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Pack Page
The Water Pack


To see the members who are currently in this pack, please visit here.


Interestingly, when a Water pack member uses an ability, they need to hold their breath, as if they were underwater -- and from there, it is just power of the mind. It is easier for Water wolves to do this, however, because of their enhanced lung capacity. As they get up to the larger attacks, they need to hold their breath longer to cause more damage. This can be fatal, if not managed properly.

Power Description EP
Drizzle Creates a short, refreshing drizzle, sometimes used to get drinking water. 0
Rain Storm An upgrade from drizzle. This lasts longer, and the rain comes down harder; a traditional rain shower. No thunder or lightning is involved. 5
Waterfall With this power, a water wolf is able to summon an extremely heavy bout of rain from the sky, like a severe rainshower. It gives the impression that a waterfall is flowing down from the heavens. 20
Hurricane With this power, a water wolf can create a very windy, rainy, and violent storm. If used to its extreme (and dangerous) potential, it can blow down trees. 50
Tsunami A massive wave can be created from any body of water, even something as simple as a pond. However, this ability works best at the shore. The smaller the body of water,the more stress it will put the wolf using it under. 100
Evaporation Allows the user to store water in their bloodstream for later use. With this water, they can literally do anything their heart desires - shoot it from their mouth, send a wall crashing onto their opponent, or simply use it to keep themselves hydrated during the summer months. Absorbing too much water will thin their bloodstream, however, and possibly cause death. 150
Flood Allows the user to summon a massive amount of water, large enough to submerge an entire portion of land underwater. The larger the area, the more energy it takes by the user to flood the land. 200
Dehydration This water technique is a build up of the previously learnt technique Evaporation. Now, instead of using other water sources, this power would begin to remove water from an opponent's body. The water in the victim’s bloodstream would leech into the user’s, weakening the opponent while giving the water wolf strength. The water wolf can use built up water to release it from their mouth in a burst of liquid that can temporarily stun, bruise or just catch the opponent off guard. Leeching too much liquid from the victim over time may cause them to faint, but taking in too much by the user may do the same. 250
Aqua Shield Using a nearby source of water (rain, river, etc.) the user can cause a solid shield of water to spring up and protect from attack. The shield can repel minor elemental abilities (100 EP and under) and only one or two tooth and clawattacks. It zaps energy the longer it remains up and even more energy with each attack it absorbs. It can be fatal if the user runs out of a source, as it will start taking water from their body. 300
Liquidation If the user has enough water in their blood stream (by previously using Evaporation or Dehydration) they may temporarily turn their entire body into water. They will still stay in the form of a wolf, however elemental techniques will now entirely pass through them. This should never be used for an extended period of time, as if the wolf loses too much shape, when they return to normal form they will have broken bones and torn muscles. Instead it should be used to avoid simply one attack. 350
Scald Allows the user to expel a powerful current of boiling hot water from their jaws. The water does not harm the user, but it has the potential to do great damage to the opponent. The user must hold their breath for the entirety of the use. Used longer than twenty seconds, and the boiling water will begin to affect the user by slowly singing the tongue, then the esophagus, and then finally the lungs. 450

Past Alphas

Alpha Sub Alpha
Keston Lioncourt
March 2017-present
Elizaveta Izaak
August 2016-March 2017
Jenson Vighente
July 2016-August 2016
Elizaveta Izaak
July 2016-August 2016
Riot Duchannes
May 2016-July 2016
West Naibu
April 2016-May 2016
Riot Duchannes
February 2016-May 2016
Leonidas Izaak
February 2016-April 2016
Achlys Oma
November 2015-February 2016
Scarlet Thor
November 2015-February 2016
Logan Bree
August 2015-November 2015
Riot Duchannes
November 2015-November 2015
Isolde Thor Lothbrak
August 2015-November 2015
Casimir Harris
August 2015-August 2015
Cassiel Thor
January 2015-August 2015
Gabriel Thor
August 2015-August 2015
Natalya Mohkov
July 2015-August 2015
Dresden Eins
January 2015-June 2015
Chale Dame
November 2014-January 2015
Valor Revol
January 2014-November 2014
Eryx Digby
October 2013-January 2014
Valor Revol
Clairvoyant Germain

Kobrin Thor
Kearney Riordan
Rasmus Thor
Clairvoyant Germain
Amistad Izaak
Sol-leks None
Perseus Riddermark
Hornaday McCoy Jade Moon
Hoax Dame None
None Jamaica Dame
Jamaica Dame (Female) Ziva Valentine
Battiste Eins None
Riddle Eins Irony Dame
Riddle Eins None
Ashley Eins
Falk Joakim
Valiant Sparrow
Harland Veus Eugenia Eins
Riddle Eins Ceira Hareiam
Leander Eins None
Riddle Eins Malevolent Domine
Truant Domine None
Atrocity Domine
Sachiel Vesslor
Zoltan Nemo Shaset Requis
Lucifer Volos None
Jussi Muuri
Galdern Demyon
Majik Demyon
Hearth Hariq
Pack Founder