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doutaini map

Map of Doutaini

Winter Icon © kaiathedragon13
Current Layout Image © Sea
Map Drawing © Doodle
Coding © Tempy & Doutaini Staff
Original Content © Kaji & Crux
Characters © Their respective writers

World of Doutaini
World of Doutaini


Doutaini is a magical land based on the Carpathian Mountain Range, a huge arc of mountains located in Europe. Although geographically "located" on the southeastern coast of Romania, the lands sport a wide variety of territories from high, snow capped mountains to thick jungle woodlands and even a desert at the heart.

Doutaini is located in a temperate zone, meaning that the lands experience the entire spectrum of weather; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Only certain locations such as the Torrid Desert and Gaia Temple, with year long warmth, or Gelid Sierra, with year long snowfall, are unaffected by the seasonal changes.

Below is the official Map of Doutaini's territories. Click the territory name to go directly to the forum.

Map of Doutaini Aureate Plateau Lacrima Lake Grave Summit Caliginous Cavern Mt. Pyralis Stygain Flats Gelid Sierra Crystalline Caverns Firefly Cove Styx Heights Lightning Valley Aitou Pass Xyntanzas Hill Doutaini Cemetary Doutaini Willows Serene Fields Kuro Pit Mountain Lion Ridge Torrid Desert Cerulean Waters Spiritus Speculum Crimson Meadows Gaia Temple Devils Ruins Jinsyn Waterfall Hakai Mist Forest Iridescent Glade Malignant Mire Lital Isle Naveen River Shoshana Shore

Seasonal Events
Serene Fields
                  Autumn; Bison Migration
During the cooler months of Autumn, a migratory herd of Bison finds their way into the sheltered fields of Crimson Meadows. The herd is sizable, and during their stay the meadows are the most crowded. Hunting down one of these beasts will require a team effort.

Doutaini has a deep, rich history that expands for generations into the past. Over time many wolves and natural disasters have left their mark on the lands. Below are a list of those most notable features, some info about their creation, and where they can be found.

                  Gelid Sierra; Ice Packlands
The Queen's Abyss The body of Nitya Santih, beloved former Queen of Ice, remains frozen in time, trapped at the bottom of a ravine where she died.
Veil of Tears Covering part of a great mountain face is a large waterfall that is eternally frozen in sheets that will never thaw.
                 Mountain Lion Ridge; Rebel Packlands
Emperor's Fang Created by Justinian Ridge, a lacy spiral of rocks sits in the heartlands of Mountain Lion Ridge as a tribute to the late Emperor, Saxon Valentine.
Leader's Stone For generations this one, large boulder has been the Rebel meeting place. It was split in half by Bumblebee when Saxon revolted against Gnade.
                 Gaia Temple; Earth Packlands
Jigai Islet Created by Lemon Naibu-Moon as a gift to his departed mate. Today, a section of the Naveen broken by an earthquake encircles the plateau, making it an island unto itself.
Tree of Life Created during Eleven's offering to Kaede, this lilac-leafed tree sprouted up from the temple grounds, and towers over the surrounding crumbled walls. Fruit from all over Doutaini grows seasonally.
                 Cerulean Waters; Water Packlands
Meeting Stump Located within the marshlands levelled by the Tsunami, a lone stump sits surrounded by shallow water trapped inland in an open field. This eerie spot is often used to host meetings.
Kei's Harbor The old Water meeting place, this cave sits along the coast within a large, free standing monolith. The entrance is on the beach. Inside is illuminated by a skylight (mouseover).
                 Caliginous Cavern; Enigma Packlands
The Abyss A huge sink hole located in the rear chambers of Enigma's many caverns. It's bottom, littered with piles of bones from the dead and unfortunate, cannot be seen with the naked eye.
                 Lightning Valley; Storm Packlands
Haya's Tree At Storm's traditional meeting place is an ageless golden tree that stands alone in the sprawling hills of the Valley. No matter what year or season, the leaves are always golden.
                 Firefly Cove; Divine Packlands
Starlight Falls From a cave in the rocks surrounding Firefly Cove bay, this thin tidefall trickles down onto the beach. During high tide, it falls directly into the sea.
Neutral Territories
                  Kuro Pit;
The Queen's Shadow At the heart of Kuro Pit is a tall, gaunt, leafless black tree. Modesto, the former Earth Queen, grew the tree beneath her when she committed suicide and it remains there today.
                 Para Simepre - Doutaini Cemetary
Tree of Souls At the head of the cemetery is a timeless willow tree that is now so old it no longer grows. The bark is nearly petrified, the trunk is twisted, and the leaves are withered and discolored.
                 Hakai Mist Forest
Forgotten Ruins At the heart of the forest is the former Black Manor of the Black family. Destroyed by Hallen and Jag, the temple is now a pile of rubble sitting in a steep crater.
                 Serene Fields
The Rift Once there stood a monument dedicated to the unity displayed throughout Doutaini when the demi-gods were cast out into jewel shards. Now only a fissure of churned soil and rocky teeth remain, stretched like a scar with no sign of the stone structure left.

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