with happiness as he nears the scene. Only Svana's face is familiar thus far; he hopes to see Seacca and Tinuviel make their way here as well. With smile beaming, the man does not allow the sorrows of the past get to him today. Today, they would celebrate Haya and her glory. Today, they would celebrate her divinity. Praise Haya! he barks with passion, eager to show her love for her and the Valley. He was no Rebel, and never will be. Haya had his heart forever.

Svana. he would say softly upon greeting her, wanting to brush cheeks with her affectionately. He's missed her so much.


Svana -- don't need to reply immediately. Tagging so you see he interacted with you <3

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There is no need to tag me in any threads I am already in (unless it is my turn to post AND it is a multiple-party thread)!

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Winter rustled through his fur with every icy whisper, its song a hushed chorus of wind and snowfall. He was bred for these temperatures, but living in the Torrid for so long made the chill feel harsher, deeper, down to his very bones. Part of him wondered how Ruellia could live every day beneath the earth, tucked away in caverns frozen with the season's relentless grasp. Although, he supposed, the wolves of the Caliginous did not often endure the wind and its cruel berating. For comfort's sake, the beast was forced to call upon Akako's heat, an action that was secondary nature for the wolves of Fire. As warmth rushed through his vessels like water, two trickles of warm blood broke through the cold as they slipped down his maw. It was fresh, squeezed by his jaws from the young boar that he dragged between his powerful limbs. Vaitan had heard Svana's mighty call—the induction of Haya's Festival—and he would be daft to refuse the invitation. It wasn't all for politics; he wanted to know more about Storm's leader to satiate his own curiosity, and there were bound to be wolves among the celebration that he was eager to see: Seacca among them. Perhaps others whose influence was known throughout Doutaini would arrive as well; Charlotte, he hoped, or some other alphas. It was bound to be an interesting gathering, regardless. And, ultimately, it was to celebrate the goddess of the skies—a ceremony that rightfully demanded Vaitan's respect. He owed no allegiance to Haya; he knew nothing of her power, her greatness. He only knew that he was entering the Valley, her domain, and that the wise wolves of Doutaini never questioned the honor of the gods.

Vaitan would also be remiss if he arrived without a gift. The beast tended to be more practical, so he brought something that everyone needed: a hearty meal. It was practically his trademark to bring boar to a party (no, he didn't feel like running down another bear). Being an adept and practiced hunter made it easier for him to snag a brute like the boar on his own, without the assistance of his pack. Still, it was tiring to drag its corpse all the way to Lightning Valley, so the journey took him a good measure of time. He thought about flipping it only his back, but the last thing he wanted was an adolescent boar's stubby tusks bashing into his flank unexpectedly. In due time, the beast crossed Storm's welcoming threshold, a trail of blood tainting the snow behind him as far as the eye could see. He paused to observe his surroundings, empowered by the magnificence of the snowy mountain peaks. It truly was a glorious place. Delving further into the territory, toward the source of the call, Vaitan was continuously impressed by the beauty of the landscape. He had been to the borders but never so deep into the Valley, even when Singer brought him here to forge an alliance with Storm. And then, the golden tree of Haya rose over the horizon like a beacon, bringing with it a sense of awe that Vaitan scarcely felt anymore. He was grateful to have been invited to join Storm's festival, moreso now that he was witnessing the Valley's treasures.

Finally, the beast strode forward, depositing the husky boar next to the scorched doe. The smell of its still-hot carcass was delicious, but his uncooked provision would offer more nutrition. He licked the remnants of blood from his muzzle, turning keen, amber eyes to the gracious host. Svana was a lovely woman, in her own way, sporting a blazing coat even more red than Rykerri's. At their last encounter she had seemed cold and hard, overcome with grief for her friend and the unfortunate cessation of their alliance. But the smile that graced her features now painted her in a new light: a wolf, a woman, a guardian for the wolves of the Valley, a devoted follower of the sky goddess. Vaitan prowled closer, tilting his head downward in a respectful bow. He stopped several feet away, facing Svana fully but intentionally keeping space between himself and the other guests. “Thank you, Svana,” he said kindly, his baritone chords thrumming through the air like smooth velvet. “I look forward to experiencing Haya's Festival with you and the rest of your pack. I hope Lyonesse will join us shortly, as well.” The beast would wait patiently for her reply, though his ears would swivel as he observed the crowd from his peripheral vision. Mercury was here, and Theodosia, and other wolves he didn't know but could take the time to meet. He had no interest in any of them at the moment. He did hope Theodosia wouldn't make a scene; personally, though he disliked the girl, he had no qualms with her in Storm's pack lands. It was Charlotte's troupe that caught his eye; when he was finished speaking to Svana for the moment, the beast immediately strode to his friend's side.

“Lypso'ru,” he greeted, giving her a nod and a grin, “and Amaranthe, did you say? Is this Kaleddin's daughter?” The beast quirked a brow, a playful glint resting in his gaze. Then he could wait no longer. He pushed forward, aiming to wrap his neck around Charlotte's in a tight embrace. “Charlotte,” he murmured, but said nothing else.


Svana Charlotte Lyonesse?

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So it was Haya's time. Immediately Briar's lips pulled as he wandered into his temple. The trek would be arduous. Storm was so far away, but Svana was worth it. Briar knew she would only chastise him for using his powers, so instead he would bring something with him. Something not found anywhere else, something like she had brung them. His talons click against stone as his fire and ice gaze moves upwards to the branches of the willow that bore every fruit in the world. So it seemed. While wolves were carnivores there was no denying curiosity and the fruit proved to be interesting at the very least. Now to carry them. Briar moved to slam his weight into the massive trunk several times—bruising himself as fruit of all sorts tumbled to the ground. He was not selective in the process, who could be picky? However, before gathering them Briar would move to search outside the temple for one of the great elephant ear leaves. Choosing a fairly large one he would return to place them on the leaf. Awkwardly he would attempt to gather the contours into his jaws. This was a frustrating process and took several minutes, but he managed and he was off quickly.

He was guided by the thunder and the flashing, he had skirted through the fields and turned upwards to the valley. Huff huff huff. The winter made it a bit more brutal and as his paws kissed the valley the leaf began to rip and his pace quickened. He found them nestled beneath a glorious golden tree, one he would instantly recognize. Riiiiiiip. The fruits tumbled to the ground and Briar's front end slammed to the earth to catch them as he leapt and spat to get the nasty leaf out of his jaws. As he rounded them back together his gaze would cast up to Svana with a light chuckle and a folding of ears He'd move to try and roll them the rest of the way, which proved to be more of a hassle even as they thumped and settled amongst the charred food. What? His eyes fell to the food before he moved to pick a golden fruit from his bruising pile. A golden apple. In his mighty jaws did it squish. The juice dribbling down his face as he dug a small hole near the tree, but off a better distance for he knew that they might eventually fight for root space. Plah, puh. From his jaws the seed dropped until Briar had planted it firmly there. He knew it wouldn't be as magical as their willow, but it would bore the fruit of golden apples only.

Finally he turned with a giant sigh, eyes searching for those he knew: Svana, Theodosia, Mercury, and Vaitan. Nice. He moved to set himself to the side, marveling at the valley as his ears ached with the abrupt loudness.

Briar brings various fruit from their magical willow, plants a golden apple seed, moves to take a seat.

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(Posting again tonight! You can still join in on the fun, because there will be a lot of festivities to come!)

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A d r i e l

The male was new to the pack and was curious to know what this place was and how everything was run. Moving slowly and lazily through the area, his highly tuned nose caught the scent of several different wolves and their voices traveled towards him. He moved quietly through the area and looked around, his opal colored eyes watching everything quietly. Off to the side of the gathering, he would sit down, his blond and honey pelt showing easily against the white snow around him. Sitting down, he would wrap his tail around himself to keep warm. He didn't know anyone except Svana and really didn't feel like going out of his way to socialize just yet. He was just too lazy for that really, not really anti-social but more like he didn't feel like putting in the effort for that just yet.


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She find them a little later than she would have liked, but whatever. She'd arrive when she wanted to, not when she was called for. She hadn't been called for exactly, but Orestes couldn't deny the love she would always hold for Haya. She missed the Storm goddess terribly and though they had never interacted, their was no denying the connection to the element. Divine just...wasn't divine enough for Orestes Dalmasca. She deserved only the best and this wasn't it—just look at Panik. Queen and yet she was the worst. Orestes could never serve her, it was the Commander she loved. She came proudly, with a badger dangling precariously from her jaws. She had chosen one of the more formidable prey. Something that held strength to represent Haya's might! Though, perhaps it was because she had just wanted a good fight. There are scratches on her muzzle, but it doesn't faze her. She'd won, had she not? She finds them gathered amongst fried meat as thunder claps in her ears and her lips twist. Cool. So she moves to present her gift proudly flopping it down amongst the strange smelling meat. Her golden eyes look over each before focusing on Svana with a smile and a dip of her muzzle. She knows not a soul and she doesn't care to change that as she sits to await the celebration.


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the divine right of kings means the divine right of anyone who can get uppermost

In the moments preceding her siren song, the world quivered beneath his feet and his soul muttered with uncertainty, but in her voice was clarity; it traveled against the grain and spoke of strength, glory, worship. Bhaltair's expression twisted into one of amusement as he cut across the private beach, safely sequestered away from all prying eyes. He had, once before, attended a celebration for Hotaru - the festivities had inspired his heartfelt devotion and precluded all doubt that his months-long journey to Doutaini had infected him with. His induction, his arrival on that very day, seemed evidence enough to prove the gods were real - mostly intangible and often transient in their affections - but real ... and the miracles he'd witnessed thereafter had solidified his faith. Bhaltair shuddered to imagine what beatitude and ferocity aligned itself with the goddess of Svana's Storm. Would she descend from the heavens and embrace her children like his seraph, Hotaru? Or were her affections procured through bloodshed and strife, as her pack leader seemed fond of? Whichever the case, it would be quite remiss of him to refuse such a tantalizing invitation. Bhaltair snatched up a large shell from the frigid surf, turned on his heel, and set off for Lightning Valley.

Dark clouds stretched across her territory, looming ominously, but what else could he expect of Storm? The king's grin deepened around the prize betwixt his fangs, mirth twinkling in his eyes as he stepped foot across her borders, formally accepting his first invitation to one of Doutaini's soirees. His gaze worked double time, half-devoted to navigation and half to watch the extraordinary display that lit the skies: lightning arced from heaven to hell, sizzling and singeing the world afresh, and the thunder shook his very being. Just as Svana had been dazzled in witnessing the splendor of Firefly Cove, Bhaltair felt utterly privileged in attending this show of Haya's might. As he reached the source of the summons, he noted familiar faces, some allies and others less so: Briar, Mercury, Svana herself, and even three of his very own league. When he passed, Bhaltair lowered his head and chuffed a wordless greeting to Lypso'ru and Amaranthe - and again to the she-wolf they hovered around, Charlotte, whose pack scent he didn't recognize. To his daughter and heir, he offered a loving growl and a butt of the head to her chin, affection evident in his ruffian mien. As he strode silently toward the Lightning Queen, mischief alight in those eyes of red brass, he took note of the feast and the gifts she'd already received. Gently, the king deposited the massive shell at her feet, pale white without and opalescent within. "A bounty of the sea," Bhaltair offered, lips twisting into a debonair smile as he cast another glance at that which she'd already received, "to add to your growing collection. Who is it that we celebrate today?" Without hesitation, he settled into a seat near the warrior queen, she whose valor could command the skies above; perhaps propriety suggested he excuse himself and sit elsewhere, but something in Svana enthralled him. The thought of wasting a chance to better acquaint himself with the woman hadn't occurred to him - even if she treated with such ilk as Ruellia's court jester.

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