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One door closes; another one opens [Death/Birth]
Posted 06-30-2017, 04:29 PM |
in, lbs

mystery crystal


"The Wise One"

The old woman moved swiftly through the area, her head high as she took in all the beautiful sites that this place held. She was glad she called this place home but as she felt her stomach constrict she knew it was time for her babies to be born. She had gone through this once before so it wasn't too bad but it still hurt to say the least. Laying down onto her side, she lifted her head to the side, muzzle parting to call out for those who wished to see her pups. Part of her knew that this might be the last thing that she ever did as she could already feel her body slowing down and her energy slowly vanishing. But no, she refused to leave before she was able to give her babies the life they deserved.

Her whole body shivered as she laid on her side, her breath coming out in pants. The pups were ready now and they weren't going to wait much longer. She just hoped that everyone would show up. Another call went out to the heavens, asking the gods to make sure her pups were alright when she was gone, to bless them and keep them safe when she finally crossed over to walk with them among the stars."Hear my plea and grace my children with life. Let them live without me and grow strong. I hope to one day look down and see that they have changed the pack for the better. Please give me this. " Laying her head down against the ground once more she would groan as she felt another constriction, panting as she tried her best to keep herself calm and awake even as she felt herself slowly losing her energy.
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I will post again July 11th to give people time to arrive before she gives birth and dies in the next post

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One door closes; another one opens [Death/Birth] - by Mystery - 06-30-2017, 04:29 PM
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