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Stardust Festival Constellations & Myths
Posted 03-20-2018, 12:07 AM | This post was last modified: 03-20-2018, 12:11 AM by Divine Intervention
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goddess of spirits

As the hum of the Stardust Festival comes to life, the mother of stars awakens from her pivotal post in the heavenly skies. Twin stars fight to overcome the other as the champion of luminosity, but the matron goddess would fasten them in a resounding breath, bending them to her will as setting them in place of her galactic eyes. Her spirit of zealousness tints the ambiance with peaceful serenity as she descends through the wisps of clouds along the staircase to mortality where she will mix and mingle with the wolves of Doutaini. Unable to consume their delightful spread brought on by Kaede and Akako, Hoshiko is filled instead with a gluttonous clamor of delight. Ethereal features are lit with a mischievous grin as the stardust begins to rain, though among the enraptured chorus that marked the arrival of another Stardust Festival, falling stars would intercede the traditional showers. "Be free," Hoshiko willed, ad gleaming stars were scattered from one end of the fields to the other and everywhere in between. They were caught within the foliage, hidden beneath rocks, and tucked amidst a tangled mess of roots-each placed precisely with equal parts of intent and ingenuity to be found by Doutaini's residents and knitted into a creation that would live on for decades to come.

It was with a single breath that the night sky grew dark thereafter, leaving an eerie scene devoid of the remaining stars caught within the interstellar canvas. All that shimmered in the darkness was the metallic sheen of cosmic debris that eluded to the ongoing festival and the fallen stars scattered among the scenery like enchanted fireflies. The veil of obscurity within the heavens would continue as the task of filling the night sky was shouldered to the wolves of Doutaini-only when her stars had been returned and reinvented with imbued mythology would her eclipse begin to wane. Satisfied with her handiwork, Hoshiko turned towards a place in the fields beside the babbling stream to await her stars that pined to be reunited with their lofty home.
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Table by Brina. Background by Lyshastra.

Constellations & Myths

Hoshiko has stolen all of the stars from the sky (except the falling stardust), leaving a strange and exceptionally dark night sky above Serene Fields. The stars have been scattered throughout the fields for the wolves of Doutaini to find. Click Here to learn how you can go about finding the scattered stars.

Once you have found at least 5 stars, have your character show up to return the stars to Hoshiko and explain to her (and your fellow Doutainians) the name, arrangement, and myth behind your constellation. Even if you wolf has not found any/enough stars for a constellation, they may show up here to listen to a new generation of myths to be added to Doutaini's lore.

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