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For Glory!
Posted 06-10-2017, 05:50 PM | This post was last modified: 06-10-2017, 06:14 PM by Bhaltair
Divine Intervention
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© Divinity
the destroyer

Tumultuous thoughts plagued the great destroyer, he who was the god of Mars, of vengeance, strife, destruction, woe; they warred for constancy in his fiendish mind, working in tandem to bring change to the mortal realm. Beneath a bleary sky, deafening thunder rolled oft through the heavens, sending tremors and trembling through the earth below. Still the words echoed in Jiro's mind, effectively haunting the punisher: we don't know what it means to fight for you anymore! Fury had left him reckless, agitated, and confused - a longing to seek retribution for the insults he'd perceived from those mortal wretches that day - but out of respect for Hoshiko, he had thus refrained from harming her chosen ones. He had not wrenched their souls from the mortal plane and thrust them hellward; they still walked the earth, a testament to a mercy formerly unheard of in the great god of misery.

They're not worshiping you! But he had flattened his ears to sense and logic, lost himself in acrimony, as was his nature. Overhead, the thunder rolled now with near uniformity, indicative of its divine birth; lightning struck and the winds howled, buffeting snowdrifts and sending flakes aloft across the whole of Doutaini. Jiro seethed as he paced the heavens above, ruminating at length over the crowned champions of tournaments past: Eleven, Kolzak, Aegon, Vali, Keston ... they had accepted his favor, fought ruthlessly in his honor - but though he sneered to admit it, so, too, had the cursed women. Their valor, in spirit as well as tooth and claw, had proven resolute until the very last. He snarled as the damned words overwhelmed him: They need to be champions again. Within himself, Jiro reworked and rent asunder a millennia of tradition, bent on seeing them bleed and worship; these finicky mortals, they had not bought themselves anew, but appealed to his better nature - his selfish nature - and birthed in him a vigor and thirst for their rampant praise and adoration. Let them worship at the altar of damnation, so that they might bleed in his honor! With a thought, he tightened the chains that bound the bloodlines of those cursed she-wolves, Rykerri and Seacca; inevitably, they would feel drawn to the Festival as Jiro thrust an ounce of bloodlust towards them, once more, but so, too, would they be barred from entry along with their offspring. He would have them watch, and wait, and wonder as to what lay in fortune for their mortal souls. With finality, the great destroyer loosed one thunderous snarling howl, imparting in its depth a whisper of truth unto the alphas and all wolves of Doutaini, that they might divine his will: choose your champions!
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Table by Sabrina. Background from mercurycode.

Jiro has issued sanctions of attendance on Rykerri and Seacca to spectate the tournament. His divine will has been interpreted to the wolves of Doutaini, explaining the new Festival rules (located here).

* for packs that have already started a meeting in which they will announce the upcoming Festival, you may assume that this message was received during or prior to the meeting via divine intervention.