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SDF Discovering Constellations
Posted 03-20-2018, 12:08 AM | This post was last modified: 04-04-2018, 09:11 PM by Julie
Divine Intervention
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Discovering Constellations

Doutaini was a world birthed from a religion of stargazers who turned to the night sky for answers. They developed decades of myths and lore to accompany the vast canvas studded with gleaming stars, but over time, their stories have been lost. Hoping to restore a sense of tradition, the gods of Doutaini have decided to call upon all of their residents this Stardust Festival to help rewrite the stars of the past into tales for the future.

To awaken the past, you must discover at least 5 stars. Stars can be earned by completing the following prompts (one completed prompt equals one star) during the Stardust Festival, with a unique thread for each prompt (ie you cannot use a single thread to complete the criteria of multiple prompts). You must post at least two times in a thread to claim it for a star. Participation is limited to one constellation per character. The same prompt can be completed multiple times as long as you have a different thread for each time.

  • Post at the SDF Feast
  • Roleplay with a stranger
  • Roleplay with a fellow pack member
  • Roleplay with a friend
  • Learn/Teach about the SDF
  • Pray or make an offering to a god
  • Use one of the following words in a post: dragon, mercy, fortunate, unselfish
  • Roleplay with a new OOC person
  • Roleplay in a (non-feast) thread with 3+ wolves
  • Reveal something to another character (secret, fear, aspiration, etc.)
  • Make peace with an enemy or rival
  • Respond to an "Open" or "All Welcome" SDF thread

Once you have found at least five stars, you can create a constellation arrangement and myth (see below for more details). Any additional stars you earn may be included in your constellation arrangement and design for greater flexibility. Completed constellations will be incorporated into Doutaini as permanent fixtures of its developing story and be featured on the Religion page.

The arrangement of the constellation refers to the pattern or design of the stars within the constellation. This is often a rough, stick-lined shape, but it can also be represented with greater detail to give more depth to the arrangement. Examples: here & here.

The myth of a constellation is the story behind it, which can include anything from how something was created, a lesson to be learned, or why something in nature or life exists in the way it does. For example, you could make your myth be why the sky is blue or how the cycle of day and night are created. It is meant to be the origin story of how something came to be, but there is a lot of flexibility for you to be creative here! Examples: here & here.

You can earn a maximum of 13 EP per character by doing the following:
- 1 EP: For earning at least 1 star
- 2 EP: For earning 5+ stars
- 10 EP & Mythology Star: For creating a constellation name, arrangement & myth

The deadline for completing prompts and earning your stars will be April 5th at 11:59pm. You will have an additional week to come up with your constellation name, arrangement, and myth. Once completed, you must make an in-character post responding to Hoshiko by April 12th at 11:59pm.

Please post your completed prompts below to be verified by staff, and try to avoid cluttering the thread with "in progress" prompts. EP Scores will be totaled on April 10th.

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