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Any time you join a new site it can be a little overwhelming! Especially for sites that have a lot of members and content, like Doutaini. But! This little guide here has been designed to take the stress and 'whaa?' out of joining and acquainting yourself with Doutaini!
Guide Book
Below you will find all the tools you need to help with understanding the way Doutaini works, and how you can begin creating a character to immerse in this world of magic and gods! Please be sure to read through the guides carefully because many of your questions may be answered here.

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  • First of all, you do not need an OOC account; however, you have the option to make one later. There is also no 'audition' board for characters. You simply join and wait for acceptance before you roleplay! Note that each character must have their own individual account.

    Creating a character from scratch can be hard, so for some free inspiration, you can check out Dawnthieves! All of their images are free to use.

    • First give your character depth by hashing out the basics such as; Name, Age, Gender, Physical Appearance, Personality, and maybe some History.

    Characters may not include copyrighted or trademarked content, such as the name or other details of any pre-existing characters. Copying is not the same thing as drawing inspiration from something (which is absolutely allowed!).

    • Character names identical to those of past Legend, Blessed, and Cursed wolves are not allowed without express permission from the roleplayer of the original wolf. Names of Doutaini's Gods are not allowed to be used.

    • Doutaini is semi-realistic, meaning we do not allow bizarre fur colors (pink, purple, blue), adornments (feathers, bracelets, jewelry, articles of clothing, bone armor etc.), or fantasy mutations (horns, wings, two tails etc.). Appearances should follow these guidelines:

    » Eyes may be any color, or combination of up to 3 colors. Pupils can not be oddly shaped unless severe damage has occurred resulting in vision impairment.

    » Pelt colors must be natural, i.e. any color combination out of: black, white, gray, brown, auburn, chestnut/russet, blond.

    » Boundaries between two different coat colors should be slightly 'feathered', rather than sudden hard lines. Most markings will be symmetrical about the midline (following the spine). They will usually be fairly random in shape (specific, intricate shapes and patterns are not allowed, unless given as part of a site plot).

    » You may specify certain patches of fur being longer or thicker than others (e.g. fur along the spine, fur surrounding the face/neck), but only to a certain extent - no more than 1-2 inches longer than the rest of the fur.

    » This site only accepts true wolf species. No Dire Wolves, Extinct wolves, made up species, or non-wolves (Maned Wolves etc.). Wolfdogs/coywolves are permitted, as long as they're no more than 1/4 coyote or dog. This means that your character must look primarily wolf and can not resemble a full bred dog.

    • There is no character limit! Create and delete as you please.

    • No character is invincible or perfect - real characters have flaws just like people. Please keep this in mind when creating your character and writing with them - you might insist your wolf is the most beautiful or the biggest baddie, but that doesn't mean that other players will treat them that way or act in compliance.

    • Save your information before submitting in case something goes wrong during the application (server cuts out, thunderstorms etc.) so you don't risk losing your work.

    • After you've sorted out the details, it's time to fill in the application!

  • • Click REGISTER at the top of the left menu and read the Doutaini Registry agreement carefully before clicking 'I Agree'.

    Account Details is where you put your wolf's name, along with your preferred account password and email. Put their first name only - their last name can be added in a different section.

    • Again, character names identical to those of past Legend, Blessed, and Cursed wolves are not allowed without express permission from the roleplayer of the original wolf. Names of Doutaini's Gods are not allowed to be used.

    Additional Information

    » Enter your character's body type. Further information can be found on the BIOLOGY page - your character must be within the parameters specified there in order to be accepted.

    » Your OOC name is the name that you go by online. It can be anything (your characters name, your real first name or nickname) used to identify yourself. Please only use one name across all your accounts (ie. If you join as wolf Mark and decide to make your OOC Name "Mark" also, even if you create a wolf named Lisa later, your OOC name should still be listed as "Mark").

    » Next is your wolf's Gender & Age. Your age must be an accurate decimal in terms of years, e.g. 3.75 if your wolf is 3 years and 3 seasons.

    » Now we have Appearance and Personality. Be as detailed as you like, but you must have at least 7 sentences.

    » The Custom Hex Color is for a bar of color that appears beneath your name and above your avatar. Use photoshop to generate a hex color, or visit this GENERATOR.

    Image Code Verification is the last field, and prevents spam bots from flooding our site.

    • Finally, hit Submit and you are on your way!

  • Once your account has been accepted as a Rogue you can start making changes to your profile.

    If there was an error in your profile you may be accepted as "Pending" and a message sent to you detailing any issues that need fixing. If changes are not made within a week, your account will be deleted. Feel free to try again, though!

    • While you are in 'Awaiting Activation' status, you are free to edit your profile. Unfortunately in this mode, it cannot be viewed.

    • Click User CP in the Main Menu on the left to edit profile.

    • Next to your 'Account Summary', click Edit Profile.

    • Other additional information can be edited here, which includes the following;

    » Wolf's Full Name (First, middle, last, etc.)

    » Mate (if they have one)

    » Family (relatives inside or outside Doutaini)

    » Sexuality (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, etc.)

    » Gender identity (if it does not match their biological sex)

    » EP (Elemental Points) total

    » History (not mandatory)

    » Logs (keep track of Points and Spars)

    » Other Information (for anything else you want to add)

    • You can add a Personal Banner and a Profile Image to your account by putting the image URL into the fields provided.

    • Things that cannot be stored in your profile, such as post trackers and images, can be stored in threads elsewhere.

    » GRAPHIC STORAGE is where you can create a thread to store all your character's postscripts and images. Please note, there is only one thread allowed per user, no matter how many characters you have.

    » THREAD & EP TRACKING is where you can create a thread to keep up with your character's threads and elemental points. For ideas of how to format your thread, feel free to look at others. If you have an EP tracker here, you must link to this in your profile.

    » PLOT BOARDS are used for players to post ideas and plots for their characters. Brainstorm with others, or ask someone to join in on a plot or an idea. You can make your own plot board, or post on another player's board!

    » THE CREATIVES are a fantastic place to store your personal writing and inspiration, or get graphics for your character! You can make a request from the GRAPHIC STUDIOS, start your own studio, or offer to trade graphics with someone. Pictures and postscripts are not mandatory, but some people like them.

  • Once you are fully accepted and set up with a completed profile, you are ready to really begin enjoying Doutaini!

    KURO PIT is where most wolves come to be recruited by pack representatives. All adult wolves have a choice which pack they want to go in, however wolves under 1 year of age can be claimed against their will.

    DOUTAINI WILLOWS is where wolves go when they know what pack to join. Select the element of your choice from the drop-down menu when creating your thread, and alert the alpha by tagging them: @[Wolf Name]. But please note, going to the willows does not guarantee your acceptance.

    PACKLANDS offer a more direct approach to joining. Your character can post at the pack forum and call for an alpha at the borders. Posting in a claimed territory does not guarantee acceptance.

    Note* Please check out the pack you are interested in joining! Sometimes the Alpha or the entire pack itself may be locked in a plot that would prevent someone from quickly accepting your character. If this happens you have several options: wait patiently until the plot is complete and the Alpha has time; choose a different pack; or bide your time and RP in neutral territories.

    • Some wolves don't want to join a pack. Rogues are free to post anywhere they like within the neutral territories (or pack territories, if you're bold enough); create a thread, join a thread, have at it!

    • While Doutaini is filled with wonderful people who love to RP, sometimes real life gets in the way. Some people may not be on every day, or forget to check their trackers, and occasionally you may have to wait for a response during RPs. Please do not spam your own thread with several replies, or "bump" your thread excessively in the same day.

    • If you find yourself with down time, there are plenty of things you can do;

    » Jump into any open/AW (all welcome) thread, even if someone has already responded, or start your own. You can post on the OPEN THREAD DIRECTORY to help encourage people to reply!

    » Play 'catch-up' with threads that you may have forgotten.

    » Post on the PLOTS board to find people to roleplay with you or brainstorm plots

    » Catch up on counting EP, sorting your thread tracker, updating your profile or anything else to get your wolf in order.

    » Open a studio and work on graphics requests, or make some for your own characters

    • You can also jump into the Cbox (Chat box) which is located in the left Menu. Simply click Open Cbox and pick a name to begin chatting!

    • Above all, be patient. While this site is a fun way to get away from the world, many of us lead active lives. It's understandable to expect things to happen very quickly, but it's important to remember; patience is a virtue! Please allow time for your peers to respond to questions and threads.

  • • Here are some common acronyms and abbreviations you may find within Doutaini:
    RP (Roleplay): The abbreviation for what we do here.
    OOC (Out of Character): Also known as IRL, this is the real world outside the game.
    IC (In Character): The world of Doutaini and all other fictional events therein.
    SDF (Stardust Festival): A major event that happens two times a year in Doutaini. Also a thread prefix for SDF threads.
    EP (Elemental Points): In game points won through roleplay and events.
    ES (Equal Standing): Permissions given to Sub-Alphas by Alphas (details in Ranks tab).
    PM (Private Message): Found in the User CP, used to message other players on site.
    DM On Doutaini, this means a death match! You may not want to go around telling people, ‘I’ll DM you’ - they might get the wrong idea!

    • Thread prefixes: These can be selected from a drop-down menu when creating a thread.
    [RO] (Read-Only): Read-only posts are those that generally don't want a response, though you are free to ask the roleplayer, and they may open up the thread. They often show the passage of time.
    [M] (Mature): These are threads that contain offensive language or graphic violence/descriptions.
    [AW] (All welcome): Anyone can join this thread, even part-way through!
    [Open] This is similar to ‘all welcome’, but often the thread creator is just looking for one or two wolves to join. If someone has already replied, it's polite to ask before joining.
    [P] (Private): You must ask before posting or participating in these threads - however, wolves within their own territory, as well as those with a valid reason to attend, may ignore the prefix.
    [Borders]: You can use this prefix in any packland, to make it clear that your character is not flagrantly ignoring the scent markers and is staying a respectable distance from the edge of the pack's territory.

    • There are other prefixes, some of which are self-explanatory, and others are related to specific site events. If in doubt, just ask someone!

    • Tagging: To tag another user in your post, write @[NAME] (replacing NAME with their character name). This sends them a private message so they will know you’ve tagged them.

    • In the top-left menu you can click on the ‘User CP’, which takes you to a control panel with several useful features, including:

    » Account switcher: You can attach accounts to each other, which will let you switch between them quickly if you are on the Index page or User CP page.

    » Threadlog: This is a link in the top-left menu, and it will list all the IC threads you’ve posted in! It’s handy for checking whether it’s your turn to post in your current threads.

    » Private Message Folders: Just like with an email inbox, you can create folders to store your PMs. However, you only have space for a limited number of messages - once your inbox starts getting full, you’ll need to delete messages. Then you will need to go to the Trash folder and click the ‘empty folder’ link to fully delete those messages (PMs in the trash still take up space!).

    • When it comes to etiquette in Dout, there are no fully-definitive rules - but here are some handy guidelines to follow:

    » Graphics: Always be patient, and be polite and constructive about the graphics you receive. Remember, people are doing this for you for free!

    » Posting order: This is exactly what it sounds like - the order in which people have posted. When it comes to the next ‘round’ of replies, it is polite to stick to this posting order, and not post out of turn. In threads with just a handful of characters, posting order should be strictly adhered to.

    » Larger threads: Sometimes a posting order is not appropriate, e.g. a meeting. Often the creator of the thread will tell you that there’s no need to stick to posting order, but in very large threads it is usually okay to assume, as long as there is no conflict or active combat. However, you should still let a few people post before you reply again, so you are not monopolizing the replies. Some thread creators may also state a ‘time limit’, either between each post (after which that person can be skipped and it goes to the next character in the post order), or for a whole ‘round’ of posting (with no posting order - e.g. between Alpha posts in a meeting).

    » Before ‘bumping’ a thread (making an OOC post on a thread just to tag or remind other people to post, even though they have already been tagged once), consider the following:

    - Check the 'absences and inactivities’ thread and the general chat to see if they are away.
    - PM that person's account with a polite reminder/request and a link to the thread, as they may have forgotten - this lets them know, without cluttering the thread!
    - Just be patient! If it has only been a few days, they might just not have gotten to it yet.

    » Skipping people: If you've tried all of the above, and have waited 5+ days with no response (IC or OOC), it might be appropriate to skip them, if you are confident that the thread needs to progress, and can progress without their input.

    » ‘Post coming’: If someone has left a ‘post coming’ on a public thread, it is polite to give them 3 days to fill it in. If they haven’t written their post within 3 days, you can continue the thread without them.

  • If you still find yourself with questions after reading through this guidebook, there are plenty of ways to find answers.

    » Check the Cbox to see if Staff or other members can answer your question. They are all very helpful, and some of them are pros when it comes to Dout!

    » If you have an active account, questions can be asked on the QUESTIONS forum.

    » Check the STAFF PAGE and either Private Message or contact a staff member using one of the listed methods on that page. You can also PM the DOUTAINI STAFF account.

    You should also make sure to acquaint yourself with the rulebook below.

    Hopefully this guide has helped answer most of your questions, and thanks for visiting (and hopefully joining) Doutaini!

Like all sites Doutaini has a set of rules that ensure everyone is treated fairly, and that your time here roleplaying with all of us is fun! Please review all of the rules below carefully before joining, and remember the Rules & Guidebook work in tandem. If something is not covered in one section that may be because it was covered in the other. Be sure to read both thoroughly and we hope to story with you soon!

*Click tab headers to open and close content below*

  • Respect your peers. Members, guests and staff are all to be treated with a fair mind and a kind heart.

    • We are an all-level RP, but require 7 sentences minimum in posts and profiles.

    • Respect threads labeled 'private', and ask before posting or participating. Alphas within their territory, as well as wolves with a valid reason to attend, may ignore the prefix.

    • Chat language ('u, r, 2, 4' etc.) and symbols (~, *, ¤ etc.) are prohibited when posting.

    • Wolf 'pets' (rabbits, crows, mice etc.) are not permitted (Exception; Divine wolves tend to have a Firefly that follows them around).

    • Cursing is allowed, but please keep in mind we have some younger teens on Doutaini.

    • Sexual content in posts must have a [M] in the title or be labeled as Mature in some way. However, even with a mature label we do not permit graphic detail of any sexual actions. Most players prefer to "fade to black" or hint at the deed taking place. Any posts/threads where there is graphic sexual detail will be considered inappropriate and likely deleted by a member of Staff.

    • Though it is not mandatory, please keep a posting order when RPing with others. A posting order is the order wolves have posted in a thread (Mike, then John, then Jim, Mike again, John, Jim, etc.). Occasionally going out of order is ok, but frequent skipping may isolate other players.

    There will be no power playing, god modding, or meta playing.
     • Power playing is when you try to control another persons character as well as your own. I.E. Sally shoved Tom off the bank and then watched as he went tumbling into the lake. You're giving the other no time to react and telling them that their character fell despite what they wished.
     • God modding is essentially playing your character like they're invincible. Your wolf is not all powerful and god-like. I.E. Sally, Tom, and Rick were all biting at Bob's throat. However, Bob is unharmed due to his tough skin and he moves to immediately throw them off him. This is impossible and will be reprimanded. Wolves are not invincible in Doutaini despite having magical powers.
     • Meta playing is the use of Out of Character (OOC) knowledge to change In Character (IC) interactions, thoughts, or behavior. I.E. Bob meets Sally of the Fire Pack for the first time ever and says, "Hello" while also mentioning who her mate is, without having met either of them before.

    Read-Only (RO) posts should not be responded to. These are standalone posts the user makes for their character, and can show a passage of time, training (points cannot be collected), working, prowling, anything! However, RO posts cannot be used to surprise attack another pack or user. RO posts must be their own thread, and only involve your character(s) although the creator of the thread is allowed to open the RO thread if they so choose.

    • Please note that art of any kind may only be traded, requested in a studio, and gifted within the site. The selling for money on Dout is not allowed, due to the potential for issues arising that affect your experiences on Doutaini. You may post a link to your professional studio, such as your Deviant Art account, but you must not make transactions through this site. Mistakes can happen and that's when bad feelings arise. We wish for you to be safe, and for that to happen, Doutaini needs to remain a place where no money exchanges hands.

    • Character names identical to those of past Legend, Blessed, and Cursed wolves are not allowed without express permission from the roleplayer of the original wolf. Names of Doutaini's Gods are not allowed to be used.

    •Doutaini has a 3-1-3 RPG rating. This means the following is allowed on our site: 3 — Swearing and mature language is permitted without limit. 1 — Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted. No explicit representations or references to genitalia or sex acts. (Must fade to black.) 3 — Extreme violence is permitted. Due to our rating, Doutaini has an age minimum for users of 15+. Applicants younger than 15 at the time of applying will be automatically rejected.

  • • In order to use elements, your wolf must first join and become a member of one of the elemental packs or Rebel. Every pack has some kind of special ability.

    Elemental Points (EP) are required to use different elemental powers. There is a list of points you can earn on the POINTS page. Powers are listed on individual pack pages.

    • Every element has one default power which all members can use. It is normally a very low level.

    • When using powers, please adhere to the descriptions found on pack pages. Some creativity is encouraged, but for the most part we ask you please don't invent any additional side effects or embellish on the magics power. All the powers on the elements page have a basis in realism.

    • EP is metered. This means that if your wolf has 50 EP, he can use all powers 50 EP and below as long as the combined points do not exceed 50. Side effects listed on the pack pages must also be roleplayed out each time an element is used. Overuse of powers after the energy meter is exhausted will result in death for that character. The meter resets with each new (non-spinoff) thread. Please see the Sparring page, "How to: Using Elements," for more details.

    • Lying about EP will first result in a warning. If the problem persists users run the risk of being suspended.

    • Only posts made from a character's account will count towards EP requirements. For example, if you write a post from your wolf's account and include a second wolf (that you also play) in the same post, only the wolf whose account you posted from will be eligible for any EP relating to that post.

    • Having elemental powers does not make your wolf invincible or superior over rogues.

    • Powers come from Necklaces (more on Doutani RELIGION) received on your wolfs acceptance into a pack. Once a wolf leaves a pack, their necklace shatters. There is no way to keep more than one necklace, or use multiple pack powers.

  • • Only adult wolves 2 years or older may claim or challenge for a pack.

    • Your wolf must have prior knowledge of the pack they challenge for (a name at the very least, and some basic information). There must be IC proof of this knowledge being gained (information learned outside of Doutaini via rumors or even ancestors who lived in Doutaini do not count).

    • After a pack challenge is completed there is a 4 IRL week grace period for the winner starting from when the verdict was made, not from the start of the thread. During this time the reigning Alpha cannot be challenged. The losing wolf also cannot re-challenge for that pack until after this time has passed (but they may challenge for a different pack at any time).

    Certain criteria must be met before you can challenge for a pack:

    » A minimum of 50 IC EP: These can not be from broken links. Staff must be able to review these threads.
    » A minimum of 5 IC Threads: Incomplete or full, your character must have been involved in at least 5 recent IC threads around Doutaini with responses. By this we mean that threads should have taken place within at least 6 months prior to any challenge or pack claim. They do not have to be started by your character. Read Only (RO) threads and threads with no responses do not count.
    » A minimum of 1 Month Activity: Your character must have lived actively in Doutaini (been in threads) for at least 1 OOC Month. (This is a total of 4 week activity. If you need to leave the site the time you are gone does not count toward your 1 month campaign).

    • The Pack Alpha must answer Pack challenges before the default date of the match. The Alpha is also permitted to appoint a wolf to fight for them. Both wolves must post before the default. If only the Pack Alpha posts before the default, then s/he must take the challenge or concede to the challenger. Even if a wolf offers to take the challenge for their Alpha, said Alpha must grant permission before the default date.

    • Adult Wolves (over 1 year) may leave their pack at any time without permission from the Alpha/Council. Wolves under 1 Year cannot leave their pack without the Alpha's consent (or the consent of a Council wolf who has permission to accept/release subordinates). Omegas also cannot leave their pack without Alpha/Council consent at any age.

    • Young wolves (under 1 year) & Omegas may be stolen via an official challenge at Devil's Ruins. The Alpha and/or Council must respond before the set default date otherwise the wolf in question will go to the winner. Rogue wolves can not challenge to release or steal Pack youths.

    No post reservations at the Kuro Pit. First come, first served.

    • Users may only play 1 Alpha character at a time. Users may only play 1 Sub-Alpha at a time. Having one of each in different packs is also permitted.

    • If a Pack Alpha dies the Sub-Alpha may choose to become Pack Alpha and replace them. If there is no Sub-Alpha, the Heir (if 2 years old) may choose to become Pack Alpha. If there is no Heir, then the rank of Pack Alpha may be taken by one of the next Council wolves (Scion - if 2 years old - Beta or Gamma). However, other wolves may attempt to claim the pack. If a Council wolf wishes to inherit the rank they must post a thread doing so (if another challenger posts a thread first they should respond to that thread, as it happens first in the timeline). Their claim can be contested by another Scion/Beta/Gamma, or any other wolf. If the Pack Alpha is purged by the gods, candidates must reply to that thread and stake their claim. The winner is granted the same grace period listed above for winning a challenge.

    • Wolves who inherit ranks are not exempt from the criteria listed above. If your wolf does not meet the criteria they have 1 OOC Month (roughly 4 weeks) time to do so, otherwise they will be purged by the gods for inexperience.

  • • All ranks, including Pack Alpha, may be challenged for, usually in Devil's Ruins, although going directly to the pack itself isn't unheard of.

    • Pack Alphas by default have power of authority over all other ranks including Sub-Alphas. They may even override rank challenges within a pack (excluding Pack Alpha challenges).

    • Sole ruling Alphas (Alphas with no Sub-Alpha) must answer challenges for both Alpha and Sub-Alpha ranks.

    • Pack Alphas may grant Sub-Alpas "equal standing" (ES); this means the Sub-Alpha and Pack Alpha have equal powers. Neither may challenge the others in decision making. If a Sub-Alpha decides to promote a wolf or demote a wolf, the Alpha can not undo their choice. In cases of equal standing only the wolf making a decision has the power to undo that choice. Proof of equal standing must be given IC and can only be undone when the Sub-Alpha agrees to give up this right. When ES is given, Sub-Alphas cannot be demoted by their Pack Alpha counterpart as a way to undo the decision. Equally, a Sub-Alpha cannot demote the Pack Alpha. It's not advised you hand out this privilege lightly. Note when a Pack gets a new Pack Alpha (they ascend, they challenge, etc), the right of Equal Standing is revoked pending the decision of the new Pack Alpha as ES is essentially a contract between the two original Alphas.

    • Wolves must be 2 IC years old in order to gain a Council Rank (Alpha, Sub-Alpha, Beta, Gamma). Wolves over 1 IC year may become Achievers (Hunter, Warrior etc.). There is no age limit for the Heir or Scion rank.

    • Packs are permitted 1 Alpha & 1 Sub-Alpha; 1 Heir ; 2 of each Council (Beta & Gamma); Other ranks such as Achievers (Warriors, Hunters etc.), Scion, Wolf, Pup, and Omega can be multiples.

    • There are several jobs that Council Wolves (Alpha thru Gamma) and Achievers may have. Some jobs are Pack Alpha exclusive which include:

    Hosting meetings, Distribute duties and ranks, initiate raids or wars, Claiming adult wolves, Releasing Omegas
    Yet there are many jobs that exist within a pack that can be shared through the council. These jobs include:
    Invite/Accept wolves, Release young wolves, Steal young wolves via challenges/Defend young wolves from challenges, Claim young wolves, Organize events, Initiate activities (hunts, lessons, training sessions etc.), Oversee/Initiate negotiations with other packs, Focus on training/maintaining their skills, Patrol the borders

    Pack Alphas may choose to perform all of these tasks or less. By default it is the Pack Alpha who decides the job of each Council wolf. Achiever ranks such as Warrior, Pup-Sitter, Healer, and Scout have pre-defined jobs. Pack Alphas may add to their list at their own discretion:
    Warrior: Respond to challenges, Train in their element, Protect the pack
    Hunter: Organize pack hunts, Provide food for the pack
    Scout: Gathering information, Maintain the borders, Report findings
    Healer: Familiarize with botany/healing methods, Care for sick or injured
    Pup-Sitter: Watch pups, Tend to orphans, Organize play-dates, General education

    • The Pack Heir & Scions may share in the duties of the Pack Alpha and Council in preparation for their ascension. Details should be handled by the Pack Alpha themselves. Normally the Pack Heir is the one chosen to lead after their predecessors and have first dibs in terms of inheritance. However, Scions are generally considered favorable wolves by the Alpha/Sub-Alpha in some way, and may have a chance at leadership if the Heir falters or is demoted, or in the case of there being no Heir.

    • The body of the pack is made up by Pack Wolves and are males and females. They typically have no jobs and simply make up the packs roster.

    • Young wolves under 1 year are considered Pack Pups and they are pretty much in charge of being adorable and causing mischief.

    • The lowest rank Pack Omega has no rights whatsoever. They cannot be released without permission from the Alpha/Sub-Alpha and cannot challenge for Ranks or their freedom. (They can however leave the pack territory - unless held captive somewhere - and issue death matches or spars as normal).

    • The Pack Alpha is required to abide by the ALPHA QUOTA GUIDE, to ensure alpha activity. As referenced in the Guide, should you become absent or are planning on taking an extended absence, we ask that you relinquish your rank to maintain an active pack. If an Alpha steps down, the Sub-Alpha will become Pack Alpha.

    • If an Alpha has fallen inactive, or attains 3 strikes on their Alpha Quota, then they may be removed by any of the main gods or demi-gods. Please note; the gods are fickle and vengeful beings, and have been known to remove (or in some cases, bind) Alpha characters for not pleasing them or for committing crimes against them. No Alpha is exempt from this possibility.

  • A war is considered a battle between two or more packs where, for the most part, both sides are aware of the situation.
    A raid is where one side attempts to sneak into another pack and catch them by surprise. Usually the intention is to loot or steal other members and/or kill certain wolves.

    • While fun and exciting, Wars and Raids are exceptionally high risk! Death is very common in these situations, and you must be willing to accept that risk if you're going to participate. Unless the opponent was found to be breaking the rules in some way, all deaths (default or in battle) are considered final.

    • All those participating in a raid/war are required to post this oath along with their first post;

    "I, _(ooc name)_, understand these terms and conditions and that my character _(character name)_ may be seriously injured or killed in this raid. If my character is deemed dead, seriously injured or unconscious, I will not argue such a fate, as I have willingly participated. If your wolf is deemed unconscious, it can no longer participate in the fight. Other wolves then have the option of killing your wolf or kidnapping it. Either way, once you're unconscious, you may no longer participate. You may not attack multiple wolves in one post. Leaving right after an attack will be thought of as power playing and will not be tolerated. The only exception will be if your character is using a wide-ranged attack like wildfire or earthquake."

    • There is no overall posting order in a raid, although there is a posting order for fights involving your wolf.

    • All fighters have 3 days to respond to your fights. If this time is exceeded, your characters is rendered either unconscious or dead. Extensions are not permitted, neither is changing the default limit.

    • If your wolf becomes unconscious, they can no longer participate in the fight. Other wolves then have the option of killing or kidnapping them. Or leaving them alone.

    • If your wolf manages to kidnap another, they can no longer participate in the fight. The captive must be returned to the captors pack to be watched over by them.

    • You may flee from a war/raid at any time (although these actions could result in punishment by an Alpha or worse). You may have up to 3 escape attempts. Simply post your attempt to flee, and if after 3 days no one tries to stop your wolf, the escape is considered successful. However, anyone participant in the raid may try and stop your wolf from fleeing. There is no guarantee an escape attempt will work. if another player catches your wolf, you can respond with your next escape attempt. If they do not respond within the 3 day limit you have escaped successfully.

    • Each opponent can only attack one wolf per match. Attacking and fleeing is considered powerplaying, and not allowed. You must engage the wolf you attack. The only exception is for wide range attacks that can affect multiple users at a time.

    • Each fighter is allowed 1 full dodge per opponent.

    • A winning side is determined when either all opponents are defeated, or one side forfeits (by force or choice). If the raid or war dies down and goes inactive, it is considered a draw.

    • Unless different arrangements are made IC, the losing side automatically becomes captives to the winning side. Captives, like Omegas, can not leave the pack and are exempt from being challenged for release for 3 OOC weeks. Note: In the event of a tie neither side may claim captives but any kidnapped hostages may be kept. Normally Captives can be ranked as Omega, but they are still permitted to flee their captors after the 3 OOC week period. This is the only exception regarding Omegas being allowed to leave without consent. Captives under 1 year, unfortunately, are stuck until adulthood or, after 3 weeks, they may be challenged for.

  • • While graphic breeding and mating is allowed, a warning for the other members of this site is required. Either write 'Mature' or include an M in the thread title.

    • Threads with extreme detail - mentioning of private parts, distinctly human sexual acts, extreme details - are considered inappropriate even with a mature label. Staff reserves the right to delete threads that are of an extreme nature (you will be notified).

    Mating for life is not discouraged, but is not required.

    Forcebreeding/Rape is allowed, but victims can fight off their attacker.

    • Both breeding and birthing can happen anywhere in Doutaini and at any season.

    • Wolves can only produce litters from age 2 through 8 years. Prior to and after this time, wolves cannot produce.

    • Litter size is between 1 and 5 pups. The parent's users can decide to keep, kill, or even play the pups. Those without players can always be put up on the ADOPTION board to find applicants.

    • After breeding, an update must be posted in the UPDATES board. There, a member of staff will post your wolf's delivery date, and number of pups.

    • Breeding does not always guarantee a birth. Mothers can also miscarry, or the breeding can be unsuccessful.

    Gestation period on Doutaini is 4 OOC weeks.

    • Pups under 6 months without parents may be adopted by an adult (Age 2+ years) of any gender.

    • Females cannot become pregnant again until their most recent litter is either fully weaned, or killed.

    • After pups are born, an update must be posted in the UPDATES board again so that Staff can include your litter in the birthing page. This helps us keep a record of all offspring born within Doutaini.

    • All pregnancies in Doutaini must be approved and rolled by a member of Staff. This includes Rogues coming in to Doutaini pregnant. You may not decide your own litter amount or if a breeding occurring on site is successful.

  • • Each IC season (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall) lasts 6 ooc weeks or 42 days.

    • Seasons are considered to be roughly 3 IC months.

    • All wolves age at the same rate. Pups cannot out age their parents or siblings. There is no speed aging in Doutaini.

    • Users are in charge of their characters age. You can age them seasonally or yearly, but this must be kept up to date. (Basically, one IC season is equal to 1/4 or 0.25 years. One full IC year lasts 24 OOC weeks. Essentially, every six weeks of real time your character will age one quarter of a year, and real time has approximately been cut in half.). If you neglect to age your wolf Staff retains the right to age the wolf for you. Please keep track of your character's age to avoid the unpleasant surprise of realizing your wolf is actually 9 years old.

    • Regarding Young wolves: Pups are considered 'Teens' when they turn 1 year. Teens become adults at 2 years of age. (So 48 ooc weeks from birth will make your wolf an adult).

    • Wolves in Doutaini have a lifespan of 10 years. By 8 years adults are considered elders.

    • If in life your character accumulated 350 IC EP or more, they may achieve the rank of spirit upon death. If you wish to have your OOC EP die along with the character in order to make him/her viable to become a spirit you are able to do so. That EP will never be accessible to you again, however.

    • For more information on aging, please visit the BIOLOGY page.

  • • Doutaini operates mostly on a linear timeline. This means that the date the original thread is posted marks an event in the timeline, and events are considered to happen in the order in which they are posted. Threads cannot take place in the future, or be back-dated (see 'spin-offs' as an exception).

    For example; if there is a Fire meeting posted October 3rd, and your character posted on October 8th to join the pack, even if the meeting is still going on after their joining thread is complete, they cannot attend the meeting.

    • You may still RP in multiple threads at a time. You do not have to wait for a thread to be "completed" before posting in a different one. However, please be mindful of situations in a thread, and understand that anything can happen at any time! If you are in a life-or-death situation, you should not post in later threads. If you have already done so, and your character dies in the earlier thread, any later threads will be voided.

    • There are 3 available 'tools' to help prevent ripples in the timeline: timestamps, 'post coming' markers, and spin-offs.

    Timestamp: If you would like to have an event happen at a certain point in the timeline which cannot be filled out immediately because you are waiting for another thread to conclude, you must create a thread to hold that place - this is called a 'timestamp', and you must indicate which thread you are waiting on via links. Once that thread is concluded, you have one week to write the full starting post for the thread, or it will be voided.

    Post coming: If you are starting a new thread but don't have time to fill it out yet, and there is no valid preceding thread that you are waiting on, this is called a 'post coming' or a 'placeholder', and you have a maximum of two weeks to fill it in. After this point, it will be voided.
    (NB: During the SDF, there is a maximum limit of 3 placeholder threads per person)

    'Post coming' may also refer to making a new post in an existing thread, but not completing the post. In public threads, it is polite to give someone 3 days to finish their 'post coming', after which you may decide to skip them. No form of 'post coming' is allowed in the Devil's Ruins, Doutaini Willows or Kuro Pit.

    Spin-off thread: This is the only time a thread may happen 'in the past', and there are limited allowances.

    • If a player wishes to have something happen "in the past", then a roleplay log may be tacked on to a pre-existing thread if that thread is relevant to the situation, as long as there is no risk of death, serious injury, or other major changes that would effect the more current timeline (archived threads may be temporarily opened for this).

    After Pit/Willows threads: since these threads often take a while, it is acceptable for the inviting wolf to make a new thread in their territory for acceptance by the council or similar reasons. This is a 'spin-off' thread, and is considered to be a continuation of the original thread, hence takes place immediately after the original Pit/Willows thread, regardless of the date the second thread was posted (within reason).

    • A continuance of a thread in the Devil's Ruins may be a spin-off in select situations. For example, if there was a DM and there is a fight for the corpse, or if two spectators of a spar get into a fight, or if a wolf wishes to challenge the winner of a DM immediately after 2 day grace period.

    However, all spin-offs except those coming from Pit/Willows acceptance threads must be individually verified by a staff member, and you must post a link to the thread you are continuing from.

  • Keep to your character! Do not let personal feelings about other players or wolves influence the way you roleplay with them. Your characters are not a tool for personal OOC vendettas.

    • Your wolf cannot know about events and other wolves unless they have gained this knowledge through IC events, even if you personally have this information. This is called taking OOC information to IC and is not permitted in Doutaini.

    • Arguing with others over IC events, altering the actions of your character or bullying others into altering their characters because of personal feelings, will result in a warning. If the issue persists, further action will be taken.

    • Please refrain from letting personal feelings for your characters get in the way. Some players like to have nice characters, and some want darker characters. Everyone has a right to play however they like, and unfortunately this sometimes causes IC conflicts. At any given time your wolf may be killed, or attacked (verbally or physically) by another wolf IC. While it can be tempting to take these events to heart, please understand we are all different, and realistically not every wolf will get along. Please don't lash out at others vengefully if things don't go the way you planned. Doutaini is meant to be a fun place for all types of people. If you do not think you will be able to do this, then perhaps Doutaini is not the right site for you.

    • When using the Cbox (chat box) please respect all users and guests present.

    • There is absolutely no sexually explicit content, or overboard violence and gore allowed to be discussed in the cbox.

    • Always respect the opinions of others, both members, and even guests who may not like the site.

    • If someone becomes uncomfortable with a conversation and asks for a subject change or for it to stop, please respect their wishes. Your conversation can be continued in private message or AIM.

    • No fighting, arguing, name calling, or petty bickering on the cbox. On that note, it is impossible to read emotions through a chat. Please keep in mind that just because something read sarcastically in your mind, does not mean that the writer was being sarcastic. Always give others the benefit of the doubt.

    • If you are going to give feedback or criticism, please be constructive, not hurtful! If you aren't sure what that means, try turning it back on yourself. How would you like to be spoken to in this situation?

    • Please no solicitation for your own websites in the cbox. Organic conversation regarding ideas about your own website, struggles, sharing difficulties or ideas is perfectly fine. But asking others to join, offering them points or bonuses, or basically fishing for members in the cbox is prohibited.

    • Have fun! Yes. It's a rule. Do it :P.

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