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The Wind Pack


To see the members who are currently in this pack, please visit here.


Wind abilities differ slightly from those of the other packs; when using an ability, a Wind wolf must keep either their tail or ears in constant motion until they have finished their attack. If the Wind wolf fails to keep up this constant movement, such as if the body cramps or the wolf becomes tired, the power in use will fail. This can be dangerous when using certain powers, as many can potentially backfire on the user if abruptly stopped. Additionally, a Wind wolf needs to breathe faster in order to use their powers, as they require a higher amount of oxygen circulating through their body to be successful. The longer an ability is used, the more likely it is the user will begin to hyperventilate, become lightheaded, or faint, so Wind wolves must be extremely cautious.

Power Description EP
Hover Allows a Wind wolf to utilize the air around them to 'glide' or 'fly' no more than a few inches off the ground while running or walking. 0
Agility This ability temporarily increases a wind wolf's speed and agility to three times its normal function. 5
Maelstrom Using maelstrom, a Wind wolf can create heavy, storm-like winds to hinder their opponent, but these winds are usually not strong enough to uproot foliage. 20
Twister Allows a wind wolf to summon and guide a small tornado, around the size of three wolves standing nose to tail. Despite its size, it usually has an impressive destructive force, able to uproot any vegetation in its path, seriously damage trees, and knock an opponent off their feet- sometimes even injuring them. 50
Invisibility Manipulate and mold into the wind to become invisible. It does not last long, however -- it takes up incredible amounts of energy the longer you're invisible. 100
Gust With this ability, a Wind wolf release a massive, powerful gust of air upon exhaling, capable of not only hindering but knocking their opponent aside. The gust of air usually lasts a maximum of ten seconds, however, and is not nearly powerful enough to uproot vegetation. 150
Suffocate The user can literally suck the air out of a small area and suffocate opponents, if the power is used long enough. The wind wolf will keep the air in their lungs, thus making it necessary that they hold their breath while performing this power. If they hold their breath for too long, they will end up suffocating themselves. 200
Air Dome Using the power of gale-force winds, the user may collect the wind and form it around their body in a tight ball. It can deflect attacks from elemental attacks that are used up to 150 ep to create, and if enough power is given, another wolf from entering. The ball can only extend out 3 feet from the user. The user must also hold their breath, as usual, and to keep the dome up, must give up a great deal of energy. If too much is used, the dome shatters and the user faints. However, there is a flaw. If the dome is attacked repeatedly, it will break, as it can only deflect a few attacks. 250
Air Parasite The wind wolf must hold their breathe and concentrate for an entire turn. The next turn they can release a ‘parasite’. This acts as a massive gust of wind that will be blown out at their opponent. It is 100% effective in knocking the breathe out of the victim and causing a loss of concentration (thus halting other elemental attacks that require concentration) and temporarily weakening them. 300
Air Slash A strange ability that can easily rip open flesh and damage bones if powered enough. The user allows winds to be summoned, and forms them with concentration into a thick, heavy blade of air. It requires energy to severely damage an area on the opponent, and has the potential to kill if used properly. However, this ability is difficult and takes much practice. The blade can easily miss or even backfire if the winds are fickle, wounding the user. It drains more energy for an increase in how damaging it can be. Thus, if it is intended to kill, the user could easily become over exhausted. It causes fatigue and a lapse in breathing, and requires the user to give a few minutes of recovery time to gain their breath back. 350
Bounce Using their adept control of the air, Wind wolves may both heighten their jumps and slow their falls. With a deep inhalation and concentration the user can power themselves up to twenty feet into the air from a standstill and (with a good running start) leap as far as thirty five feet. While being a skillful move to use to evade attacks, it is also of assistance in their home where falls from cliffs can cause serious injury or death. By manipulating the air around them a Wind wolf can successfully survive a fifty-foot drop, though they may have a few injuries. This move requires utmost concentration for if the wolf misjudges the winds in a leap they can end up smashing themselves into the ground. Upon landing the breath will immediately be knocked from the wolf's lungs. 450

Past Alphas

Alpha Sub Alpha
January 2018-Present
Theodosia Verien-Deimos
January 2018
Devil May Cry
October 2017-January 2018
Tyrus Valentine
August 2017-October 2017
Lyra Palaiologos
July 2017-October 2017
Niyole Izaak
July 2017-August 2017
Tyrus Valentine
March 2017-July 2017
Niyole Izaak
May 2017-July 2017
Davida Eins
January 2017-March 2017
Loretta Calydor-Finn
January 2017-March 2017
Loretta Calydor-Finn
August 2016-January 2017
Augustine Izaak
June 2016-January 2017
Vitalia Drago
June 2016-August 2016
Kolzak Izaak
November 2015-June 2016
Linette Finn
May 2016-June 2016
Vitalia Drago
January 2016-May 2016
Emmaline Eins
August 2015-January 2016
Harlowe Volos
August 2015-November 2015
Canaan Ecclesiastes
February 2015-August 2015
Flynn Valentine
November 2014-February 2015
Rhene Eins
November 2014
Wesley Valentine
October 2014-November 2014
Hathor Mohkov
October 2014-November 2014
June 2014-October 2014
Artemis Hemlock
Shaddix Valentine
Radomir Mohkov
Mercy Alberaq
Asmodeus None
Slender Metaxas
Tybalt Domine Marisol Domine
Vincys Riddermark None
Rodolphus Shae Luxuria Shae
Carver Alberaq Lethal Injection II
Nikolai Mohkov  
Khazad Riddermark
Verita Ether
Xenres Iolurr None
Zephyr Castario Amaia Delrove
Pride Black
Anahera Vair
Zephyr Castario
Favien Kytan
Akilles Muuri
Auberon Delinquint None
Roman Delinquint
Darby Rasputin
None Morbid Black
Pestillence II Domine
Alexi Muuri Banshee Myst
Auberon Delinquint Rasha
Stitan Amarantee Nym Sae La Fluur
Hikitsu Amarante
Sachiel Vesslor None
Aslan Iversia
Rancor Muuri Pseudo Talus
Auberon Delinquint None
Diderot d'Arget
Bandach Restaan
Pack Founder