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The Storm Pack


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Like using a fire ability, when using a storm ability, a Storm wolf's heart will speed up. However, it is caused more by an electric jolt of energy then the slow heating of the wolf's body. During this time, breathing becomes much quicker, and the Storm wolf gains an automatic increase in energy -- however, this often misleads wolves to believe they are invincible. The user's heart rate will continue to increase the longer they perform an ability, and it is easy for it to collapse if too much movement takes place. Sometimes, a storm wolf may complain of legs, etc., being sore after the use of an ability.

Power Description EP
Thunder Create a simple roll of thunder. Normally, this ability is used a form of communication for Storm wolves. 0
Electricity Create one small burst of electricity in the sky. Not large enough to be called lightning, but it illuminates the sky quite nicely at night, and is always followed by a crack of thunder. 5
Jolt With this power, a Storm wolf has the ability to send a weak jolt of electricity through their opponent. The shock originates from the user themselves, rather than the sky. 20
Lightning Now, the real fun starts. A Storm wolf can summon a beam of lightning at his or her will. This one can touch the ground at any place; physics are usually not involved. This also means that if the ground is struck, the electricity will run through the earth. 50
Lightning Storm It seems to be a simple upgrade from Lightning. This can be quite a powerful attack if used correctly. With this, more than one beam of lightning will touch the ground - much more. Thunder is also involved, and can create quite a scare to the oblivious wolf. Rain does not fall with this attack, however. 100
Friction An upgrade from Jolt. Using Friction, by building up electric energy by repeatedly rubbing some part of their body against another, a Storm wolf can produce an electric charge that runs through their fur, ten times more dangerous than Jolt and capable of stunning, or even paralyzing, their opponent. However, this attack takes a long time to build, so it cannot be used instantly, and should be started at least several moves prior in a fight. 150
Static The user of this attack can summon the light from the heavens into their body, using the radiation to power up their element. When used properly, this can cause a storm wolf to become twice as powerful as normal, both in element and physicality. 200
True Storm This attack is an upgrade from the previously learnt technique lightning storm. Just as in lightning storm, multiple beams of lightning will constantly hit the ground. The true difference is that a great deal of rain will now also fall, making the lightning far more powerful when it hits anything. Due to the power of the storm wolf it is charged with water and electricity, thus being more effective and deadly. 250
Discharge A move that can be used in conjunction with Static. The user stores electricity within their bodies before the attack. When the user begins to use this ability, their fur may stand on end. When electricity storage is filled, the user can instantaneously release it all in a shockwave. The electricity reaches a five foot radius and may paralyze a foe if the electricity is potent enough. It costs a great deal of energy to expel the electricity, but the effects maybe worth it. This ability is dangerous to the user's heart, however, if they collect too much electricity during power up. The user must also give a total of 1 to 3 turns - depending on the strength of the attack - to gain the electricity needed. 300
Deadly Current The storm wolf is given the ability to summon electricity from the energies in the air around them, or suck it up from a lighting storm of their's or nature's creation. After gathering said electricity for approximately 1 to 3 turns - the longer the gathering, the more strength the attack has - they can send it back into the ground where it can travel about one mile before finding its target and absorbing itself into the victims body. The closer they Stormwolf is to their opponent, the stronger the attack will be when it hits the target. This attack is convenient if your opponent is too far away to see, even though it could cause the victims body to overload and shut down. Beware that there is always a chance you could miss your target and hit someone else. The user may suffer the shutdown of their own body if they are not careful with the amount of energy and control of which they use. A case of the 'twitches' is also a common side effect. 350
Shock Coat Used in combination with Static, the user's fur is now charged with an electric current. Acting as a shield against attacks, if bitten in to or touched, the opponent's body will suddenly absorb all electricity. Depending on the amount of electricity stored (the more moves without being touched, the more powerful it gets), the power could be enough to stop the opponent's heart. However, this move is very dangerous and has the horrible potential to backfire. Should the opponent not touch them, the user will feel the full effects of the shock. 450

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