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Pack Page
The Rebel Pack


To see the members who are currently in this pack, please visit here.


The Rebel pack is the only pack in Doutaini that do not wear the elemental necklaces offered to them by the goddess of forgiveness. They dislike 'cheating' in fights to use these god-given abilities, and despise the misuse the wolves of Doutaini have put them through, instead relying on their own physical skills in battle. As a result, the wolves of the Rebel pack are extremely tough and militaristic. Weaklings do not belong here. Some may say the Rebel wolves are at a disadvantage to others, but on the contrary, Rebel wolves' natural skills far outmatch any ordinary wolf's, and therefore they have a higher chance of avoiding, deflecting, or surviving an elemental attack, while, at the same time, dishing out one of their own, formidable natural attacks on the preoccupied element user. As with the elemental packs, however, there is a side effect to their superior psychical capabilities. A Rebel wolf runs the risk of overexerting themselves, becoming easily fatigued, straining a muscle, and in severe cases an increased chance of suffering a heart attack. For this reason, it is vitally important all members of the Rebel pack never stop their training.

Because of the nature of their training, some Rebel moves are considered "states." This means they are passive, and once that EP tier is reached they remain in use without the amount of extra expended energy required of other moves. These are marked with a *.

Power Description EP
Senses * Rebel wolves have very keen, heightened senses- more so than any ordinary wolf that would be considered to have keen senses. Through training and simply being perceptive, Rebel wolves can further sharpen their five senses. 0
Immunity * All Rebel wolves are naturally immune to the default abilities of every elemental power, if used against them- all though that's not saying much. This can develop into an immunity to higher levels of powers, if trained properly. At 200 EP up to the first-level elemental attacks are rendered useless and at 350 EP up to the second level can be deflected (5 EP and 20 EP slots, respectively). The downside to this immunity is that, while they may be immune to the move itself, the Rebel wolf will feel the side-effects of this failed move. 5
Stealth Stealth is just as important a skill as any other, and over time, with plenty of training, a Rebel wolf can get quite good at it. This allows them to act as excellent scouts. 20
Agility With plenty of practice, a Rebel wolf can increase their agility and reaction times. 50
Speed With extensive training, and a watch on their health, a Rebel wolf's running speed may increase to double that of a normal wolf. 100
Strength A rigid physical training routine of sparring and wrestling can greatly increase a Rebel wolf's strength, sometimes far beyond an ordinary wolf's. Still, rebel wolves must be careful they don't put too much strain on their bodies. 150
Adrenaline A Rebel wolf gains double the amount of pure energy and enhances all lower rebel abilities by twofold. The user must be trained extremely well before using this, as their heart and muscles are strained during the boost in power. The duration is short, and afterward the user becomes exhausted, and may pass out. Normally used as a last resort because of the cost. 200
Bones * Once a rebel wolf has mastered the majority of their physical strength; their body will begin to adapt to these changes. At this level, the bones of a rebel wolf will become stronger. They are harder to break or fracture than a normal wolf's bones, and when biting will now add more power behind the grip and force of the jaw. For example, the force applied to snap a bone in half would only break a rebel wolf's bone, and the force behind breaking a regular wolf's bone would only fracture it. The only downfall is that these stronger bones are heavier, and thus drops the agility of a rebel wolf. 250
Immortality * It's name is a little extreme; but once more, because of the rebel pack's immense training and physical adaption, the generations of secrets of how to enhance one's body; their health limits exceed the general wolf's. At this point, Rebel Wolves will live a lot longer then normal wolves. They remain fit, strapping adults until they're 7, and only after that do signs of aging start to take them. But once they do start to decline in physical health because of age, the effects are far more devastating then normal. By the time they are 8, they match a normal wolf in aging. By the time they are 9 or 10, their fur becomes brittle and their hearing or eyesight are practically useless. 300
Geyser Used almost always as a last resort, Geyser only works properly when the user's body is thoroughly drained of energy, making it a highly dangerous move to attempt. However, if it succeeds, the user is nearly invincible for at two attack turns. Gifted with amazing speed and powerful attacks, Geyser is a force to be reckoned with. The toll it takes on a wolf's body is immense, though, and after using it a wolf may be unable to move for some time. Extended use, or even too much use can cause the bones in a wolf's body to weaken causing them to break quite easily. 350
Vault * Once fully trained, Rebels may possess the ability to heighten their jumps. This combined with speed and agility early, turn a wolf using this ability into a skilled aerialist. They can leap large gaps, or jump over tall obstacles from a dead stop. This also heightens the agility and flexibility of fine muscles, allowing wolves to complete maneuvers that would have originally been utterly impossible- like back flips. 450

Past Alphas

Alpha Sub Alpha
Charlotte Delrose
October 2017-Present
Roswell Cath-Air
January 2018-Present
Asclepius Drago
August 2017-October 2017
Charlotte Delrose
August 2017-October 2017
Charlotte Delrose
May 2017-August 2017
Rykerri Alanna
May 2017-July 2017
Rykerri Alanna
February 2017-May 2017
Charlotte Delrose
February 2017-May 2017
August 2016-February 2017
Rykerri Alanna
December 2016-February 2017
Charlotte Delrose
September 2016-September 2016
Venae Ve Valentine
April 2016-August 2016
May 2016-August 2016
Canela Zuriab
April 2016-May 2016
Finch Valentine
September 2015-April 2016
Venae Ve Valentine
April 2015-April 2016
Versengt Frei
April 2015-September 2015
Rodrigo Valentine-Drago
November 2014-March 2015
Canttina Cael
November 2014-October 2014
Nichaia Valentine
September 2013-November 2014
Vae Ve Valpolicella
Saxon Valentine
November 2012-September 2013
Ferine Nefarious
Gnade Mordkaiser None
Djall Vrag
None Styx Varsovienne
Elric Sefton
Bamboozle Kytan Analyn Black
Keane Shae None
None Boar Keigwen
Reizo Shae None
None Eugenia Eins
Vance Valentine Elphaba Thropp
Calanta Valentine
Keane Shae None
Avril Valentine
Talon Shae Ferocity Eron
Lirael Noire
Alceme Este
Rat Valentine
Axila Castario
Avril Valentine
Keane Shae
Rat Valentine Ise Domine
Vexx Valentine Symphony Della Vega
Keane Shae
Vexx Valentine
Jokull Eins
Pack Founder