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Map of Doutaini

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The law of the wild states that individually, you are nothing. Your personal existence makes no large impact on the world, and once your life span has run its course, your memory is forgotten in the sands of time.

Indeed, for the most part, that is true- many wolves on Doutaini never truly impact wolf society as a whole, all though they make a huge difference in the lives of those they knew and loved. But every once in a while, there is born a wolf that is destined to live on throughout history- a legendary figure that is never forgotten by the inhabitants of Doutaini.

Their stories are passed on from generation to generation; their accomplishments retold in awe and, in rare cases, fear. Whether they became legends out of kindness, amazing feats, hatred, status or power, they are legends none the less. Their lives will forever be recorded in the hearts of wolves everywhere.

In fact, it is said that when a legend dies, their star never disappears, but remains in the heavens forevermore.

Becoming a Legend on Doutaini is not easy. The accomplishment is specifically designed so that only active role players can achieve this elite status. One cannot earn the title through popularity alone, or lack thereof if your character is of a more morbid incentive. Instead, the ultimate balance must be achieved throughout their life.

When striving to achieve such status, there are many things that the staff will keep in mind when determining your character's eligibility. What makes a person, or rather, a wolf, legendary differs between personal opinions, but there are certain things that are rather obvious. Factors such as duration of your character's time spent in Doutaini, their involvement in site wide events, and their relationships with other wolves will all help decide their status.

Simply put, develop your character as best you can. Be active and creative; involve your character in many things. Your character should make friends and enemies, produce offspring and strive for a noteworthy title, be influential within pack relations, make an impact, and live a life that you, as the RPer, can look back upon and be proud of.

Greatness will undoubtedly be recognized, so never stop reaching for the stars!

Legends of Doutaini

FULL NAME: avril valentine
GENDER: female
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: ice pup , ice she-wolf , ice hunter , water she-wolf , rogue she-wolf , rebel scion , rebel beta female , rebel alphena on three occasions
DATE OF DEATH: monday , october 19th 2009
AGE: three and one quarter years
NOTE WORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: In her time, Avril Valentine was renowned for her devil-may-care attitude. In her prime, almost all of Doutaini knew of her for her foul temper and massive ego; though for every wolf who hated her, there seemed there were two who loved her. She was a lifelong bachelorette, never really taking on a mate ( though Keane Shae was pretty close in the running ), but securing the Valentine's legacy with countless litters. One even with the notoriously monogamous Riddle Eins. Not only did she carve out her place among the other legends of Doutaini with her own abilities, Avril also revolutionized the way the land looked at females. She was one of the first and few Alpha Females who used a male figurehead to keep her rank- and nothing more. She found the boundaries of what Doutaini considered acceptable for the female gender and leapt beyond it, changing the label to fit herself. She died fighting alongside her brother and father in the great Rebel-Fire war, holding fast to an enemy. She died to ensure that he died because, despite her terrible temper, Avril Valentine was devoted to her family and to the Ridge that they practically made famous.

FULL NAME: rat valentine
GENDER: male
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: rogue pup , rebel scion , rebel heir , rogue wolf , rebel heir , rebel alpha , rogue wolf , ice wolf , ice warrior , ice beta , rogue wolf , rebel beta , rebel alpha , rogue wolf , water wolf , rogue wolf , wind wolf , wind warrior , wind gamma , rogue wolf , rebel beta , fire alpha
DATE OF DEATH: monday , october 19th 2009
AGE: four years
NOTE WORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: throughout his life, rat aspired to be the biggest and the baddest at everything he did - that being said, it's no wonder that he topped the charts in most aspects. with a child count of twenty-three, the most spars ever won and participated in, and one of the highest point counts ever achieved, rat valentine was exemplary in many regards.

FULL NAME: crux tenner alberaq
GENDER: male
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: ice alpha , ice alpha , ice wolf , rogue wolf
DATE OF DEATH: thursday , april 1st , 2010
AGE: eleven years
NOTE WORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Crux was the beginning of many things; he was the second wolf to wander into Doutaini after Kaji. He founded the Ice Pack and began the Alberaq family line, a surname that is still prominent today. His strife with the Naibus and the Fire Pack was infamous, holding a never-ending grudge against them due to his conceit of the supremacy of the Alberaq line. After Crux's reign, the majority of the rulers of Ice have all been Alberaqs. He was the first wolf to actively reject religion, but regardless of his disbelief in the gods, Xandre, the founder of the Spirit Pack, chose Crux to be the first blessed wolf in all of Doutaini. The Ice King sired Jiro Alberaq, another legend, who helped populate the family line. However, not long after Crux left Doutaini and handed down the rank of alpha to Jiro, Jiro betrayed him and murdered his most beloved child, Mochii. When Crux returned, filled with rage and resentment, he left the Ice Pack and spent the rest of his time as a rogue. Crux left Doutaini permanently when he was around six years old and sired a few more litters, but he is always remembered for his cold, angry personality and fine pedigree, being the original Ice King.

FULL NAME:vexx valentine
GENDER: male
LIFETIME EP: 430 surpluss
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: rebel wolf, rebel alpha , rebel scion, fire alpha
DATE OF DEATH: monday , october 19th 2009
AGE: five and a half years
NOTE WORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: before the devastation at the fire versus rebel war, vexx valentine was renowned for his leadership of the rebel pack. within the pack itself, his credence came from the many establishments he made during his reign; such as the rebel code, and mark of an 'x' on each rebel wolf's shoulder to allocate the pack's pride and togetherness. his legacy survives, as well, in the valentine bloodline, the family he produced in doutaini. he would consider their accomplishments his own. but after his demise; he will likely be infamous for the responsibility of the numerous deaths of those consumed by the magma manciple he, and his beloved son, rat valentine, both summoned to destroy the opposition. he and rat are accountable for the most deaths at a single time, much less throughout their lives. no other inhabitant in doutaini has spilled as much blood. vexx valentine was also the first wolf in doutaini to ever rock a mohawk.

FULL NAME: vengeance naibu
GENDER: male
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: fire scion, storm alpha, fire alpha, earth beta, fire wolf, fire beta, fire alpha, rouge wolf, fire beta, rouge wolf
DATE OF DEATH: tuesday, january 1st 2008
AGE: six years
NOTE WORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: vengeance naibu was , and forever will be in the hearts of many , a wolf who personified doutaini – he lived and breathed for this homeland and those within it ; recklessly he rushed to the aid of those he barely knew if he presumed it to be for the good of doutaini . a young prosperous storm alpha he forged a name for the pack, and gradually started becoming a name known by many - he was addicted, almost, to doutaini and the honour of his family - thus he attempted to ‘save’ the fire pack from ruin numerous times by injecting some of that characteristic power into the pack and casting aside the unworthy alphas. a good guy or a bad? he was thoroughly in-between , having outright killed simply for dominance before but - also - having put his life on the line for those he barely knew before. he was, a golden haired and golden hearted lion who - in time - was blessed by the gods. he loved hard and wept harder than anyone should ever have had to , feeling the bitter sting of heartache and abandonment one too many times in his long and prosperous life – but would he have been vengeance naibu with even an ounce less feeling in that heart ? no ; it was his passion in love and in his losses that made and defined him to be the legend that he was . he also - was the original ‘ginger’ wolf on doutaini , most of the other naibus have inherited a hint of ginger in there genes , simply because of this great man.

FULL NAME: taele "talon" ceil shae
GENDER: male
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: rogue wolf, rebel wolf, rebel warrior, rebel gamma male, rebel beta male, rebel alpha
DATE OF DEATH: monday, october 19th, 2009
AGE: six and a half years
NOTE WORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Talon was a wolf of few words, and even less variations of expression. He was either angry enough to kill, or he was happy enough to kill. It didn't get much more simple than that. Upon arriving in Doutaini, Talon found the thought of elemental packs revolting, disgusting. He refused to join them, but rather than wander as a rogue, he set forth to make a pack of his own. The Rebels. Being the kind of wolf he was, psychotic and mostly deranged, he preferred ruling from the shadows as the beta, and thus refused the leadership position for quite some time, instead doing the dirty work of the pack, and striking fear into the hearts of many wolves. He is known for acts against Wind, Fire, and even Rebel itself, killing off his own pack members, including his mate and child. He was thought to have no conscience, and therefore, could not have guilt for the deeds he committed, though his loyalty to his pack was unquestionable. He was truly a terror to behold. I also believe he was Doutaini's first, and only, testes-lacking wolf.

FULL NAME: riddle butler origyn eins
GENDER: male
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: water pup, water wolf, water alpha, storm alpha, water alpha
DATE OF DEATH: wednesday, may 26th, 2010
AGE: five and a half years
NOTE WORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Prior to his death, Riddle Eins was the longest serving Water Alpha ( and Alpha of all time ) in the history of Doutaini. For three years in real time, he headed the Water Pack and turned it from a Doutaini joke into a force to be reckoned with. He fought in, and won, three raids in his lifetime and, despite his ferocious reputation, had only killed four individuals at the time of his death. He was infamous for being monogamous throughout his life and comitting to the one and only Ceira Hareiam, with whom he built an Eins Empire within Doutaini ( he also had a lover's tryste with Avril Valentine ). What more can be said of him? He was a beastly creature, and one of a kind. Although many may try, he will never, can never, be replicated.

FULL NAME: pestillence domine
GENDER: male
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: rogue wolf, storm wolf, earth alpha
DATE OF DEATH: thursday, august 16th, 2007
AGE: six years
NOTE WORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Pestillence Domine was known for many things, but for all his ruthless existence, he was likely better known for his personality of a sociopath. He was the perfect liar, abusing his calm demeanor to become two notorious things - Doutaini's first rapist and one of the first cannibals. His cruel ambitions were feared, for in his time he tortured and raped at least 8 wolves. Earth, and Modesto, were perhaps his only true devotions, having ruled the Earth pack for four and a half years in part aside Modesto, his mate.

FULL NAME: modesto aeneas domine
GENDER: female
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: earth alphena
AGE: six years
NOTE WORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Before her death, Modesto was noted for being the first wolf hybrid to grace Doutaini. She was also one of the first sole ruling alphenas and cannibals, the first (and most notorious) female rapist. She holds the highest kill count in Doutaini at twenty three wolves and can boast not losing a single fight in her life outside of out of character planning. Modesto was Earth Alphena for over an entire OOC year and was eventually declared its official assassin. She also helped Crux Alberaq create the concept of the Rebel pack. A single tree stands in the Kuro Pit as a result of her suicide.

FULL NAME: Xenres Iolurr
GENDER: male
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: rogue wolf, wind wolf, wind healer, wind gamma, wind beta, wind "alpha female", devout wolf, devout alpha, wind alpha
DATE OF DEATH: saturday, September 17, 2011
AGE: ten and a half years
NOTE WORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Xenres will always be remembered for his compassion, his friendliness, and his delightful southern charm. The harsh tendencies of Doutaini never changed him, and in fact, he had been known to forge friendships with some of the un-friendliest wolves, such as Rat Valentine and Elphaba Thropp. Almost everyone who met him loved him, respected him, and admired him. For over six years, he remained faithful to his mate, Nevaeh Valentine, and while they only parented two litters together, their love for each other was inspiringly beautiful. Xenres was chosen by Hoshiko to be blessed, and often, he would shapeshift into a tiger, a form that was widely recognized as his signature. In it, he found the strength to defend his friends, his family, his pack, and, most importantly, his values. He helped rebuild the Wind pack on several occasions; most notable was the time after a raid, led by the rebel pack, which left Xyntanza's Hill deserted. Alongside Auberon Delinquit, Xenres served in a joint alpha-ship, becoming the first male "alpha female." For a brief time, he was also alpha male of the devout pack, before Doutaini's gods banished the false pack. Eventually, Xenres took the position he had always been meant for: wind alpha. At the age of seven years, he claimed the wind pack (the oldest wolf to ever become alpha), and was blessed by Haruko himself upon that day. He remained alpha for three and a half years, completely unopposed, before he died in the position, surrounded by his cherished loved ones.

FULL NAME: Vice Anastasia Criptic
GENDER: female
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: enigma scion, ice beta female, enigma heir, devout alpha female, enigma alpha female, rebel alpha female, fire alpha female
DATE OF DEATH: tuesday, March 13th 2012

FULL NAME: Hallen the second
GENDER: male
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: rebel pup, rogue pup, storm wolf, rogue wolf, fire scion, fire heir, fire alpha, fire beta, fire alpha
DATE OF DEATH: saturday, March 24, 2012
AGE: two years, three seasons
NOTE WORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Despite the fact that Hallen had passed away before he reached the age of three, he had accomplished and did many things around doutaini. The gods, aswell, saw the potential in the young rebel and blessed him before the age of two, with the condition that he denounce the rebel pack, which he accepted. Hallen was an active wolf ever since his childhood, and knew the entire land by heart by the time of his death. Well known for his love and loyalty to family, and he even went so far as to 'adopt' almost everyone he loved or trusted. Loyal to a fault, he found himself within two wars in his life time, both of which he won. During his lifetime he killed a total of seven wolves, and fought a mental instability that caused him to burn down Hakai forest, the glade and the Earth Packlands. He had many divine interactions with the gods, one of which turned his fur from black to white to show him the purity he held within him. He held this belief that once someone died, they danced upon the stars with Hoshiko. After the death of his daughter, he fell from the Styx and flew to heaven after his fall as a hummingbird, the animal the gods had turned him into once.

FULL NAME: Fidelis Sinclair-Eins
GENDER: Female
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: Rogue pup, Enigma pup, Water pup, Water She-Wolf, Water Healer, Water Beta Female, Earth She-Wolf, Earth Omega, Earth Healer, Rogue She-Wolf
DATE OF DEATH: Wednesday, October 19 2011
AGE: five years
NOTE WORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: She was born a slave and died a child of the gods. Before Hallen, she was the youngest to ever be given the distinction of Blessed and one of two blessed during a double-blessing. Despite her harsh birth into life, Fidelis Sinclair-Eins always remained the bright spot in Doutaini's darkness; her forgiveness knew no bounds and her devotion to both the gods and all of Doutaini's denizens was matched only by her extreme love for her mate and long-time friend, Battiste Eins. She had three litters during her time in Doutaini and she loved them all equally, even the first born of a masochistic rapist. Fidelis spent her life serving the gods and her family, her pack, in any ways she could. She faced opposition from vicious alphas, confused packmates and possessive companions, but she refused to see the worst in anyone - even those who deserved it. She won the trust and admiration of countless wolves, even some of the famed god-hating Rebels, with just a smile. Ultimately, it was not violence that took her, but the gods. During the gods' punishment, when Doutaini's wolves were turned to other animals and scattered, only the Blessed remained whole. Heavily pregnant by that time, Fidelis' desperation to soothe the anger of the gods and bring love for them back to the hearts of the natives, her strength waned. When the curse was lifted and time returned, her last litter of children took her life - and Fidelis went, almost gladly, to the arms of her gods.

FULL NAME: Rasmus Devlin Thor
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: Ice Pup, Ice Wolf, Ice Warrior, Ice Beta, Water Alpha
DATE OF DEATH: tuesday, april 30 2013
AGE: seven years
NOTE WORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Abandoned and left for dead was the way the young Rasmus entered the world of Doutaini. Adopted by the Ice wolves, he grew and thrived in the wintery colds. As he grew, so did his devotion and loyalty to Ice. In time he would become the trusted adviser and friend to the current Alpha of Ice (Romulus). His downfall was his disbelief of the Gods. When Kiyoshi banished him from his home Rasmus went to the 'dark side'. For some time he brooded in the shadows until one day he challenged for the Water Pack. As victor he soon pledged his life to the pack of Water and bought it from the brink of desolation. In his reign, Water thrived and gained life once again. It is here and in the later years of his life, that he finally found true love. He fathered two litters with Clairvoyant but had to leave his beloved family and devoted pack behind as his abnormal size aged him far quicker than usual. Peacefully he passed away during the SDF festivities.

FULL NAME: Magdalena Criptic Eins
GENDER: Female
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: Fire Scion, Storm Alpha Female, Enigma Alpha Female
DATE OF DEATH: saturday, january 11 2014
AGE: seven years
NOTE WORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: From the very beginning, it was clear that Magdalena Eins would go places, by both her own design and her tenacity. Voracious and eventually ruthless, she was very much the daughter of Vice in that she achieved nothing less than what she desired, quickly earning herself the title of Storm Alpha Female alongside her cousin Ariel Eins during the great Election held by the Gods. She had always concealed a deep-seeded hatred for the caverns of Enigma due to her history and the cruelty of her father (the great Darcy Eins), which came to a head when she manipulated Ariel, the wolves of Rebel and the two previous Enigma matrons Bayonetta and Hekate, who were blessed, into storming the Caliginous Caverns in a grand takeover. When there was nothing to Raid (the caverns were all but empty), Magdalena drove the Raiders to attack the Engima Tree at the Holy Willows. They were met with much Divine resistance, resulting in Magdalena's hatred culminating nearly into her undoing as Appomattox, her then-mate and father of her first litter, was made Alpha of Enigma. Destroyed by this cruel twist of fate, Magdalena firmly (if carelessly) stood against the gods alongside Bayonetta at the Ruins, only to be struck down with a bolt of divine lightning that rendered her inadmissable to the afterlife, and littered her body with the black scars that would come to make her famous. Beaten and dejected, the seed of ruthless cruelty within the once-proud Eins woman blossomed into what would become a wretched hate: in the days next, she slaughtered Appomottox as a means of releasing him from the God's control, taking over Enigma as its queen alongside brother Theodore. Over time, Theodore would be rejected and in his place Magdalena rose as Sole Ruling Alphena, and it was then her nickname The Dragon Queen began to spread. This position would be hers for the duration of her lifetime, though she was met with frequent Godly resistance. Her hatred of the Gods and her devotion to Enigma and those she took into her pack quickly spread; she ruled with iron fist and fang, demanding nothing short of perfection of her packmates and hunting down those who defected. All but a select few of her children recognized her, despite her being privately blessed by Hoshiko and married to the ghost of her husband, Appomattox. There came a time when she was expelled from Enigma by the force of Ryo, however she quickly regained her status as Queen through means of manipulation and the help of Doutaini's then-infamous Rebel King, Saxon Valentine. She struck a deal with him, allowing Rebel to go to War against the caverns with no resistance: they killed many including their own, and Magdalena once more took up her mantle as Enigma's Queen. Her death was surprisingly peaceful; with old age Enigma's powers took their toll, and though she had long-since mastered the dark element, there came a time when she was too full of hatred and contempt to continue.

FULL NAME: Amistad Izaak
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: Rogue, Ice Wolf, Ice Warrior, Ice Scout, Water Alpha Male, Water Male, Water Beta Male, Storm Male, Storm Scout, Storm Beta Male, Storm Alpha Male
DATE OF DEATH: sunday, april 20 2014
AGE: eight years
PACK DEVOTION: Storm & Water

FULL NAME: Liam Lioncourt
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: Storm Beta, Storm Alpha, Rogue Wolf, Ice Alpha, Storm Warrior, Fire Alpha
DATE OF DEATH: January 27th 2015
AGE: 7.5 years
NOTE WORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Liam came to Doutaini as nothing more than a rogue warrior seeking new purpose. He was swiftly met with new duty when he met Kirill, who upon meeting Liam recognized his potential and appointed him as beta of Storm upon his enlistment to the pack. When Kirill passed away, Liam assumed the alpha rank of the pack, inheriting little more than land and title as few were within Storm’s ranks. Through charisma, honor and loyalty, Liam swiftly recruited many wolves into Haya’s ranks. When Doutaini was met with scorn and disdain from the gods, it was Liam first who inspired Haya to join the mortal realm and grace her wolves with her acceptance, perhaps a sign to the end of many curses that had transpired before this divine event.

It wasn’t long after that Liam took it upon himself to become the hero of Doutaini. He had aided in the rescue and shelter of the Alberaq family, fought for the Divine pack under Leiley’s rule, guarded and befriended the wolves of Storm, supported Magdalena’s rebuild of Enigma, became blessed by Hoshiko, and in the midst of it all fell in love numerous times. Liam’s first love, Nitya, would be forever engraved in his heart, followed by unrelenting passion and devotion for both his wife Kendrick, and his tumultuous affair with Mercy. He was not an easy man to love and after the death of Kendrick withdrew upon himself. Shortly after he attempted to regain his honor and glory by claiming Ice, the home and grave of Nitya, which lead to a devastating event. In an effort to protect one of the wolves of Ice he maimed many and was banished from Ice due to his gross negligence.

With one last effort to regain his stature and do right by the land of Doutaini, the fallen hero sought to break apart the Rebel Empire and end their overburdening control of multiple god ruled packs. He challenged and won the throne of Fire while his son, Flynn, simultaneously took from them Wind. The Rebel nation was broken and once again the packs were restored to wolves of faith. Through it all he found love once more in Nox, just before perishing in the desert of old age. Unable to break his bond to the land he loved so, Liam still haunts Doutaini to this day.


FULL NAME: Viduus Vicar Ve Valpolicella
RANK ACHIEVEMENTS: Earth Warrior, Earth Beta, Devout Alpha, Rebel Warrior, Rebel Beta, Rebel Alpha, Fire Alpha, Ice Alpha, Enigma Scout, Enigma Alpha
DATE OF DEATH: September 11th, 2016
AGE: 11 or 12
PACK DEVOTION: Doutaini is his pack.
NOTE WORTHY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Viduus entered the land with every intention to carve his mark into it, and he certainly succeeded. He was a part of Earth, Devout, Rebel, Fire, Ice, and Enigma -- out of those six packs, he ruled five of them. He was known for his relentless and terrifying will; with twenty five spar wins, six kills ( three were alphas ), and a notoriously unforgiving temper, he was an imposing force within Doutaini. There were not many wolves who bested him, the only two being Vice Criptic, his wife, and Pestilence III. He was not known as merciful, but he did have a heart. He adopted children, he protected wolves, and he loved his family fiercely. However, his cruelty came in the form of unhesitating violence, often resorting to it not out of necessity, but out of desire. Despite this, Viduus was neither good nor evil; he had both loved and hated the gods during his life. He was one of the few wolves in Doutaini to actually attempt to strike a god, but he was also the wolf who had forged a path for Devout, which carved a place in Doutaini for the eventually creation of Divine. His deepest love was for his wife, and they were a formidable duo, arguably one of the most intimidating couples that Doutaini has seen. Upon her death, Viduus abandoned his faith entirely. He was eventually cursed by Ryo for calling Goren to a Deathmatch during the Stardust Festival. His curse prohibited him from death, from his loved ones, from violence, and from even simple touch. His eyes were burned away, and he roamed Doutaini forgotten and left behind. The curse was eventually lifted by Hoshiko, not only out of compassion, but out of guilt for not having lifted it sooner. His children have gone on to do great things, and his surname is as well known as the ancient bloodlines of Doutaini.

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