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The Ice Pack


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When an Ice wolf uses their ability, their heart rate will slow as their body begins to drop in temperature. This causes hindrance when in battle, as when a wolf is moving at high speeds they need their heart to beat quickly in order to supply blood and oxygen to their body. Be aware, if the wolf is not careful with the use of their powers, their body may enter dangerously low temperatures and if their heart slows enough, it may stop.

Power Description EP
Frost With this ability, an Ice wolf is capable of creating a very thin coating of ice over most any inanimate surface. Used for training and growing accustom to the side effects of Ice powers, this power serves little purpose in battle and for the most part, simply looks quite lovely. 0
Snow A small snow storm will be created with this power. The snow fall is not terribly heavy, but nor is it too light. Accumulations, depending on the energy used, are usually no more than an inch. 5
Ice Patch An Ice wolf is now capable of creating a small patch of very slippery ice. This attack is useful, as it is almost certain to make your opponent lose their footing and possibly fall. Depending on the amount of energy used, the size of the patch will vary, and could possibly grow over a large area. 20
Hail This attack is quite powerful and when using it an Ice wolf must be careful so as to not be caught within their own creation. This ability allows the Ice wolf to summon hail from the sky. The size of these ice beads can become as big as golf balls. Should they hit an opponent they will cause bruising and quite a lot of pain. If they land against the skull, they are capable of knocking an opponent out. 50
Blizzard A blizzard is a blinding snow storm and much more powerful that the previous attack of Snow. This manipulation of weather leaves little or no visibility for creatures caught within it, although the user has no trouble finding their way. However, because this attack is on such a large scale, the Ice wolf must move very slowly, as their heart rate slows a considerable amount. 100
Ice Barrier A tall barrier of ice is able to be formed in any location with this ability. The wall is generally eight feet tall and twenty yards in length. The thickness of the barrier varies, but is virtually indestructible by physical means. In some cases, elements might be capable of breaking it, but this is up to the opponent. The height and length of the barrier may also vary, depending on the amount of energy used. 150
Shard One of the most formidable attacks for an Ice wolf, Shard gives the user the capability of summoning a sharp icicle from the wolf’s mouth. It is capable of piercing flesh and dismembering a limb, and rarely used in friendly combat. This power is usually intended to kill. Because the shard of ice must form within the wolf’s stomach, their temperature lowers substantially. 200
Frost Hide Unlike Frost, this ability now allows an Ice wolf to form the thin coating of frost on their own body. It is generally used in one area, such as the neck or spine, and does not cause any damaging effects to the user past dropping their temperature slightly. If an opponent comes in contact with the protected area, the coating will hurt both tooth and claw. While it is capable of being broken through, the Ice wolf remains protected throughout the process. 250
Cold Flash While deemed a simple technique, this power is very effective in stunning an opponent and buying time. For no more than a few seconds the user must close their eyes and concentrate on their temperature lowering. It is then that they can conjure frost to coat their opponent’s feet, and possibly their tail, to hold them stiff in place. The longer the frost remains the harder it becomes, and it is quite difficult for a victim to break free, often times leaving them vulnerable and unable to escape harm's way. 300
Diamond Hide The final, and perhaps most impressive defensive technique of the Ice abilities allows its user to coat a portion of their body in a protective layer of Ice. This technique is similar to Frost Hide, though far more powerful, as when their fur literally freezes, turning their hairs into a thousand small, sharp spikes, any contact with the protected area becomes much more dangerous to the touch. Should an opponent bite or claw at the area, the surface is capable of cracking teeth, claws, lacerating skin, and even piercing through flesh, as well as causing severe pain. This defensive ability requires its user to sacrifice a substantial amount of energy and remain entirely still during its application. Additionally, their temperature may lower to dangerous levels if they are not trained properly. 350
Shard Claws The use of this ability granted the nails of a wolf a thick coating of ice in the form of extended claws with razor sharp edges. This gives the user a pair of claws just as useful as those belonging to predators with retractable claws. The design of the claws is up to the wolf entirely, they can be hooked or large- however the more thin a design is, the more likely that the claws will break. It is important to note that this changes the entire shape and composure of a wolf's foot, and will inhibit running as well as balance. 450

Past Alphas

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Ice Disbanded
Catori Verien
February 2018-April 2018
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October 2017-February 2018
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October 2017-February 2018
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August 2017-October 2017
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March 2016-August 2016
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January 2014- July 2015
Miach Tamas
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Nitya Santih
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