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Ice Pack Page
Posted 04-16-2017, 11:22 PM | This post was last modified: 04-19-2018, 07:28 PM by Badr
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Ice Pack Page

"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”

{t = training} {p = pending}
Alpha: None
Sub-Alpha: None
Heir: None
Scions: None
Beta pair: None
Gamma pair: None
Warriors: None
Hunters: None
Scouts: None
Healers: None
Pupsitters: None
Wolves: None
Pups: None
Omegas: None {p}

⤜ ⟐ ⟐ ⟐ ⤛

After Kearnal's death and the absence of Catori, Kiyoshi has grown upset and closed the Gelid off to everyone! Claim for alpha-ship is open if you follow the quest he has given. Those present in his appearance have experienced the effects of several avalanches. Read more about it here!

Bleeding Out Of Members
Anaxagoras has been MIA for quite some time now and with Pantaleon not stepping up to take the alpha position Kearnal has called a meeting and claim of the ice pack. here! All those who fail to attend will be demoted or removed from the pack.

⤜ ⟐ ⟐ ⟐ ⤛

Under New Management
Anaxagoras has prevailed in a challenge for Ice, and is calling a meeting for all wolves of the sierra here! All those who fail to attend by the deadline provided will be removed from the pack.

⤜ ⟐ ⟐ ⟐ ⤛

New Members
• Welcome our new members Varik, Icarus, Chouette, and Azelie to Ice! And welcome back Kearnal, Josephina, and Lillian! Kiyoshi be praised.

⤜ ⟐ ⟐ ⟐ ⤛

• With the Gelid Sierra's recovery in the wake of Akako's heated attack, the wolves of Ice are finally able to return home!


⤜ ⟐ ⟐ ⟐ ⤛


Wolves are not to harm another member of the pack without provocation. Force breeding and unnecessary violence among our brethren is strictly forbidden, the penalty of which may be either expulsion or death.
Kiyoshi is to be honored and respected. Those found to be blasphemous, or engaging in behavior disrespecting of our god, will be banished from the pack.
Each wolf is expected to fulfill their duties and pull their weight. If you are given a rank and do not consistently meet expectations, you will be demoted until your worth has been proven. Consistent dismissal of responsibilities may demote you to the rank of Omega.
Any wolves may invite new members to join, but only council wolves may accept them into Ice. These include the alphas, heir, betas and gammas.
Those who engage in behavior unbecoming of Ice's principles will be punished according to their transgressions, and may be expelled - or even exiled - from the pack. If Kiyoshi would not approve of your actions, it is likely that the Alphas won't, either.

Original coding by Julie. Background by Pixabay.

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