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The Staff & Design Team!

The current staff team is a blended group of staff-elected and member-elected individuals who are here to help, represent, and take part in the day-to-day activities around Doutaini. Most of the time they can be found scurrying here and there taking care of site-related issues, chatting in the cbox, or assisting members who may have questions or concerns. The rest of the time, they're roleplaying just like you! Below are biographies for each member of the staff team, to give you a special insight into their lives and why they have chosen to dedicate themselves to the site as a member of its team.

For questions or concerns, you may also contact us on the main staff account.


i'm an avid devourer of movies & television (horror and drama especially but i'm not too picky) with a fondness for craft beer and extremely bitter coffee. i have a dog and a cat and work full time but love to unwind with dout. please feel free to contact me about anything!

other contact info
DISCORD: ly#0146


hey there, i’ve been doutaini for a few years now, which is where you can generally find me lurking at all times. i’m currently in my last year of high school and planning a year of traveling around the world. if you ever need some help or just a friend to talk to, my pms are open!

other contact info
DISCORD: parker#5951

Site Helpers

about sorceror will go here soon!

other contact info

about sylvirr will go here soon!

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