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Pack Page
The Fire Pack


To see the members who are currently in this pack, please visit here.


As a Fire wolf uses their abilities, two things begin happening to their body. First, their core temperature steadily rises and the longer they use the skill, the hotter they become to the touch. This is largely due to the second side effect - their increased heart rate. The combination of their racing heart and higher body temperature can be potentially fatal, as a Fire wolf can faint in the middle of using a power if they aren't careful, thereby losing control of what they were doing and possibly injuring themselves.

Power Description EP
Heat Every fire wolf has the ability to use this power once they become a part of the pack. This technique allows the user to draw heat from the air around them and fill their body with a warming sensation. This is most useful on cold nights, as it allows the wolf to remain comfortable despite low temperatures. 0
Spark With this power, the user is capable of conjuring a white hot spark wherever they please; depending on the area in which the spark is created, the wolf may start a small fire, with enough skill and concentration. If one is not careful or is inexperienced, they may accidentally create a spark on their body, leading to minor burns. 5
Flame As a step up from spark, this power is a taxing maneuver wherein a wolf can create a decent sized flame wherever they please. The size of the flame depends on the amount of energy used and the amount of skill ascertained in this area of expertise. This power can be extremely useful if one wishes to create a fire for lighting purposes - but it also has uses as an attack. The flame, however, can easily be extinguished and cannot move from the area upon which it is created. 20
Smokescreen Smokescreen allows the user to expel a thick cloud of black smoke from their jaws. The cloud is thick enough to temporarily blind their opponent, as long as the smoke remains thick in the air. If particles of the ash happen to travel into the opponent's eyes, the victim may experience irritation that can lead to watering and itching of the eyes. However, it is taxing on the wolf to use, as it not only drains their energy, but burns their throat as well. If the user isn't careful, the smoke could backfire, and be blown into their own face. Winds, of course, are also important when using this technique, as they could easily change the path of the smoke and ash. 50
Wildfire With the use of wildfire, the user can create a ring or line of flames that stretch about ten feet into the air. Through this attack, the user can encircle someone or something to trap them (if used correctly). If the user fails to concentrate, though, it is easy for the flames to run out of control and encase the fire wolf, too, in their own attack. This attack is rather taxing and typically uses up about a fourth of the user's energy. It can last for up to five minutes, but each minute of use takes a toll on the fire wolf's energy. 100
Flame Torrent This attack enables a fire wolf to expel a line of fire from their jaws in the direction that they are facing. It can move with the user, so long as they concentrate on keeping their mouths open and their bodies out of the way of the attack. This move is incredibly dangerous and is not advised for novice wolves, as it is difficult to control the force of the torrent and the extinguishing of the attack as a whole. 150
Flame Grasp A very useful attack in battle, flame grasp gives the fire wolf the ability to surround their teeth and/or claws with a hot flame that will not burn them, but will burn their opponent. This is helpful if a wolf uses the maneuver as a tool, as well; it makes the act of taking down prey a much simpler task. However, this move requires attention and energy; if the user cannot control this power, it is possible that the flames will extend from their teeth and claws and stretch on to their mouths or feet. 200
Supernova With this power, the fire wolf can literally encase themselves in a coat of flames. They will still be able to maneuver and attack, making it a risky subject to deal with for someone who intends to attack them. This ability is incredibly taxing and can easily kill the user, should they improperly control the power; used defensively, it is an excellent way to ward off attackers and larger predators. 250
Combustion The explosive cousin of wildfire, combustion is used to completely engulf an expanse of land in massive, towering flames that can reach up to fifty feet in height. These flames are immobile, but they can easily catch and feed off of the surrounding area, leading to devastation and chaos. The flames are instantaneous, as if bursting straight from the fiery pits of hell, and the move is extremely dangerous, even to the user. In order to summon this power, a wolf must sacrifice a third of their energy, and the longer they maintain the fire, the more of their energy will be drained. 300
Magma Manciple By far the most unique of the powers, magma manciple enables the user to turn the earth into molten hot magma that will act as burning quicksand beneath anything that unluckily ventures into the pool. It has no suction force, though the thick, viscous fluid is likely to trap those that step upon it, eventually causing them to sink into its fiery pit. The power can consume a space as large as the average adult male, stretching every which direction, wherever the fire wolf creates it. The attack is extremely taxing and incredibly dangerous, consuming half of the user's energy over a period of just two minutes; used too close to the fire wolf, they run the risk of falling victim to their own attack, as the very air around the magma surges to excruciating heats. 350
Explosion With the use of Supernova to cloak themselves in flame the Fire wolf may then utilize Explosion. With this power the flames coating them suddenly extend outward in a thick, circular wall. It rotates swiftly and grows in size with one massive push. This turns it into a circular wall of flame (with the user in the middle) that can extend up to twenty feet in diameter before extinguishing. It keeps its height (about six feet) and a density that makes it impossible to leap through without becoming burned. This is a very dangerous move for the Fire wolf, for if they don't keep their concentration the wall can collapse back in on them. It is, however, a wonderful move to force an opponent or opponents back. 450

Past Alphas

Alpha Sub Alpha
Vaitan Tzarani
May 2017-Present
Lilith Valentine
December 2017-January 2018
Lyonesse Valentine
May 2017-September 2017
Singer Verien-Musai
March 2016-May 2017
Trace Verien
January 2015-March 2016
Singer Verien-Musai
September 2015-March 2016
Aegon Sterling Verien
January 2015-August 2015
Liam Lioncourt
November 2014-January 2015
Malachi Hel-Moroké
June 2014-November 2014
Rykerri Alanna
June 2014-November 2014
Haythem Valentine
Natalya Mohkov
Iskierka Drago
Cesare Drago
Viper Ve Valpolicella None
Tehras Iscariot None
Ryker Riddermark None
None Bellana Paris
Hallen II Vitani Shae
Kyran Rorrikson Adelita Rosa
Hallen II Black-Kytan
Reyes Vasco
Murdock Naibu None
Lemon Moon Kaala Nightstar
Viduus Ve Valpolicella Vice Criptic
Vice & Elphaba
None Elphaba Thropp
Hallen Valentine None
Ragzinek Skidicz Raisa Lyall
Sebastian Trism
Lemon Naibu-Moon Dutchess Domine-Eros
Michael Delinger Helen Delinger
Gunsmoke Naibu None
Clairborne Law (Female) Nyx Fama
Venom Iscariot Clairborne Law
Vexx Valentine Rat Valentine (Male)
Gambit Moon
Nataalya Kytan
Havoc Iscariot
Restuai Falean Kassidy Talus
Gambit Moon None
Stigmata Domine
Vexx Valentine
Leighton Greye
Carlisle Cullen Fry Xial
Vengeance Naibu Kassidy Talus
Gambit Moon None
Carlisle Cullen
Vengeance Naibu
Rkor Sargeran
Oblivion Zahl Nievla Eis
Zexion Kyosei None
Kaji Naibu
Pack Founder