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Doutaini Modern History
Posted 09-01-2014, 08:09 PM | This post was last modified: 07-16-2015, 07:07 PM by Divine Intervention
Divine Intervention
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Doutaini Modern History

• New Genesis Era
• Era of Upheaval
• Era of Lost Kings
• Era of Tepid Peace
• Era of Power
• Revolution Era

For generations wolves have inhabited the lands of Doutaini. They have fought, bled, died, and loved beneath the stars and their gods. Much of the founding era has been recorded in legend, but the most recent events can be relived below.

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Posted 09-01-2014, 08:14 PM |
Divine Intervention
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New Genesis Era

Years passed beneath the gods, and from the founding era to the present there were wars, raids, deaths, great loves, and peace. Doutaini had always been a land of change, but sometimes that change comes in the form of an old face.

Perseus, recently returned to Water, challenged the alpha Rasmus for the pack. Many loyal to both sides amassed to watch the long, bloody challenge. Rasmus won, but at the cost of his kinfolk. After the fight and following meeting, many turned their back on Rasmus and left the pack. Water was broken, but Rasmus was determined to rekindle the life in his home.

Another challenge lifted, this time for Djall, the Rebel Alpha, from Capone. It was a close match, but in the end Capone was a better fighter. He claimed the pack and Ferine with his victory before ascending the Ridge and calling a meeting. Rebel was a bloodthirsty lot of wolves who shared Capone's desire to see the elemental packs fall. Together, they made plans to fulfill that end.

Copenhagen Riddermark arrived in the ruins to challenge Daedalus for Earth. Others quickly gathered including Nikolai, alpha of Wind who promised to fight Copenhagen if he won. Nikolai was unwilling to re-make an alliance with Earth under a new leader who seemed more difficult to manipulate, but his interjection attracted the attention of another wolf. Ryker Riddermark, overhearing the threat, challenged Nikolai to a death match.

Directly following Copenhagen's victory, Ryker and Nikolai made for another part of the ruins to settle their fight. Matthias, Fire's Alpha arrived along with others, disappointed that his subordinate was challenging an alpha. Concerns of war were whispered, but this didn't stop the fight. After a bloody struggle, Ryker won, leaving Wind open for the taking. In the short days that followed Carver Alberaq, along with his mate Lethal Injection II, claimed Wind for themselves.

After several days of scarcity, the wolves of Earth began to feel the absence of Discordia, their once passionate Queen. Kaede, unsatisfied with the inactivity, descended on the pack to find a new ruler. Fior, the dedicated hunter, stepped up to stand as Earth's Alpha. Many supported him, even the blessed Bumblebee who did so to avoid re-opening old wounds. But no meeting stays peaceful for long; Baptist the alpha of Ice, suddenly appeared demanding to know the whereabouts of a wolf he had placed in Discordia's care. When no one was able to recall her, a furious Baptist gave them an ultimatum; find Mononoke, or risk war. Things only got worse when Riddick, one of Discordia's companions, arrived and challenged Fior to a dominance match. The newly crowned alpha refused and even banished him, but Riddick charged in. Fior and Daedalus bested him. With a threat on his lips, Riddick left while the others went in search of the missing Ice wolf.

Along the coastline, Orochi the Divine Alpha was feeling unrest. His pack was small with questionable loyalty, so he called them to one final meeting. Very few arrived to hear Orochi's decision to cleanse the pack of all members but himself and Krotos. The alpha decreed that only those who wanted to work for Hotaru and make the pack shine like it used to could ever join again.

Time passed quietly for Divine until Goren Amzee, a rogue, challenged for the pack. Very few arrived, and Orochi was not among them, allowing Goren the victory. Krotos was the only Divine wolf to show. Accompanied by a woman named Leiley Goren returned to Firefly Cove. Krotos, upset by Orochi's absence, left the pack. But while Goren was busy acquainting himself with his new role and making the rounds to secure their allies, Capone was readying his first attack against the elements.

Because of Divines small numbers, the Rebel pack decided to strike them first. But when they went so few followed that they grew nervous. Gnade, a loyalist, advised Capone to run away before they were found out and killed. The alpha fled, leaving Gnade alone to claim the Rebel pack as his own.

From there tension grew. When Zitavia, of Earth, trespassed into Mt. Lion Ridge to visit her friend Grausam, she stumbled upon Gnade. While Grausam was able to keep the alpha from killing her, he made sure to bring up the issue with Fior while both were recruiting in the Pits. Tension sparked between them, and Fior left the Rebel Alpha unsatisfied. But he had bigger fish to fry. Within a few days time a Rebel known as Ignacios called Frigid, a Water wolf, to a death match under Gnade's orders. Frigid and Irwin tried to reason with him, dangling information about the Rebels as a deterrent. However, Ignacios still killed Frigid. Fior arrived in time to see him drag the body back to the Ridge.

Harboring a grudge toward Irwin's intrusion, Ignacios called a second death match for him. Rasmus swiftly arrived and attempted to stand in for Irwin while others of Water and Earth arrived to either chide Ignacios or convince him to stop. Threats of war sailed, and the Rebel wolf suddenly lost his nerve. Taking Rasmus' advice, he fled Doutaini. In the moments after Rasmus declared that the time for peace was over, and he would be visiting other packs soon with the message of 'prepare'. War seemed inevitable.

For many days trouble had been following Matthias. The demi-god Akako, angry with the lack of praise from his wolves, attempted to spur Matthias into action by tying his children to the Desert. The Alpha argued his case well, suggesting that quality was far more important than quantity. The demi-god agreed, and allowed Matthias time to prove he could do that. But, unfortunately, when Akako returned he was not pleased. Matthias lost his rank, but his children remained tied to Torrid Desert. Bellana, the Alpha Female and mother of Matthias' pups, arrived to secure her rank. During the impromptu meeting a trio of strangers - Tehras, Cain, and Katya - tried to claim the pack. United with Bellana, the Fire wolves overpowered the trio and made them omegas. Meanwhile Matthias, convinced there was no other way to free his children, called them to a death match. Bellana got there first and convinced him to withdraw.

Despite the talk of war, Xyntanza's Hill had its own problems. Rebuke, hoping to take the pack for the Riddermarks, called Lethal to the Ruins for a death match, with a catch. When she showed, Rebuke explained that she was to either leave Wind or die. Lethal reluctantly agreed, to Carvers displeasure. However, she later regretted the choice and returned to challenge Rebuke, which turned out to be a mistake. Lethal was killed in front of Carver. Rebuke offered him the same choice to leave or die. Despondent, Carver wordlessly left the Wind pack with his children. Unopposed, the Riddermarks claimed Wind once more under the leadership of Rodolphus Shae, placeholder for Vincys Riddermark. Once again Xyntanza's Hill was theirs.

In Cerulean Waters, war plans were hashed to deal with the Rebel threat. While the gathered wolves from many packs discussed battle plans, a newly recruited Rebel named Saxon Valentine arrived and to everyone's surprise, offered his help. Together they struck a deal; Saxon would mislead his pack while leading the war party right to them. In addition, he would protect Ferine (who happened to be the daughter of Water's Alpha Female, Clairvoyant), and be spared himself. Later, Saxon met with Ferine privately to discuss the war plans.

Meanwhile, Bumblebee had infiltrated the Ridge while Gnade called a meeting. The Rebel Alpha suspected war and hoped to gather his troops. At that moment Bumblebee appeared using Teleport. He split the meeting stone and stole Gnade's son, fleeing in the form of an African Lion. A desperate Gnade ordered his followers to attack but Saxon, backed by Ferine, refused, prompting a death match. Grausam attempted to help Gnade but was overtaken by Ferine. The fight did not last long, and in the end Saxon and those who supported him stood victorious. With the leader dead, Saxon and Ferine claimed Rebel as the Alphas, thus ushering in a new age for the Rebel pack.

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Divine Intervention
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Era of Lost Kings

Knowing something was wrong, Goren called a meeting where his betas, Roxas and Leiley, were promoted to Divine Alpha Male and Female. His last wishe was for them to grow together, and to raise his orphaned children. Shortly after he died of a heart attack, leaving behind a loving pack, friends, an adopted daughter, two newborns, and a woman whom he never got to ask to be his mate. Touched by sadness, the Divine wolves vowed to put aside their differences in his memory.

Up in the heavens, Jiro finally had enough of Doutaini's pettiness and greed. He descended upon the land and lifted all the departed from their slumber. Corpses long dead and buried rose up out of the earth with a ceaseless hunger for flesh. They ravaged the land as ghosts and wolves alike fled to warn their leaders and loved ones. No wolf was safe from the ravenous horde, and as more Zombies flooded the land other creatures, like bears, began to change. For nearly a season death ruled over life, and no one could stop the undead armies from marching onwards with snapping jaws.

Finally, after many perilous days, Kaiyo was free to undo the damage caused by her senior god. With a breath she sent the undead back to their crypts, never to rise again. Those who had been bitten and turned were called to Aureate Plateau where they were cleansed; their minds and flesh restored. With gentle warning and hope in her heart, the goddess ascended into the heavens, praying that they may never again evoke the wrath of the gods.

After learning of his brother Nikolai's death, Nikodemus sought to claim his surviving widow and family by challenging Liam for the Storm pack. Some harsh words were shared, but in the end Liam secured his rank and won Nikodemus' respect. With an extension of trust, he accepted Nikodemus into the pack, bringing the challenge to a peaceful end.

Once more Wind was quiet as the Riddermarks dwindled. Marisol saw this as an opportunity to re-claim the Hill in the name of the once prominent Domine family. From a distance she and her son Tybalt watched and planned until finally she called for him to come take the pack. Kamaji also heard her call and contested their claim, refusing to back down. The would-be alphas locked in battle. Marisol tried to help her son, but was tackled by one of Kamaji's supporters. Montague arrived to help his mother contain her, and as a unit, the Domine wolves claimed Wind for themselves. Kamaji fled while Natara, who tried to help him, was claimed as omega.

Thanks to Roxas and Leiley, Divine was prospering. Until the arrival of Menace. Roxas and Gwilym, met the rogue who offered them his services as a 'black hand' (a hitman). Although a little uncertain, Roxas agreed. Later that night though, Leiley, who had watched them from a distance, tried to get more information out of Gwilym, who refused to share anything. Leiley tried to confront Roxas while he spoke with Twila, but that also lead to a dead end.

Once more the heavens opened their bounty as the STARDUST FESTIVAL returned. It was a time for peace, love, and celebration where all of Doutaini could come together, feast, and relax. Things began peacefully until Nikodemus came. Liliya of Storm, who still felt threatened by him, readied a lightning strike. Several wolves tried to stop her for the sake of nearby pups but it was Liam who calmed her. Then the skies opened up and Ryo appeared. He cursed Gnade's son Enttãuschung, binding him to Bumblebee's side to learn humility. Swiftly following him was Hoshiko. She brought a feeling of peace and tranquility to the gathering though many continued to murmur their displeasure at the gods curses. Among them was Zeppelin, the newest Enigma Alpha. To him she granted her blessing, leaving him with the message; without light there would be no darkness. Later that night Mercy, who was having a bad day, met and attacked Menace on a whim. But their fight quickly escalated. If Saxon and Lolita hadn't appeared to chase him away, Menace would have killed her. Saxon dragged her home to Storm where Fior was able to find and heal her.

As the Wind pack grew, the battle-hungry Montague chalenged Zeppelin for one of his females. Neither Enigma Alpha was happy about his archaic method of securing members, but Montague continued the fight and won Sanguine. Meanwhile Magdalena, the Alpha Female, marched to the Hill and demanded an explanation as well as payment. Reluctantly, Marisol and Tybalt agreed to give them Natara in exchange. Pleased, Magdalena promised a possible alliance. After she left, Tybalt punished Montague by demoting him and challenging him to a dominance match. Instead, Montague met with his sister, Capulet, a spy in Earth, where they discussed their own plans for taking Enigma and Earth.

Torrid Desert received another visit from the angry Akako. This time his fury was directed at Bellana for her indolence to Fire. Her necklace shattered as the demi-god called out for a king worthy of his desert. Many arrived including Discordia and even Saxon, out of curiosity. Ryker, the beta, whas the one to step up and claim Fire.

Bored and disgusted with Divine, Menace finally decided to call Roxas to a death match. Leiley, Gwilym - now in Ice - and more came to the fight, including Siren of Wind, Menace's sister. After only a few moves Roxas was finished, but managed to remove everyone except Leiley from the pack before he died. Menace demanded Leiley surrender Divine. If she didn't, he would make sure the pack never prospered. But Leiley refused, returning home instead with an invitation to Irwin, Twila, and anyone else to come join Divine. There she called forth her family, and broke the disturbing news to them and others who followed. To keep them safe Leiley sent her children to Water and Earth.

Back at the Ruins, Gwilym was killed attempting to stop Menace. At the same time, Liam, supported by Storm, killed Siren in revenge. Surprisingly a third deatch match for Menace was issued by Lolita. While he was distracted, Liam tried to take Roxas's body but was nearly stopped by Marisol and Tybalt, who came demanding Liam repay them for Sirens death. Liam warned them not to interfere or he would strike them down. Meanwhile, Mercy and Absinthe came, hoping to talk their sister out of the fight. But Lolita had no intention of fighting, and instead, shooed them all away so that she and Menace could be alone together at last.

Hoping to find forgiveness, Magaera returned to the Willows where Nitya found her. They only spoke briefly before Baptist arrived, angry at a promise she'd broken. When Magaera hinted she may have had feelings for him, Nitya fled, causing Baptist to attack Magaera! Fior appeared, recognizing them, and tried to use his powers to break up the fight. Suddenly Leviticus, the Ice Beta, attacked Fior who he thought was trying to hurt Baptist. Then Ryker of Fire, already harboring a distaste of Ice wolves, lunged at Baptist who passed out shortly after. With a final earthquake from Fior, the fighting ceased, and after some strong words for the Earth Alpha, Magaera passed out leaving the remaining wolves to bicker over who was at fault. Thanks to Bumblebee everyone was healed.

Along the coast, Divine was suffering. Leiley did all she could, but with looming threat of Menace she couldn't risk recruiting. Days went by with no word from her children, or even her subordinates. Then one day a howl came from a wolf named Cateo looking to claim the pack. Leiley told him that he would need to prove himself before she'd allow him the rank. Liam and Citron also showed in support of their friend, but Cateo wasn't looking for a fight. So they all struck a deal; if Cateo killed Menace he could rule Divine. But before he could, Ryker (burdened with a sense of justice), challenged Menace to a death match. Many came in support of the Fire Alpha; Lolita came for Menace. After a long, bloody battle Ryker managed to kill Menace, but his heart was no longer with the Desert. Tehras, the omega, arrived to witness the fight, and in a surprising turn of events, he was instantly promoted to Fire Alpha. Without hesitation, Tehras accepted and Ryker left Doutaini.

Though beneath the earth, Ryo noticed a lack of activity in Caliginous Caverns. He appeared to them and angrily stripped Zeppelin of his rank before calling the Enigma wolves to come forward, paying special attention to Magdalena who had always been devoted. Gothel came to support her pack-sister, but many other displeased members just wanted to leave. No one claimed Enigma. Finally, after judging them all to be unworthy, Ryo sealed off the Caverns and disbanded the pack. He decreed no one would rule Enigma until a worthy wolf came forward.

High above Lightning Valley, storm clouds were brewing. Liam's busy life took him from home too often, and while she loved him, Haya reluctantly dethroned Liam and opened Storm for claim. Kamaji tried to claim the pack but Citron of Storm challenged him. Others came, even Liam, in support of Citron. Next Tybalt arrived, sharing Winds experience with Kamaji and declaring him the packs enemy. Kamaji found himself being assaulted verbally from all sides, and then physically when Mercy, Storm's Alpha Female, attacked him. Even Saxon of Rebel came to say his pack would destroy them should Kamaji win. Overwhelmingly outnumbered, the rogue fled, allowing Citron to claim Storm.

When a challenge came for Wind, Tybalt reluctantly obliged and even fought to keep his title. But just when it seemed the Domine wolf won he stopped the fight and announced to his gathered children and supporters that Wind was no good for anyone. He hoped his son and heir Vaski would rule Earth instead. So Tybalt disbanded the pack and handed it to Daryl. Having witnessed the event, Saxon swooped down and claimed all the pups for Rebel. Kamaji too had watched, and was furious at how easily Daryl won. At the new Alpha's first meeting however, there was tension as Marisol and Jazfar demanded rank and tried to tell Daryl how to lead. Eventually Jazfar tried to kill him for disrespecting the gods, but Venia and the Alpha overpowered him. In the end Daryl banished Jazfar and Marisol, but a whispered threat inspired him to call her to a death match. When she arrived Daryl offered to spare her if she left Doutiani, but Capulet argued for her mother. In the end they decided as long as Marisol left Wind alone Daryl wouldn't bother her. With their sights elsewhere, the Domine women retreated.

Darkness was brewing in Doutaini as neither Riddick nor Discordia forgot their revenge on Earth. They waited, joined Fire, and bid their time until Riddick called Fior to a death match. Many wolves loyal to Earth and Riddick arrived, both living and spirits. Even Rykerri, the Fire Scion, tried to order Riddick to stand down. But he wouldn't listen.

Meanwhile, Discordia had taken advantage of the distraction and snuck into Earth where she used Wildfire to destroy herself and the Temple. Smoke could be seen from the Ruins, causing a widespread panic. Rykerri and Ezra, another Scion, ran to the Temple while others already there struggled to get the young to safety. Prada and Kobrin called for help. Meanwhile, the fight between Fior and Riddick raged on. Fior's elemental skills were enough to defeat and kill his opponent, but the victory came at the cost of his own life. With Fior's dying breath he disbanded the pack.

Smoke blocked out the skies as Gaia Temple burned and burned. A mixture of Earth and Fire wolves scrambled around desperate to help their loved ones and the children of the pack. Many were horribly burned, and Ezra died in the blaze. The fire seemed beyond anyone's control until Clairvoyant of Water arrived, worried for her son. Using a hurricane of wind and rain she snuffed out the flames, saving what little remained of Gaia Temple. The pack had lost a leader, lost its followers. Even Fire had lost some of its royalty. It was a day of tragedy for both packs.

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Divine Intervention
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Era of Power

Over the smoldering remains of the forests, a howl rose with hope. Daedalus, now reclaiming Earth, was calling the wolves to regroup. Many came in support, including Marisol and Tamsin. But when Daryl of Wind arrived to offer his help Tamsin underminded Daedalus' welcome and told him to go, snapping at anyone who disagreed. The appearance of twins caught everyone's attention, especially when Nepenthe, the elder sister, declared that she would rule Earth. Following them was Eivin to announce his family was leaving. Fior's spirit tried to convince Daedalus to do the same, but he declined. Instead he promoted Nepenthe to Alpha Female and sent the rest away. Earth had a new regime.

When Baptist witnessed his beloved Nitya fall and die in a ravine he felt his heart break in a way that wouldn't heal. An emergency Ice meeting was called, and anyone absent was banned. Ranks were given to those who came. Later Baptist shared the news of his inevitable departure with Elija, his son, and put his sister Svasti in charge of their care. Despite please from both of them, his mind was made up. That day, the pack lost its king. Desperate for help, Svasti turned to Leviticus, and together, they prepared to rebuild Ice. Yet, only a few days later, Callahan attempted to claim the pack. He was attacked by Beau, who had been instructed by Baptists to protect the pack. As they fought under Elija's watch the screams of a child drew their attention to Abigail dangling off a cliff. Before anyone could get to her a stranger tried to steal the pup, but he was attacked by Cushla. Hearing Elija's cry Svasti came to his side while Perseus helped Cushla. Marrok got the pup to safety. But Leviticus, fearing for his children, killed Callahan even as Jericho, Svasti, and Beau tried to call him off. After he and Cushla dispatched the intruder, Perseus offered to claim Ice. Marrok argued the choice belonged to the twins. Jericho was uneasy, but Elija told them to fight at the Ruins to decide. Marrok was the winner of that fight, and later called a meeting where Svasti was promoted to Alpha Female.

Once again the stars fell to earth as the STARDUST FESTIVAL returned. This was usually a peaceful event, but Jiro and Ryo both arrived in a cloud of anger. Their lack of confidence and faith in the wolves festered until a shadow rose from the black cloud they created. Two heads split from the figure, biting and hissing, and in that single moment Kurai, demi-god of Enigma, was loosed on the world. Unaware of this, the wolves gathered as always to feast beneath the oppressive gods. Everyone was uneasy. Several pups got into a fight with the adults when Domino refused to stop gossiping about the gods. Tamsin tried to strangle him until Saxon, using brute strength, calmed everyone. Afterward the feast continued until the arrival of Hoshiko. She stood before Rykerri, the girl who had been cursed to remain in Fire. With a single kiss the goddess released her and blessed her for her bravery and suffering. Stunned and inexperienced, Rykerri teleported from the Feast.

Stressed and unable to suffer the rift between his mate and son, the beloved Water Alpha, Rasmus, found a quiet spot amid the fields to draw his final breaths. Friends and family gathered, even Soleil, his newly found granddaughter. Clairvoyant also wept but knew she couldn't rule alone. She offered the rank to Krotos, but it was Kearney who accepted and became Water Alpha male in honor of his friend.

For months Tamsin had been doing what she wanted behind the Earth council's back. She incurred debt, invited strangers into the Temple, and blackmailed Clarus when he came asking for help with the struggling Enigma refugees, into being her apprentice. Daedalus found out after she was pregnant that Tamsin had mated with Citron, but while he and the Storm Alpha were on good terms, Tamsin was walking a fine line. When it came time to whelp only one pup was born due to her overuse of powers during pregnancy. Nepenthe was outraged, and she and her twin Pythia attacked and killed the healer where she lay. Citron, was given the surviving pup Razul. Once home, the task of caring for her was given to Olympia.

The refugees of Enigma continued to do what they could. Clarus garnered support from Magdalena and Liam, along with others, while Bellatrix, a former resident, managed to convince Asmodeus to help her by offering him the position of Alpha male should they suceed. Like Gothel, who mated with Cateo (now Divine Alpha), Bellatrix and Asmodeus conceived a litter for the pack. Much later, when their supporters grew, Bellatrix called a meeting. As ideas were tossed back and forth Asmodeus found himself battling a passing stranger. In the end, no agreements were reached and the hopeful ruler did not make a good impression on anyone. Especially Clarus.

Up in the Ridge, Jiro, displeased with the inactivity, stripped Saxon of his Alpha rank. Almost instantly wolves materializing out of the rocks furious that any god would attempt to tell Rebel how to live. In an act of defiance Saxon remained on the Ridge, waiting out his time until he could once again re-claim his throne. Though weeks passed no wolf dared trespass into the heavily guarded canyon. Pleased, Saxon claimed his throne again as Rebel's uncontested Alpha.

After months of hard work, Clarus had gained widespread support. In fact, when he went to the Fields, stood atop the highest hill, and declared he would open Enigma, he was heard. Magdalena, Kobrin, Alvaro - a long time member - and his mate Absinthe, along with Bellatrix, gathered around him. And rising among them was the newborn demi-god; Kurai. He told them Enigma was his, and that if Clarus wanted it he would have to take it! Asmodeus suddenly appeared and attacked the specter! Others tried to wrestle him down while Clarus battled wits with the deity, declaring himself the unquestionable Alpha of Enigma. With a mighty snarl Kurai turned on Asmodeus and cursed him with living nightmares, but Clarus had won his favor. With a mixture of rejoicing and worry about Asmodeus, the Enigma family could finally return home. Asmodeus however, went to the Ridge where he knew there were no gods. Keeping the events of Enigma and his curse a secret, Asmodeus painted himself to be a warrior and rogue and was accepted into Rebel by Saxon.

Returning from a long hiatus, a confused Lolita was tempting men at the Pits who came to recruit. One of them was Slender, the newest Wind Alpha appointed by Daryl when he left Doutaini. Before he could mount the woman, Mercy, now in Rebel, came to protect her sister and killed Slender, leaving Wind without an Alpha, or even many pack members due to months of neglect. She later told Saxon, who filed the information away for later.

Pining for his first love Nitya, Liam went to Gelid Sierra. Elija and Leviticus confronted him, but when he learned the previous Alpha Marrok had fallen off a cliff and died, Liam decided to claim Ice in absence of Baptist. Svasti and Jericho appeared and argued that he had no right to, and that he had never been there for Nitya. Liam disagreed, saying he had been, before using his blessed powers to summon Nitya's ghost. She reminded her friends of the importance of loving one another. Her words moved them, and the wolves accepted Liam as Alpha.

Tragedy struck Rebel as Shaddix, one of Saxon's young sons, was attacked by a Mountain Lion and tossed from the cliffs. As he lay dying, with his family mourning, Vae, the Alpha Female and one of Saxon's mates, was able to find Leiley of Divine and brought her back to help Shaddix. But before she could the skies darkened, and to everyone's surprise Kaede, the Earth demi-god in bear form, appeared. He commanded the earth to swallow Shaddix, and then produced him fully heald and awake. The wolves stood in wonderment at the gracious act of kindness, but it was Shaddix who changed most of all.

Returning from a long hiatus, Viper ve Valpolicella visited the flourishing Enigma pack and his half-sister Magdalena. Afterward he traveled to his old home in Torrid Desert, and was horrified to see it was abandoned and empty. Encouraged by his son, Viper went to the Ruins and challenged the Fire Alpha. But Tehras was nowhere to be seen, making Viper the new Alpha of Torrid Desert.

After learning from Alvaro that Asmodeus was plotting to assasinate the Enigma Alphas, Clarus went to warn Saxon about the curse. He suggested Asmodeus be released, but Saxon was outraged that an outsider would tell him what to do with his pack and sent Clarus away. Once he was gone, Saxon found Asmodeus. But rather than kill him, Saxon made him claim the Wind pack. Shaddix became the heir, and Mercy was Alpha female.The rest of the pack was made of old and new wolves, and Asmodeus' family. For the first time in all of Doutaini's history, one man - Saxon Valentine - ruled two packs.

Great unrest developed in Enigma. With his mate pregnant, Alvaro took a foolish risk and tried to reason with Saxon, telling him the pack was vulnerable and he had nothing to fear. But the Rebel Emperor called him a fool, and blackmailed him into being a spy. Later, Alvaro met with Kobrin and Clarus to share his fears of war. Clarus didn't think it was likely, leading to a huge disagreement between the two. But to be safe, Clarus visited Cerulean Waters to gain allies. When no male came to greet him he called for Alvaro with instructions to scout the shore and claim Water if no Alpha Male was found. Suddenly Clairvoyant appeared, angered at their intentions, but before anything could happen the Storm Scion Kolzak came with news: Kearney had been maimed by a Grizzly. Though he survived, he gave up the title of Water Alpha.

Fearing for his homeland, Kobrin decided to take his place as Water Alpha and claimed the pack. This caught the attention of Saxon, who thought Alvaro was keeping his pack's expansion a secret. Alvaro tried to explain that wasn't true, but the Rebel Emperor would only listen to Clairvoyant who he trusted. Valor, another Enigma wolf, wanted to join and was accepted by Kobrin. Despite some unrest by fellow Water wolves, Kobrin ruled beside his mother.

Learning that her mate was a spy, Absinthe went to Rebel and begged for her family. Because she was Mercy's sister Saxon didn't kill her, sending her away instead. Angered, Absinthe retruned to Enigma and called out Clarus which attracted the attention of several others. Alvaro tried to bully her into silence, but Magdalena swiftly brought them all to order. Clarus told the Alpha Female all that happened, as did Alvaro. She demoted the Beta to Omega before telling them she would speak with Saxon herself. The Rebel was surprised it took her so long to meet with him, and together they devised a plan to satisfy both packs. In a few days time Saxon and his army would march on Enigma and kill all the men, leaving Magdalena and her pack-sisters to rule. Later she told this message to Absinthe and others, but when Clarus tried to find Magdalena to see how her meeting went she avoided him entirely.

Around Doutaini things continued as normal. Under the guise of a new name "Kay", Kamaji returned and was accepted into Wind by the ignorant Asmodeus. In Earth Marisol was making a neusance of herself, earning Nepenthe's ire as well as banishment. Capulet then disowned her mother and took the position as Domine Matriarch. With nowhere to turn, Marisol had to leave her only home.

In quiet Firefly Cove, Hotaru descended in a ball of light and removed Cateo's rank for inattention. Santori was the first male to try and claim the pack followed by another, but before they could fight Krotos and Orochi appeared to stop them. As they bickered Leiley arrived, bringing them to attention with the support of her followers. When Hotaru asked for no bloodshed, Leiley had the idea for a tournament. So days later the final two contestants met in the Ruins; Santori and Orochi (fighting for Leiley). Inexperienced with the magic, Santori lost and was demoted to Omega. Leiley not only kept her rank, but Krotos and Orochi joined Divine as well.

Life was good in Lightning Valley where Olympia was now Alpha alongside Citron, but their fortune ended when Citron was discovered by his beta Amistad after suffering a massive heart attack. Using thunder he called out for help, but no one in Storm knew what to do. Luckily Leiley had seen the thunder and came to their aid, using Divine magic to heal Citron. He survived, however, under her instructions he couldn't do any strenuous activities or use much of his powers. If he did, Citron could suffer another heart attack or worse! With no other choice, the Alpha had a lot to consider.

An unexpected altercation unfolded in Kuro Pit when young Domino accidentally found himself in a fight for his life against a rogue! Prada attempted to help wrestle the young wolf away, but matters were complicated when Calamity of Earth, a relative of the rogue, joined in on the opposite side. But Eivin, desperate to protect his mate Prada, also joined in the fray followed by Elija. In a matter of moments this small spat escalated into an all out brawl between Earth and Ice for Domino's safety! Even Rykerri, who heard the scuffle, raced to intervene! The echos of snarls and barks captured the attention of still more wolves from each pack, including Leviticus and Pythia, who directed their attacks at all the combatants present in an effort to stop the fight cold. Finally the newest Alpha of Ice, Liam, arrived and used his blessed powers to transform into a Rhinoceros! Desperate to save Prada he charged into the group recklessly. Yet his new body was too much to control, and if Rykerri had not arrived and changed into an Elephant, lifting Prada from the fight, Liam would have surely trampled them all to death.

Once the fighting had calmed and the rogue dispatched, Leviticus approached Liam and demanded he leave Ice for his reckless endangerment of his own pack mates. Elija agreed, calling him a monster, and although Liam was only trying to help Prada he realized he did not belong in the Sierra any longer. He teleported away, dissolving his necklace and ending his reign as Alpha. Meanwhile Pythia picked up the battered body of her subordinate Calamity, with words that she and Leviticus would speak again about penance. Both sides left the Pits dissatisfied that day.

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Era of Upheaval

In the dead of night the Raid began; an army of Wind and Rebel wolves lead by Saxon gathered at the front and skylight of Caliginous Cavern, sending gusts of wind to root out the Enigma males. Meanwhile, Magdalena and Gothel went to witness the carnage while the other women and young escaped. It was a short but bloody fight with Mercy dying unexpectedly after Asmodeus, against Saxon's orders, charged into the fray. He was dispatched by the Rebels, but Saxon voiced his displeasure at the lack of victims promised to his troops. Several men, including the Alpha Clarus, were unaccounted for and seemingly gone. Unconcerned, Magdalena took her position as Enigma's sole Ruling Alpha Female.

Another ambitious wolf was also making his way into the heart of Doutaini; Haythem Valentine, son of Saxon who was intended to rule the Ridge. After many months away he emerged again, this time in Torrid Desert to stake his claim despite being underage. Curious wolves from Rebel and Fire gathered to his call where it was learned that Viper, the former alpha, had been found dead and ravaged in the Pits by an unknown attacker. Without a leader, the pack was open to claim. Cesare Drago requested the position from Saxon and was put in place as a figurehead until Haythem came of age. Most of the pack was in consensus, but Rykerri was opposed to Rebels occupation of her homeland. Vastly outnumbered, she left to find a different path.

After being ousted from her own home, Marisol decided she had enough trying to reason with mortals, and challenged Kaede & Haruko to a Death match! Enraged, both demi-gods appeared and cursed the entire Domine line to suffer barren women and slow growth. Capulet scorned her mother, but Marisol was convinced she exposed the deities incompetence and ignored her. Only later would she realize how little she truly had left. Plagued by misery and loss, she ascended to the highest peaks of Xyntanza's Hill and fell, dying from hyperventilation and a poor, wounded heart.

Perhaps inspired by her challenge, Kay challenged Radomir for the rank of Wind Alpha during a meeting. Wolves from Rebel, Wind, and even Fire converged along with others to see the outcome. Kay spoke of freedom for the packs while Saxon argued for progress and unification. Even Radomir tried to order his subordinate to step down, but Kay wouldn't be persuaded. After a brave speech he launched into battle, yet almost as soon as the fight began he collapsed and died of a heart attack. The wolves dispersed, but his attempt at revolution inspired others yet unseen.

Meanwhile, a veil of uncertainty settled over Lightning Valley. With Citron's health in question, the Alpha was seen less frequently in his home. Amistad, his loyal beta, grew nervous and afraid that his beloved Alpha would be purged by their goddess. To prevent this, he called out for Citron to come and meet him in the Ruins. Friends and Storm wolves alike gathered, but no one expected what happened next! Thanking them for their loyalty and wishing them all farewell, Citron gave the pack to Amistad and used his own powers to end his life. Though Storm gained a new leader, they lost a beloved friend.

Having witnessed Kobrin fleeing Doutaini, a sad but hopeful Valor intended to take the position of Water Alpha. After calling a meeting to inform the rest of the pack, Clairvoyant declared that she would be dying soon while her young protested the former beta's ascent. With majority support, Valor remained Alpha. Meanwhile, Clair went up to the Ridge to speak with Saxon. Seeing him a worthy opponent, she asked to die by his jaws in one final battle. The Rebel Alpha agreed and killed her after a short match. When Valor was informed and told Clair's remaining children they blamed him and vowed to take the pack back one day.

Beneath the radar, Bellana of Fire was beginning to make her rounds in Doutaini, searching for allies that would help free her and the pack from under Rebel rule. She visited old friends, including the newly crowned Amistad who agreed to help, but after Cesare learned exactly what she was planning he chose to inform Saxon himself. This was troubling news for the Rebel Alpha, who was unwilling to fight someone he once considered a friend. They met beyond the Ridge, but conversation quickly turned into a battle that neither of them wanted to lose. In the end Saxon was the one standing over Bellana's charred remains, and he mourned the death of his friend before the rest of the Rebels, as well as allies from Earth, came to bring him home.

Away from the ruckus of the Empire, Divine was living peacefully along the cost until a pair of siblings, brother and sister, came with intent to claim the pack. Though Leiley offered them admittance and a chance to possibly lead in the future, the siblings refused. A fight ensued that left the challenging male dead. His sister fled, and though the threat was averted they mourned over the way things ended. Sadness touched much of Doutaini, except, it seemed, for the jovial Svasti, who was busy giving invitations to her wedding with Leviticus to the surrounding packs.

Despite looming despair that seemed to cloak the lands, a new relationship was forming between Cesare and Nichaia, Saxon's heir who had been taking over much of the resting Emperor's tasks. In an act of trust and generosity, and in light of Haythem's disappearance, the former pawn was given charge of Fire as long as their unification remained in tact. Not long after, the Rebel heir began taking on more responsibilities, even solidifying their relationship with Valor and the Water Pack. No one could tell how long this would last, but the aging Saxon felt it was time for his sons to take up their tasks. At what would be his final meeting, the Emperor called the wolves of Wind, Rebel, and Fire together to welcome Nichaia and Shaddix as Rebel and Wind Alphas, respectively, while he took the position of Beta. In spite of their hardships the Empire survived long enough to become a Nation passed to the next generation of leaders.

After Svasti completed her rounds, another woman was making her way through Doutaini; Liliya of Storm found herself out and about again, desperate to secure peaceful allies. Unaware of Bellana's death, many of Storm still believed a threat was looming on the horizon. However, when arriving at Ice she was met with a very angry Leviticus. The rest of the pack was not far behind with accusations that Liam - and all of Storm by association - failed the Ice pack. Svasti attempted to keep the peace, but when Leviticus conjured a blizzard and Amistad arrived to parry with his own storm, she became desperate to avoid war and attacked her betrothed! Amistad and Liliya left bitterly, but it was Svasti who suffered the most. Feeling betrayed by her, Leviticus Wrex took his family and left the Ice pack. The Queen was only strong enough to promote Jericho as Alpha before she collapsed, dead from a broken heart.

Experiencing their own tragedy, two souls acted out a scene of death and mercy high up on the Ridge. Not wanting to be seen as an old wolf, Saxon entered into an agreement with his son Justinian that he would end his father's life. Obediently, the young wolf strangled his father to death. Then, as a tribute to the proud Emperor, he used a combination of his powers to erect a spiral of sandstone. Rebels came running from all corners of the pack to see the body of their beloved Alpha. At his side they crumbled, sobbing and gathering strength from one another. His loss dealt the pack a devastating blow. Alone now as Alpha, Nichaia was forced to step out of his father's shadow, ushering in a new age and a new Nation.

Lead by Leviticus, the Wrex family, accompanied by Syfka, a hairless wolf, crossed the length of Doutaini and found themselves on the shores of Divine. For her own reasons Leiley abandoned her position, leaving only the few residents loyal to the pack to guard its borders. Santori and Jarilo, a long time warrior, were the first to meet and welcome the Wrex family. Leviticus offered them in service to Divine with the intent to guide and lead those who remained. Since there was no telling where Leiley was, or when she'd be back, Jarilo and Santori welcomed Corinthian, Leviticus' nephew, as their new Alpha Male.

Yet Divine wouldn't be the only pack to see new leadership. A stranger from distant shores named Eryx arrived at the ruins and challenged Valor for Alpha Male of Water. Upset by this turn of events, Clairvoyant's growing young rallied alongside several others from different packs. Some knew the Water wolves, some were just curious, but all witnessed the struggle that left both challengers bloody and Eryx as the new Alpha. Valor's gracious acceptance of defeat won the attention of Kei as well as Hoshiko, who was so moved by him that she blessed him before all those gathered! Despite some remaining unrest, no one challenged Eryx.

Once more the night sky was alive with starlight as the STARDUST FESTIVAL returned to Doutaini. It was a peaceful event with both old and young gathering to feast in the company of friends. For once it seemed like the festivities would go off without a hitch, but everyone was caught off guard when Hoshiko came down and laid her kiss on Nichaia! No Rebel had ever been blessed before then, as they had always been considered unworthy. In response the demi-gods rose up, outraged, and begging for their own Alpha's to be blessed instead. Even ghosts from the founding age of Rebel came and roared their displeasure! But the gods didn't listen to their bickering. Instead, Jiro came down among them and split the demi-gods into pieces of crystal shards, tossing them to the ends of Doutaini in a rage. Kaiyo, unable to undo what was done, erected a monument in the middle of the field, urging the wolves to find and reassemble the pieces there to return order and save the demi-gods! Then the wolves dispersed, some terrified, some angry, to try and make sense of what they'd just witnessed and search for the shards.

Immediately following the scattering of the demi-gods, a great earthquake split the land, driving a deep ravine through Styx Heights and causing avalanches on the Ridge. Amid the confusion Vae attempted to kill her step-son Nichaia and free him from the blessing. For breaking the time of peace, she found herself cursed by Ryo to suffer sickness as long as she remained in the Nation. But rather than demote her, Nichaia kept her as Alpha Female to prove the gods still did not control the Rebels. On the other side of Doutaini, Leviticus and his adopted sons Elija and Baptist, fell to their deaths together. Meanwhile, Ekel Shae, having seen Magdalena without an Alpha Male at the feast, attempted to claim Enigma in the confusion. His tenacity was met with a stern warning, and when Saxon's spirit materialized she gave him a message for the Rebels; whoever brings me Ekel's head will share my bed. A bounty was put on him, and Ekel wisely fled.

The days following the quake were filled with desperation and confusion, even anger, but one such wolf decided to take matters into his own paws. Loki, member of a rogue band started by Armani (a wolf who abandoned his attempt to claim Storm after learning his father, Citron, had died) challenged Jiro himself for leader of the gods! Several wolves clamored on the sidelines to see what would become of this foolhardy wolf. They bickered among themselves, some throwing accusing words at Loki while friends begged him to withdraw. When the wrathful god descended he cursed Loki for his foolishness, forbidding him from joining any elemental pack. Loki's companions whisked him away, but that was not the last Doutaini would see of the rogues.

Just as things were beginning to calm down, Mt. Pyralis, which had been dormant for many generations, finally erupted. While the western sky was blacked out with soot, a tall Tsunami swallowed up the eastern coastline, killing Santori and dragging Corinthian out to sea. Doutaini was beginning to fall apart at the seams, and the wolves were now more desperate than ever to see the demi-gods restored. Even some of the Rebels began to help gather shards. However, there was still more in store for the unfortunate residents. After the magma had cooled and waters receded, leaving enough devastation to alter the landscapes, a twister ravaged the lowlands. Shaddix found himself caught in the storm and was tossed into a thicket of trees where he sustained internal injuries. Surrounded by his family and mate Artemis, the Wind Alpha passed away. Grieving family and friends traveled to Xyntanza's Hill together where Nichaia placed guards over the widowed Alpha Female. However, their meeting was interrupted by Armani and his rogue band. After they were sent away, Nichaia ordered his subordinates to track them, much to the dismay of his friend Eivin, who had feelings for Armani.

Back on the shores of Divine, Hiroshi, father of the incomplete Hotaru, descended upon the pack to find a replacement for Corinthian, who had yet to return after being swept away. This was the opportunity Ekel had been waiting for after his failure to claim Enigma. Of all the wolves who came in answer to the gods call, he managed to impress the pack with his charm and polite behavior. Armani attempted to intervene and take Syfka to join his band, however, Jarilo suggested she become Alpha Female instead, agreeing to support Ekel as long as she was in power. Thus, Divine gained new leadership in the form of a hairless wolf and a man with a bounty on his head.

Once more on shaky ground, the Rebel Nation found itself missing an Alpha when, to everyone's surprise, Cesare left the pack to return home. Doutaini was still steeped in chaos, but fortunately Haythem, Nichaia's brother, returned and readily accepted the second chance he was given to rule over Fire. At around the same time, Valor got his own second chance when he discovered another victim of the tsunami washed ashore; Eryx Digby. A quick meeting was called to inform the rest of the Water pack as he claimed the Alpha rank, but once more he found himself challenged. This time the contender was a wolf whose family had recently joined the pack. Before things could come to blows, Kei, newly restored, intervened and reminded them that there was no violence during these troubled times. Instead, she promised to hold a tournament for them when all of the demi-gods were reinstated. The wolves agreed, and returned to their task of finding the remaining shards.

Finally the last shard was placed, and with that, the demi-gods were restored. Jiro's curse was lifted and the necklaces were alive with power! Many died during those harrowing days, and friendships were tested. Armani's rogue band left Doutaini once they learned the Rebels were looking for them, afraid for their unborn pups. Artemis also recovered from the loss of her mate, solidifying her pact with Nichaia. Despite uncertainty, the Rebel Nation was standing strong, as was Storm under the guidance of Amistad and Liliya, and Water too, under Valor's continued rule. Ekel managed to remain undetected from Magdalena and the Rebels, yet despite having a pack to rule his sights never left the caverns of Enigma.

Meanwhile, down in the dark caves, Magdalena was growing weary. She could feel her energy, her resolve being sapped, so she decided to give in to her fatigue. Using her blessed powers, she transformed into an ivory Koi fish and swam down to the bottom of Enigma's black lake where her beloved mate was also resting. There she let her heart stop forever. After witnessing her death and realizing they could't live without her, Magdalena's son Arimus drowned alongside Malik, who had also been captivated by the late Queen. It was a dark, dark day for Enigma, and her loss was felt even by their demi-god! Now that Enigma was leaderless, wolves began edging closer, hoping for the crown. Two of the first were Cassiel, Clairvoyant's son, and his mate Emmaline, followed by her father Theodore, who was also Magdalena's brother. Despite the empty position, the residents of Enigma refused the contenders. Erebus, another interested party, arrived to quell the growing unrest and endear himself to the pack. Gothel's children, Sabriel and Lennox who remained in Enigma, sent them all away but they couldn't remain leaderless for long.

At last Kurai had enough of their bickering. Calling the challengers forward, he issued to them a riddle followed by a tournament of intelligence and skill. Many wolves assembled to try for the throne, including Divine's Alpha Ekel! But Hotaru took notice of this and, hurt by his betrayal to her pack, immediately cursed him and stripped him of rank. For the delicate young goddess, this was the final straw. Tired of leaders disappearing, she cut the packs ranks so that no wolf could claim Alpha Male or Female. Rogues could join as they pleased, and certainly act the part, but until a wolf of distinction came forward Divine would have no Alpha. Although confused, those loyal to the pack accepted her decree, and set aside their differences to work together.

At the same time, wolves vying for Enigma Alpha continued their tournament until only two challengers remained; Spectre and Erebus. After a long battle that tested both body and mind, it Spectre that Kurai found favor with. He showed the newly crowned Alpha images of old leaders and their failings in hopes his new champion wouldn't repeat them. Of course Spectre had no desire to fail, but not to please the demi-god. He had his own agenda to fill, and without a word to his new subordinates, the Enigma Alpha slipped back into the darkness to prepare for his bright future.

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Era of Tepid Peace

Hiding away from those he disappointed, Kobrin took up residence with the Ice pack on his return to Doutaini. Very few wolves knew of his whereabouts. Among them was Nichaia, who agreed to keep his secret in exchange for Kobrin's continued service to Ice (a pack he had a particular fondness for thanks to his relationship with Svasti). Months later, the young Alpha Jericho was nowhere to be seen, leaving the pack crippled and shrinking. With only a handful of curious rogues for an audience, Kobrin claimed the Ice pack, making good on his promise and seizing a new life for himself. His ascension was quiet, but it didn't take long for old friends to find him again.

Encouraged by his new lover Rykerri, Kobrin visited Valor in Water to negotiate for the freedom of Miach, a mutual friend. Surprised to see his former pack-mate, Valor refused to release one of his own to someone he considered a traitor, especially when he'd get nothing in return. Other Water wolves came, begging for him to set Miach free, but their please were ignored. Instead he tried to strike a deal with Kobrin; steal a friend of his from the Wind pack, and he could have Miach. But this was unacceptable to the Ice Alpha and tempers flared. Fortunately both parties parted ways before things got out of hand, but Kobrin wasn't giving up yet. Not long after their meeting he called for Valor in the Ruins to fight for Miach. This time though, the Water Alpha's heart had softened. Rather than risk bad relations, or the wrath of the Nation once Artemis got wind of his plans, Valor released Miach to her friends.

Further north along the coast, the Divine wolves were still getting by without a leader, working together and teaching each other while still recruiting for new members to keep the pack strong and alive. A former hunter and friend to many, Apollo, played an important role in bringing their collective minds together. Meanwhile, Rykerri was on a similar mission herself to get closer to the Fire pack. What she didn't expect was that her and Haythem would grow closer too! There was a definite chemistry between them, strong enough to convince her it was finally time to leave Ice. However, when she approached Kobrin again about going back to the desert, he vehemently refused. The pain of knowing she'd gone behind his back and been with another male was too much on his heart. As punishment for hurting him, she was demoted to Omega.

Things didn't get better for Kobrin after his falling out with Rykerri. She continued to see Haythem, staying away from Gelid Sierra longer and longer until he could no longer take it. Storming to the desert borders, Kobrin called a meeting for Rykerri and Haythem to bring an end to his misery. The Ice Alpha was barely able to contain himself as he attempted to negotiate for a Fire wolf in exchange for Rykerri, prompting her to compare him to Valor. Haythem refused outright, stating that he didn't treat his wolves like commodities to be bartered. He added that if Kobrin did not give up Rykerri willingly, he would win her in the Ruins. Feeling outnumbered and overwhelmed, Kobrin released his Omega and left without any hope of reconciliation for the two packs.

Tragedy befell the Storm pack days after another tense confrontation between the Alpha Amistad and Enigma's new champion Spectre over a rogue in the Pits. It was the most recent event in a long line of worrying interactions that left the old Izaak with complications. One morning, while calling for his son, the use of his element triggered a series of spinal contortions and heart palpitations that brought him to his knees. Kolzak tried to help his father, but Amistad knew it was his time to go. With his dying breath he passed the rank of Storm Alpha to his son. Friends, family, and pack mates gathered to mourn their fallen leader, fear and misery gripping them all. Despite his reservations, Kolzak accepted the rank, ushering in a new chapter for the Valley wolves.

One, two, three; gods descended from the heavens ready to discuss the fate and worthiness of Doutaini's residents. While Jiro felt they had enough chances to prove themselves as deserving of their favor, Hoshiko argued that as their children the wolves deserved compassion and forgiveness. Finally Hiroshi, the father of all, decided to release the demigods back to the world just in time for the STARDUST FESTIVAL in hopes their presence would salvage the relationship between the heavens and earth. As in Feasts past wolves from all packs came to gather under their gods. In addition to the usual celebrations, each demigod descended to a different part of the field where they called their followers. It was during this celebration that Hotaru finally announced her choice for Divine's next Alpha; Leonard Amzee, son of the late Goren Amzee. Because of her loyalty, Leonard in turn promoted Mira, a longtime member, as Alpha Female. After surviving such uncertain times, harmony and order was finally restored to Divine!

In another part of the field, Haruko was also calling out to his followers. Yet the only one who answered him was Artemis, prickling with anger. She accused the blustery demigod of murder, blaming him for the death of Shaddix and demanding his admission of guilt. Having actually cared for the deceased Alpha, Wind's deity reacted with anger, cursing the Alpha Female by stripping her ability to love, something that would prevent her from acting with conscience or consideration for anyone! It was a heavy blow to the already wounded pack, and in the future, would be their undoing. Rebel too experienced their own loss as Vae, ravaged from the effects of her curse, finally stepped down, released with Nichaia's blessing. For many others, this was an evening of celebration, disappointment, and change. At the end of the night Dresden Eins joined the ranks of the blessed with a kiss from Hoshiko, while at the same time becoming Cassiel's mate, the two having shared a lasting love affair. For her, it was a Feast to remember.

During the following weeks, Cassiel issued a challenge to Valor for the Water pack. With his mate in toe, he was finally ready fulfill the promise he made to himself as a pup; win back his birth home. But Valor fought with all his heart and all his might, winning out against the challenger. His reign was secure for another term, but the rift between him and the Thor family only grew. Another wolf who shared Cassiel's ambitions was Artemis, still suffering the whimsy of her curse. Accompanied by her Scion, the Alpha Female demanded an audience with the Divine wolves. Their kind greetings were met with an order for unconditional surrender to the Wind pack! Leonard and Mira were left stunned and confused, but Artemis gave them no answers or even a reason! Just a deadline; one cycle of the moon to make their decision.

Before long, the extended absence of Haythem Valentine began to cripple the Fire pack, something Rykerri could not stomach for long. Steeling herself, the ginger she-wolf called Natalya, the current Alpha Female, to defend her title. After an intense battle, the passionate challenger was victorious, finally realizing her dream of becoming Queen. Having supervised the match, Nichaia welcomed her to the Nation tentatively as one of the leaders and as a favor to his missing brother. She agreed to meet his terms, willing to give the Rebels a chance, but Natalya was outraged. She chided Nichaia for not supporting her, warning him that Rykerri had her own agenda and would betray them one day. Despite efforts to calm her, the former Alpha left Fire, taking her children and traveling north where they sought refuge in the caverns.

Also having disappeared from his post, Aemilius, the Earth Alpha who replaced Djavulen after his search for Pythia took him out of Doutaini, was stripped of his rank by Kaede. The demigod descended in hopes of finding a new Alpha, one worthy of his jungle. First to show interest was a newcomer to Doutaini named Eleven, a scar-faced wolf with a dark past. Jaeger, former Beta, was swift to dispute Eleven with his own claim on Gaia Temple. Encouraged by one of the pack's remaining Scions, the two contestants fought for superiority. Misunderstandings turned a simple rank match into a blood bath, but under the watchful eyes of their demigod neither experienced lasting damage or harm. In the end it was Jaeger who impressed the great bear, claiming the title of Alpha Male. Any confusion was smoothed over, and Eleven joined the ranks of Earth, following a new found adoration for its idol.

While the rest of the world was being reshaped, Mira was desperately trying to keep her own life from changing in a very negative way! Her first visit was to Storm, where Leiley was now living as a healer. She told Kolzak and the gathered Valley wolves of Artemis' threat, and together they decided to make a trip to the Ridge. Since Wind was part of the Nation, many suspected they were seeking to expand their dominion. However, when the party arrived in Rebel Nichaia was just as surprised by the actions of his sister as they were! After assuring them the Nation had no plans of taking Divine, he went to Xyntanza's Hill to confront Artemis. There he was informed by the heir, his nephew Wesley, that she had been cursed during the Festival and was acting strange ever since. From her own mouth she plead guilty to the accusations, but already lost interest in overthrowing the Cove. Assuming the crisis had been averted, Nichaia advised her to stay close to home, least she become a target or arouse further suspicion.

To make things more complicated, Akako himself returned to Torrid Desert, removing Haythem from his position and calling for a replacement. Nichaia and Rykerri were among the first to arrive, along with other Fire and Rebel wolves, friends and supporters alike. Rykerri was determined to rule by herself, but Nichaia still didn't trust her enough to agree. Flynn, a former Rebel, also arrived to lay claim on Torrid Desert. They argued among themselves, but after witnessing the condescending way Flynn treated his peers, Nichaia instead gave his support to a new Rebel recruit, Malachi. Although surprised, Malachi accepted the task of becoming Fire Alpha Male, ensuring continued relations with the Nation while also protecting and watching over Rykerri. Even Flynn was awarded the rank of Heir with the promise of promotion when Nichaia felt he was ready to handle the responsibility, completing Fire's new ruling council. Leaving the wolves with a warning not to fail him again, Akako withdrew to the heavens.

Tension was still running high in Firefly Cove. Although the threat of invasion had passed, Mira still worried for Divine's future in case the Rebel Alpha was lying. She remained vigilant, but would not risk starting a war by acting out of fear. However, one of her members was not content to wait and decided to take preemptive action against the Wind pack by challenging Artemis for Alpha Female. Many gathered to witness the battle between her and Nox, including Nichaia and Leonard who banished her from Divine out of fear that her actions would incite the Nation's wrath. To the dismay of most, Nox defeated her opponent, claiming both the pack and Artemis herself, but there was at least one happy spectator. Watching from the heavens, Haruko was so moved by Artemis' spirited defense of her pack and rank that he came down in a gust of mercy to remove her curse. Nichaia confronted Nox afterward, stating that he would only agree to accept her if she protected his sister and respected the relationship Wind had with the Nation. Cryptically she accepted, but Nox didn't agree with the unity of rebels and elements, assuming foul play. Underneath, Nox made a vow to dismantle their alliance, separating the packs once again.

After the change of leadership, Natalya's necklace and that of her kin finally broke, allowing them to seek a new home. Their journey brought them to the halls of Enigma where Spectre readily accepted the family. Nichaia hurt her for the last time, and she pledged to disband the Nation one way or another. Meanwhile, as relationships were severed, Miach, now the Alpha Female of Ice and Kobrin's mate, was working to restore the friendship between her love and Rykerri. She brought her friends to a neutral place, but on seeing each other old wounds were reopened, and they parted ways just the same as they had seasons ago with no hope of reconciliation.

Also attempting to extend an olive branch, Jaeger sought the company of Eleven to discuss his future in Earth. What the new Beta revealed however, was that he intended to one day rule the jungle and bring the pack to unmatched glory. Originally Jaeger didn't see a problem with handing Gaia Temple over when he got too old to rule, but that didn't appease Eleven. He labeled himself an opponent to the new Alpha's reign, giving him one season to prove he deserved the rank he won. If Jaeger failed to impress him, Eleven would take Earth from its new King by force.

On a night just like any other, the stars danced and the world shifted with change. Meteors flew through the sky in every color of the rainbow, calling the wolves out of their slumber. What they discovered were new landmarks shaped into familiar territories, most equipped with a place for Alpha's to collect necklaces. Many of the residents were delighted by these new gifts, and even the Rebel pack received an underground hot spring to ease their battle-weary bones. It was a time of magic and wonder, something a young Storm pup named Noah couldn't resist investigating. Unmindful of the dangers, he trespassed into the Enigma Caverns, surprising the pack as they gathered. Trespassing alone was bad enough, but once Spectre realized what pack he was from the Alpha flew into a rage commanding the boys capture! With help from Lennox and Sabriel, they secured Noah, locking him away in one of the rear caves. This was the last straw, now it was time for action; Spectre wouldn't allow Storm to make a fool of him anymore.

In spite of extensive memory loss and confusion, Corinthian found his way back to the familiar lands of Doutaini. He came from the northern mountains, wandering without purpose before being drawn to the darkness of the underground caves. Once there, his scent found its way to Natalya, who had recently given birth to a littler of Corinthian's pups. Being reunited with his lover helped the Wrex wolf piece together his old life while Natalya filled him in on what he'd missed. These stories triggered a windfall of memories from his time as Divine Alpha, including the Festival where Nichaia was blessed, triggering a series of events that brought the entire Wrex family to ruin! His spirit was on fire and his passion had returned. Together with his mate, Corinthian vowed to bring their enemies to justice.

For much of the Nation, especially Rebel and Fire, peace and prosperity seemed to return. Rykerri embraced her role as Alpha Female, even cultivating a friendship with the Alpha Nichaia and his family. Old and new recruits filled the sands, invited by the diligent Malachi. Only Flynn was missing in action, appearing to have vanished from the desert. Wind was also rather quiet as Nox became a rare sight on Xyntanza's Hill. A few times Nichaia went to visit his sister Artemis, but the Beta Female was content in her home and had no issues to report. The harmony that appeared to reign over Doutaini was in truth only fleeting, and there was no shortage of wolves willing to take advantage of the lull. While visiting the dark caverns outside Enigma, Eleven of Earth crossed paths with a new recruit of the shadows, Bijou. The two wolves shared a similar disgust for the tranquility of Doutaini, and together, hatched a plan to build their own empire of earth and shadows.

Unaware of the looming threats, life continued on as normal for many of the denizens. Old faces were returning, wolves were forming new relationships and lives were evolving. A large family of traveling foreigners settled into the Waterfalls right outside of Rebel, causing some alarm within the pack and catching the attention of one of their scouts. Her findings were reported to Rodrigo, the Heir, who set up a meeting with the Frei family patriarch while Nichaia checked on Wind. Nox's constant absence had him worried, and for good reason. Behind their collective backs she began her campaign against the Nation, stopping first at Earth where she knew Nichaia had allies. There she met with Jaeger, questioning him about his relationship with the Rebels. Her presence caught the attention of Eleven, who, while spying from the jungle, overheard her plan to overthrow the Nation. She told Jaeger only of Artemis' attempted conquest, painting herself as a lone warrior standing against tyrants and claiming that it was just a matter of time before they extend their reach to the Temple. Jaeger was not ready to make a decision, but Eleven was captivated by the Wind Alpha Female.

Meanwhile, Divine was on the brink of a different type of change, even without the threat of being conquered. Leonard had been missing for many days, only to emerge in the meadows with an infection and raging fever. Jarilo and Mira were trying to help him when suddenly a challenge was issued for Divine Alpha! Answering in place of his leader, the loyal Beta was surprised to find Corinthian at the Ruins! Although he was overjoyed to see his friend return and looking well, Jarilo was also worried about his current King's condition. For the sake of his friend, Corinthian abandoned his challenge and instead, rejoined Divine to help heal Leonard. Together they did all they could for the fallen wolf, but no one could be certain if he'd recover or not. Powerless to do more than wait, Firefly Cove sank into despair.

Back in Earth, the ever busy Eleven was discovering ways to honor his demigod. Using customs familiar to him, the dark wolf killed a wild boar, offering it up as a sacrifice in the Temple. But something had changed within Doutaini, the gods and their astral children no longer frequented the world below like they used to. Yet, at seeing the offering of death, the earth itself was spurred into action and a beautiful, lilac leafed tree sprouted up out of the Temple grounds! Fruit from all over Doutaini grew on its branches in a beautiful display of the life force Earth's demigod cherished so much. A very small audience witnessed the the sprouting tree, confused by its message. But Eleven saw something very different in this miracle; a sign. It was time. After telling those gathered to mark the day, he left them, purpose in every step.

At around the same time, Lightning Valley received a visit from the Rebel Alpha Nichaia. The two packs had been in the middle of negotiations to strengthen their alliance just before Artemis tried to seize Firefly Cove, putting their plans on hold. Now at the start of a new season, and with the misunderstanding behind them, Nichaia hoped to reopen a dialogue between their respective packs. However, Kolzak and many of his supporters were unconvinced the Nation was as innocent as they claimed to be. Storm's Alpha turned down the Rebel's offer, stating that he would not make any decisions without first consulting Divine.

Unable to reach an agreement, Nichaia left the Storm pack to meet with his fellow Alphas in Fire, Rykerri and Malachi, for council. It appeared many wolves still harbored a distrust of Rebels thanks to their violent past. Between the three of them, the Nation leaders decided that a talk with Kolzak and Leonard was long overdue, and at personal risk to herself, Rykerri volunteered to visit Divine. Her candor and support earned her Nichaia's trust at last, and he offered the desert to her to rule alone while Rebel was open to Malachi. For the moment, the two Fire Alphas agreed to keep things as they were, but Rykerri was touched by his offer. At the conclusion of their meeting, Nichaia brought to light his concerns regarding Nox and her suspicious behavior. Malachi and Rykerri shared his uneasiness, but the wolves of the Nation had no idea at the time what overwhelming hardships still lay ahead of them, and all of Doutaini as well.

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Revolution Era

For the Frei family settling in Jinsyn Waterfall things seemed to be going well. Their dens were dug, meetings had, and the nearest pack, the Rebels, appeared to be friendly enough. VERSENGT, the family patriarch, eagerly accepted an invitation by Rodrigo and his Scout to join them for dinner, hoping to form a good relationship with their new neighbors. Also extending an olive branch of friendship was Jaeger, who traveled to Lightning Valley shortly after his meeting with Nox. At first Kolzak gave him a chilly greeting, his trust in strangers worsened by recent events. Once he recognized the man who celebrated Earth's demigod with them the Storm Alpha was more than accommodating, agreeing on an alliance between their two packs. Both saw a benefit to this union, especially Jaeger, acutely aware his time in Earth was limited.

Nox, too, was busy traversing the lands of Doutaini searching for allies to help her break apart the Nation. Water, on the far end of the shore, was her next stop where she was greeted by Valor. His initial worry for Artemis' well being was soon replaced by intrigue as Nox revealed the reason she'd come. Using his powers of telepathy Water's Alpha agreed to join the fight on a few conditions: that Nichaia be spared should Artemis desire, and that his friend in Wind (the same she-wolf he tried to get Kobrin to fight for) be spared if a war started. Fortunately for him violence wasn't something the Alpha Female was after, seeking only to dismantle the Nation itself. Despite this, Valor couldn't give a solid answer until he knew how Artemis felt.

Very soon Kolzak of Storm also found himself entertaining the young revolutionary. This time however, she was dealing with an Alpha already wary of the Wind pack, and his devoted beta FALLEN was even less trusting. Yet Nox met their hostility with patient determination, explaining her situation from a resident of Firefly Cove under threat to Alpha of the enemy out of necessity. Amazingly, despite the tension growing between Rebel and Storm neither Valley wolf was comfortable betraying the standing alliance their packs shared. Hearing that she hadn't spoken to Rykerri only lessened their resolve, although in the end Kolzak saw no harm helping Wind achieve sovereignty. Unwilling to risk their alliance with Fire too, the Valley King decided to wait and see how deep the Valentine influence reached before making any other decisions. Nox could do little but agree.

Hidden away in the depths of Enigma, Noah lost touch with the world. All he had was himself, his little room, and the occasional contact of guards. No matter the days that passed Spectre never once forgot the humiliation suffered by his captive's pack. Then on one chilly morning in late autumn, he played his hand with a challenge for Luka, Kolzak's younger brother! The Storm Alpha was quick to answer, shadows and sparks soon filling the Ruins as a crowd of spectators from all over Doutaini gathered anxiously. Both wolves fought with passion, each displaying an amazing array of grit and power until Kolzak finally rose above his opponent declaring Luka would remain in Storm. Members of Enigma swiftly whisked away their Alpha, who suffered a throat wound, so he could heal and plot in the safety of their Cavern home.

In other parts of Doutaini, a relationship between Nichaia and Kobrin was strengthened while members of Rykerri's family, old siblings, found themselves returning to Torrid Desert. Eleven, still inspired by the miracle he'd witnessed, attempted to gather Bijou in preparation for his ascension and the realization of their plans. Wordlessly they made for Gaia Temple where Eleven sent up a challenge to Jaeger on arrival for leadership of the pack! Not many wolves outside of ENDYMION, Pythia's daughter chosen by the demigod as Earth Heir, expected this fight so soon. Regardless, the pack gathered passively, seeming content whatever the outcome. Threatened with poisoned vines Jaeger yielded to his attacker, handing Earth over with barely a fight! Eleven wasted little time, making changes to the ranks and laws instantly: claim, steal, grow the pack and kill any intruders. All but a handful of residents were removed as he promised to make Earth a force strong enough to stand alone. Impassioned by his victory, the scar-faced wolf was determined to see his kingdom rise. By any means necessary.

Sensing his time as Rebel Alpha was drawing to a close, Nichaia began meeting with his cousin Rodrigo in hopes of passing on some wisdom. They spoke of the future, his Heir revealing he'd been thinking of the promotion too promising only that things would change and hoping his elder was prepared. Meanwhile in Earth Eleven and Endymion were also strengthening their relationship, or attempting to keep it in tact. Amid these changes the heiress began doubting herself and her capabilities as future Queen. Her new King was the subject of much fear, his assertive behavior causing her to question everything she'd been taught. Similarly Eleven found his measured companion an object of interest for much the same reason, and he was determined to make their partnership work. For the moment at least, a lack of violence gave the impression of peace in Doutaini.

Since Leonard's condition failed to improve, Corinthian became the new Alpha of Divine, ringing in his reign with a feast at Serene Fields. On his arm was Natalya and some of their children, still comfortable within the dark caves of Enigma. All seemed well until Nox arrived, requesting a seat at their table. Many of the Divine wolves were unaware of Wind's plotted takeover and news of it was shocking and ill received. Only Mira had enough knowledge to stand up against her. She called the other Alpha's actions as risky, saying she was inconsiderate of the lives her haste could've ruined. Neither Alpha Female was willing to back down, but regardless, Corinthian's interest was peaked. After all, both he and Natalya wished to see the nation fall too. Except, his mate hoped for Nox's failure if only to do the job herself. A meeting between them was set for later, one that would never come to pass.

Misery touched Cerulean Shores with the death of one Cushla, grandmother to many left in Water. Not only did her passing open old wounds, it also brought the pack a little closer. Further, it inspired Valor to make a choice that would bring them in a new direction; stepping down. He no longer felt the desire to rule in his heart, so during her funeral Valor handed Water to Chale, a longstanding and well known pack-mate. Now it was his turn to rule, but was he ready for such a task? Unsure yet tenacious Chale took the rank and honor with it, pleasing many of those present. Hopefully this new King would pioneer some much needed changes for the shore dwelling wolves.

Whispers spread through Doutaini like a plague caught by ambitious and oppressed wolves alike. In Enigma, Spectre was beginning to rally his pack, assigning ranks and duties while still planning how best to deal with their captive and the Storm pack in general. Meanwhile HATHOR, a scion, was set to retake Wind from Nox who she felt didn't belong and had no right to be Alpha. Eleven too was cavorting with the Hill's Queen, rapt with interest as she detailed her reasons and plans for revolution. Of course she may have gotten more than she bargained for; Eleven was a man of war who, despite her wish for peace, had other plans in mind for this uprising. Unknown to the leaders of Earth and Wind, other packs were preparing for conflicts of their own.

A call for help soared over the Ridge one bright morning. Nichaia met the summoner, Luka, learning from the Storm wolf that one of his long lost daughters had been discovered in poor health near the shore! She was being cared for in Lightning Valley, such compassion inspiring the Rebel Alpha to rekindle their alliance. It also reminded him of the existing strife between them and Enigma. So he met Spectre at the Caverns, introducing himself with the proposition of an alliance. Nichaia had his own agenda to fill of course, deciding to inform the Alpha of his intentions to challenge for Natalya one day. Spectre wasn't entirely happy with his guest, especially after learning of Rebel's relationship with Storm. Nevertheless he accepted the Nation's offer for protection and aid, even if they promised the same to his enemies. Nichaia hoped to have a similar meeting with Kolzak afterward, but there was no one to greet him at the Valley. After waiting for a while, he had no choice but to leave.

Independent of his Alpha, Rodrigo decided to seek Nox on his own for a little one on one. She intrigued the Rebel Heir, and although wary, she accepted his presence in her home as a guest of Wind. Around the same time Marishka, formerly Earth's Queen, sought refuge for her and her family among the Storm wolves. To an audience of their council, Kolzak included, she retold of Jaeger's defeat and the exile of half the pack, putting them all on alert. What would become of the alliance so newly forged between Earth and Storm? Kolzak was intent on finding out for himself before taking any action, regardless of rumors that some of Marishka's pups were being held hostage in Gaia Temple. The most he could do right then was accept her and what few pups remained into the pack. Anything else would have to wait.

Tragedy finally struck the Fire pack after seasons of peace under the Nation. Rykerri discovered one of her own savagely murdered, unaware the attacker had been someone from the wolf's past and not any of their current enemies. Seeing the magma grave she created from his home Nichaia raced out of Rebel to find out what happened. News of murder struck him personally, raising suspicions that perhaps Nox had something to do with it. Equally infuriated, the two parted ways. Nichaia sent his scouts out over Torrid Desert while Rykerri searched for Nox, eventually finding her in Wind territory. When asked what she wanted, the Fire Alpha Female hinted that she would do anything to protect her pack, suggesting her aversion to anyone that threatened Torrid Desert or the Nation while boasting of Nichaia's good qualities. Taking a gamble Nox shared a moment of honesty Rykerri, no longer hiding her distrust for Nichaia and his rule. Her promises of liberation without war or risk enticed Fire's Queen. Although betraying a man she was fast considering a friend sickened her, Rykerri ultimately chose to side with Nox and bring an end to the Nation.

Seeing Doutaini erupt in quiet dissent, with whispers of revolution and betrayal spewing from the mouths of many, the GODS felt their patience wane. They'd hoped by walking among their children, the wolves would continue in the spirit of unity they'd found when the demigods exploded into star shards. As of yet they'd failed to show any sort of progress by way of peaceful coexistence, wolves vying for top dog and spreading rumors of war. If they were so intent on living against the example of their GODS, then Doutaini would be without them. Earth groaned and cracked around the Monument as it split open, rocky teeth churning and grinding against the stone structure. In a show of their anger this once proud symbol of unity was swallowed up, leaving nothing but a scar against the land, just like the scar on the GODS hearts for their children's turmoil. How fitting that this event would mark the beginning of the STARDUST FESTIVAL.

Hosted by Dresden herself the Feast began as any other. Only this time there was a strange feeling of loneliness pervading the atmosphere. Many wolves found the lack of heavenly presence eerie and unsettling. A strange time indeed but for those of Storm and Enigma this Festival would mark a significant tragedy. In the past it's been said that the road to hell is paved in good intentions, and nowhere was this truer than in Spectre's decision to end the strife between the two packs. Together with his most trusted council of Natalya, Lennox, and Sabriel, the Enigma Alpha lead his captive Noah out into Serene Fields where he knew Kolzak would be celebrating. Before he could rally their separate packs his captive, now a yearling, called for aid with a crack of lightning! Spectre and Lennox were struck by stray bolts even as the Alpha clung to his captive for dear life! Almost immediately Dresden appeared, furious after realizing her long lost adopted son had actually been held captive all this time! Others from Storm and Enigma arrived until the Field erupted in chaos. Orders screamed for Noah's release, crashing against demands to stand down until Kolzak showed up. Dresden however, had no intentions of waiting.

Shifted into the form of a mother bear she charged the line of wolves separating her from her son. Even Kolzak, suddenly appearing on the scene, could not control his pack mates as they rushed in for the fight. Noah continued to strike at his captors, and in a desperate attempt to kill off his hostage Spectre unleashed Dark Pulse one of Enigma's most devastating attacks! Wolves were sprayed in all directions, Noah too, as screams lifted into the night air. Using Teleport, Dresden murdered the fallen Alpha, finishing him off beneath the crushing weight of her claws and fangs. LEVON, Enigma's Beta, inherited Spectre's place as Alpha in lieu of his death. With help he dragged Lennox away, the rest of Enigma lucky to have escaped with their lives. Although it seemed like a win for Storm, seeing Kolzak's willingness to talk instead of act did not sit well with Dresden, her mate Cassiel, or their children. Lightning Valley was no longer a safe home for them, and for the first time in seasons there was division in the pack.

Back at the Feast however, Hoshiko made her obligatory descent on the wolves still celebrating. To the surprise of many she spoke with Nox, aspiring to foster a love for all of Doutaini's wolves. Hoping not to see the hard won peace attained by many ruined any further she reminded the revolutionary that her gifts extended to the godless and god fearing alike. Then with a kiss she blessed the Wind Alpha Female, leaving her with tidings of love and as an added gift, the ability to feel. Real emotions unlike the fabrications she'd grown accustomed to blossomed in the female's chest. Nox felt the fire of love and passion ignite within her, new sensations to delight and overwhelm. Not all those gathered were quite as happy seeing her receive such attention, looking on with wary eyes. Another Feast had come and gone, leaving behind no answers. Only heartache, fear and broken families.

Not even a season after the Feast passed two challenges rose up from the Ruins. One came from Hathor, undeterred by Nox's blessing she was a dogged in seeing Wind returned to its true leaders. In a blink Nox appeared and inspired by her new found feelings surprised everyone by surrendering! Hathor was stunned, confused, yet altogether grateful! With Wesley by her side the two ascended as King and Queen of Xyntanza's Hill at last! Rodrigo issued the second call for Rebel Alpha, preferring to fight for his place rather than have it handed to him. Nichaia appreciated this, but the fight between them was short lived with Rodrigo being defeated after just a couple turns. It seemed Nichaia would remain Rebel Alpha for a few more seasons after all. Even so, with his nephew finally on the throne in Xyntanza's Hill he had little to complain about for now.

Around this time Earth was experiencing a tragedy all their own. Just as she ascended to Alpha Female Endymion made a gruesome discovery; Eleven had been murdered! There was no explanation, no one to take credit for his demise, although some blamed an enemy the former Alpha spoke of. Unfortunately he never spared any details about his dealings with Nox or the war he'd been planning. Without this information Endymion was not comfortable or sure about vengeance. Just as well, most of Earth actually seemed unconcerned by his death now that she was Alpha Female. Still there was at least one contender with his eye on the empty seat beside her. KALRIZIAN, announcing his arrival with a claim for Gaia Temple, stormed into the meeting! Immediately Endymion along with her supporters attacked the wolf, forcing him into submission. For now they were content without an Alpha Male. While Kalrizian's pride was wounded he was not deterred, vowing privately that he'd take Earth one day.

Finally the time came for Nox to make her long awaited move against the Nation. Her first stop was Torrid Desert where she was met by a very alarmed Fire Alpha Female. Not only did she give up Wind, but it seemed none of the allied Alphas she promised would be coming either! Rykerri chided Nox for poor planning, afraid they'd be powerless if Rebel attacked! Nox however, was brimming with confidence and enthusiasm enough to inspire her uncertain companion. Following her lead, Rykerri joined her at the foot of Mountain Lion Ridge where they called upon Nichaia. At his arrival Nox quickly demanded the release of both packs while Rykerri sulked beside her shamefaced. Rather than comply Nichaia criticized them for making a decision without the consent of Fire and Wind. Disbanding the Nation he felt was a decision for all its members to make, not just two. Rykerri had no words to offer as she slunk away from the small meeting, disappearing without a trace. Likewise Nox had nothing to say, instead retreating to places unknown where she could brood quietly. However, there was another set of eyes none were aware of soaring high above. Liam, who disappeared after his tragic reign as Ice Alpha, found himself agreeing with the revolutionaries. Though he did noting then, the Lioncourt was determined to help their cause.

For quite a long while now Corinthian had been missing from Firefly Cove. All the pack felt his absence, but none more than Hotaru. She descended in a ball of light, removing Corinthian from power before the others found her in the meadow. Leonard stood among them, now recovered from his illness thanks to friends and family. Although wishing to see Jarilo rule one day, her love of the Amzee family put her favor with Leonard, reinstating him as Divine Alpha Male once more. A feeling of community returned to their home, one not shared by their neighbors in Lightning Valley.

Sadly, Storm found itself on the receiving end of more bad luck. Beloved Alpha and brother Kolzak was taking a seaside stroll when he spotted what looked like a drowning wolf. In his effort to rescue the castaway a strong current carried him out to sea! No one knew why Kolzak suddenly disappeared, but they all felt his absence in their hearts. Spurred by responsibility Fallen stepped up to claim the empty seat, simultaneously holding a meeting. There he was challenged by Cassiel who, despite appearances, only wanted to make sure the Izaak family remained in power. Others chided his actions, saying he had no right to interfere and take what wasn't his. Echoing their sentiments Cassiel and his mate Dresden instead took this as an opportunity to finally leave Lightning Valley. From there they went to Gaia Temple with hopes Dresden's sister Endymion might shelter the family.

On a warm spring afternoon an unexpected challenge for Fire Alpha rose up from the Ruins by none other than Liam Lioncourt. His cry for Torrid Desert's freedom and an end to the Nation caught the ears of many, including Nox and Nichaia. Supporters gathered in the form of Earth, Fire wolves and rogues alike, a majority of them condemning Liam for his actions against what they saw as a peaceful alliance. Liam responded in kind, accusing them of being blind to the tyranny imposed by one wolf over many. He ignored the testimony of contented Fire wolves who felt threatened by his claim, finding a kindred spirit in Nox who shared her own experience of unrest among the other packs, citing Kolzak and Valor. In spite of her claims Nichaia called those outsiders ignorant, arguing that their fears should not invalidate the feelings of those within the Nation itself. Two voices were painfully absent from this clash of ideals; Rykerri and Malachi! Where were the Fire Alphas to defend their pack? Nichaia was prepared to stand in for Malachi, but without his permission the Rebel could do nothing besides negotiate. All the same Liam was determined, finding no truth in the Nation's assertion of peace. By the time Malachi managed to show he was already too late and the crown had been passed. For the first time in years the Nation established by Saxon Valentine faltered, losing Torrid Desert as an ally.

Before the Nation could regroup, a second challenge flew up from Devil's Ruins! This time the summoner was Flynn who disappeared after becoming Fire Heir, and he was calling for Wind Alpha of all packs! In a flurry of anger Wesley arrived, demanding to know why someone who never lived in Xyntanza's Hill felt he had a right to rule! His mother Artemis went beyond simple questions, going as far as threatening to destroy Flynn's entire family if he didn't back down. Nichaia and Natalya made the scene just as the fight began with harsh words for each other. They argued right and wrong, succession; Nichaia didn't feel Flynn was ready to be an Alpha after failing as Heir, taking this as an act of betrayal against his brother. Natalya felt he had no right to pass judgment, touting old family relations that once ruled Xyntanza's Hill as reason enough. Bristling with fury Hathor added her own opinion to the mix, threatening to take his mate's life as payment if he dared continue. Flynn ignored their warnings, defeating Wesley after just a few rounds. Now Alpha of Wind he effectively brought an end to the Nation. Hathor was replaced by his loving mate RHENE as Alpha Female, a rank she would not get to enjoy. Hardly even a day later Hathor challenged Rhene to a deathmatch, making good on her promise to kill the she-wolf as payment for her demotion. It was a small, miserable gathering with only Flynn for an audience. Hathor blamed him for Rhene's death before slinking away to mourn the loss of her pack and subsequent abandonment by Artemis and Wesley. For all their threats the pair seemed to disappear from Doutaini altogether.

Gaia Temple was seeing better days at least. For the first time in many seasons new life was born in the jungle to Earth's Beta Female CHARLOTTE. Although the father was from Storm, Fallen no less, the presence of children caught the attention of Kaede himself. Descending as an owl of vines and leaves he settled among them. And after looking in each of the young pups hearts he chose AZALEA the smallest girl with a pure soul, and blessed her! Not before in all of Doutaini had a child ever received such a cherished gift! Perhaps with this message the Earth wolves would understand their demigod better, growing closer with one another and him. Joy was finally able to touch at least one pack.

Under the rolling mountains of Doutaini, deep in the Enigma Caverns, an old face resurfaced with intent to rule the shadows. BANE, who had left the lands when he was very young, returned to challenge Levon for Alpha, declaring he would do a better job. What few Enigma wolves remained crept from the shadows along with some new faces, even relatives of the late Magdalena, to argue his claim. Levon came to defend his title but soon found the tables turned as Natalya materialized, demanding the Alpha Female rank for herself. Her attention shifted between the two males, ready to attack either of them at a moments notice. Bane only needed a little encouragement from his sister Hathor to abandon his challenge, the two of them leaving Caliginous Caverns. Levon was not looking for a fight, choosing to make Natalya Enigma Alpha Female. She'd taken the crown, but in no way was she satisfied. Not yet.

Meanwhile in Fire things were not going quite so well. Following his first meeting Liam Lioncourt was nowhere to be found, neglecting the summons of pack-mates and neighbors alike. Nox too was seldom seen in Torrid Desert despite being given a council position. Indeed many residents were troubled by their leader's disappearance and what it could mean for their home. None more than AEGON a long standing resident who fiercely opposed Liam's challenge. Between herself and her mate, an Ice wolf, the pair hatched a plan to save her beloved desert from further stagnation. Considering what they were up against Aegon sent her children to live with their father in Gelid Sierra until the dust settled. Ice seemed like a popular place, as even Nichaia Valentine found himself seeking the cold mountains and their keeper Kobrin Thor for comfort after the Nation disbanded. Doing nothing didn't seem right as he felt he'd be abandoning everyone who relied on him. However, Nichaia knew that if he fought to take the packs back the rest of Doutaini may see him as the tyrant Liam portrayed, putting him in quite a quandary. However pressing, the importance of these problems would soon diminish.

Having been gone some time from Doutaini, Rodrigo finally reappeared. He went first to Devil's Ruins, determined this time to prove his worth as a capable leader. Once again he issued a challenge for Rebel Alpha, to which his cousin happily obliged. Unlike his first battle Rodrigo stuck it out to the end, matching the old Alpha blow for blow until the fight was done. It was one of the more cordial events Doutaini had seen recently, ending in Nichaia's decision that his former Heir was finally ready to handle the job of being Alpha. With the crowning of a new Rebel King all hope for the old Empire was lost. Instead, Rodrigo set his sights on different goals for the wolves of Mountain Lion Ridge. Whether or not they could stomach his particular brand of leadership was yet to be seen. Ready or not, change was on the horizon for Rebel.

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