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hunting PAGE
Hunting Basics
Hunting is the main way wolves in the wild get enough to eat. While they also forage and scavenge, hunting is their ultimate source of food. We strive to make hunting here on Doutaini as exciting, dangerous, and rewarding as the real thing!

How to Hunt

» To begin a hunt you only need to post a thread for one! Any number of wolves may participate in a hunt, though there must be at least four wolves total to earn the EP. In your opening post, please state how many slots are available. Once enough wolves have shown up, post a link to your hunt on the Prey Account board in Crimson Meadows.

» Hunting in the wild is dangerous business. Prey doesn't want to be eaten, and though most animals' first instinct is to flee, many will turn and fight. For this reason, random injuries are a part of Doutaini's hunting system. Don't worry, though, it won't be anything truly life-threatening.

» A sitemember will post to your thread with the type of prey you'll be hunting, the injuries, who receives them, and their relative severity. After this the rest of the hunt is up to you! Remember that a hunt must be completed (i.e. the prey is either taken down or escapes, whichever you choose and all proper injuries are taken) in order to earn the EP.

Native Animals
While the Crimson Meadows remain the traditional hunting grounds, there are also animals scattered in other territories throughout Doutaini that are just as tasty! In case you need an idea for something for your wolf to chow down on, here follows a list of native animals based on type of terrain. This isn't a comprehensive list, so we may have forgotten a critter or two!

» Note that not all hunts must be "official" or have a post from the Prey account. Many of the animals listed above won't be viable in an official hunt, but you're free to have your character find or catch animals ICly to eat without an entire hunt. Just note that an official hunt is needed to be able to claim any EP.

Rivers & Lakes
Desert & Canyon
Open Fields & Meadows
* Seasonal herd (pass through in spring/fall).