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Doutaini Religion
An Introduction
Doutaini is a land steeped in religious lore. The wolves have been reading stars for centuries after their forefathers at the start of the species, who were also stargazers. In fact, it is the origin of their creation, the very essence of their life. Rumor says that each wolf is appointed a star from birth, regardless of faith. Supposedly, your star will burn brightest for you in the night sky. This was the start of Doutaini's connection to the gods many of them now worship, and who loom in the clouds overhead. The main gods are the five planets that can be seen from Earth: Mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter. Although within Doutaini, they go by different names. Still, the connection between heaven and earth here, is as real as the necklace at an elemental wolf's throat.


Fire Gem
Acting as a link between the gods and their followers, Necklaces are worn by wolves who either join, or are born into an elemental pack (every pack, excluding Rebel). Hung snugly around the neck of elemental holders by a chain, the gems themselves are circular with the packs color and symbol etched inside. They are the key to using elemental powers, and for the most part necklaces cannot be removed. Yearlings and older wolves leaving their pack can slide the necklace off, but omegas and pups must have theirs removed by an alpha.
Necklaces cannot be re-used. Once they are removed either by an alpha or from leaving a pack, the necklace will shatter back into stardust and the wolf is considered a rogue. Because of this, it is impossible to keep more than one necklace at a time.

Stardust Festival

Although not every wolf celebrates the gods, once every six months of the year there is a meteor shower and a gathering of wolves from all walks of life. They call it the Stardust Festival (SDF), and it lasts for several evenings of stargazing, conversing, sharing stories of the gods, along with other activities and games. They also have a feast the first night that is usually hosted by a wolf chosen by the gods.

The Stardust Festival occurs the 20TH of March and the 22ND of September.

For participating in the Stardust Festival as a whole, you automatically receive 5 EP. If you attend the feast you receive 3 EP. For completed SDF threads you can earn a total of 2 EP, not including the one you may earn for meeting another wolf! (To be eligible to claim the 2 EP for a SDF thread, your character must have posted at least 3 times within said thread.)

Within Doutaini there are 6 main gods and goddesses that represent planets which can be seen with the naked eye. They rule over common emotions and desires, as well as the 8 demi-gods below them who control the elements. When not in star form, the gods take the shape of animals or wolves among the mortals. Despite certain alliances, most wolves believe in more than one deity.

Jupiter - "Dragon"
God of power, law, and compromise.

This is not exactly a day of celebration, all though the god Ryo is honored on this day. Mostly, this day calls for order and the abiding of laws. Some wolves are superstitious that if you don't obey said laws on this day, something horrible will happen to you. On this day, all the Alphas and Alpha females of Doutaini gather in the Serene Fields to have a political convention and discuss important matters with every pack. Alliances are forged- and broken; decisions made, and whatnot. All though, the Rebel alpha has been known to be conspicuously absent at this meeting.
Venus - "Mercy"
Goddess of forgiveness, vitality, and love.

SEASON OF LOVE February 14th
A fairly new holiday, the Season of Love honors and celebrates the goddess Kaiyo for the abundant adoration she bears for the wolves of Doutaini. In return, there is something special blossoming in the air that overcomes couples and family members with the reminder that love is alive. On this day, it is these relationships (be it between mates, mother and child, father and child, or siblings) that serve as the steadfast token of the importance of having love in life. Typically three OOC days are dedicated for this holiday.
Mercury - "Fortunate"
God of luck, celebration, and indulgence.

Spring has returned; food is plentiful and spirits are high. What better way to celebrate than with food and fun? On this day, teams of the five wolves, usually from the same pack, compete against other teams in a hunting tournament. Teams go after large game animals and attempt to bring them down within the time limit. The bigger the game, and shorter your time, the better. A special pup division allows pups to put together their own teams and hunt small game. Aside from all the rowdy merrymaking, at sundown, all game captured contributes to a huge feast in which all are allowed to indulge to the point of illness. What fun!
Mars - "Second"
God of destruction, vengeance and strife. Known as 'the destroyer' or 'the punisher'.

The biggest sparring event in Doutaini is in honor of the god Jiro. Wolves from every pack gather in Devil's Ruins to participate or watch a series of sparring tournaments to decide who is the best in Doutaini. Killing is prohibited, but injury is guaranteed. There is no pup division, being that this tournament is dangerous and strictly for adults, but pups are free to watch and learn. Contestants are broken down into small groups of match-ups as time goes on, until only two contestants remain -- one of which will become the new 'Champion of Doutaini'.
Moon & Stars - "Star"
Goddess of spirits.

DAY OF THE DEAD October 31st
The actual holiday is one day, but one week is dedicated OOC for the event. During this holiday, it is said the souls of the dearly departed return to earth to pass on their knowledge and greet loved ones. Hakai Mists Forest is the only place sightings have occurred, however, and not many wolves are keen to pay the lands a visit. Regardless of whether a wolf believes this to be true, or even if they believe in the gods, this day is reserved for honoring and respecting the dead, and many packs hold special ceremonies to commemorate past pack members. And gods forbid you act up on this holy day!
Saturn - "Unselfish"
God of wisdom, truth, and knowledge.

DAY OF PEACE November 10th
Hiroshi's day is also more of a solemn celebration then those of the other gods. On this day, the wolves of Doutaini celebrate the bonds they have forged with one another, whether it be friendship or romance; and, as one would expect, no sparring or argument is to take place. Enemies try to restore peace between one another, and allied packs convene and celebrate together in one another's homelands.

It is up to each specific pack how they celebrate the day of their demi-god, although usually their celebrations involve using elemental abilities. Packs hold their own unique events and usually a ceremony to honor their demi-god. There is the rare occasion, however, when, due to the majority of the pack or the alpha being an atheist, no such celebrations are held (there is no specific date, but OOC the events are celebrated at a specific time of year):

God of Ice.

Holiday January 13th
Second week of January.

Goddess of Water.

Holiday April 4th
First week of April.

God of Wind.

Holiday April 11th
Second week of April.

God of Earth.

Holiday May 17th
Second week of May.

Goddess of Storm.

Holiday June 20th
Third week of June.

God of Fire.

Holiday July 18th
Second week of July.

God of Enigma.

Holiday September 13th
Second week of September.

Goddess of Divine.

Holiday December 19th
Third week of December.

Mother Nature
We are so small, so insignificant compared to what we could be. Although we may look at the mouse in the glade as it tries to store his food and see him as temporary and delicate, what must the tall oak tree imagine when he sees us? Does he look at the wolf as a temporary predator, a plague of violence upon the ground that his family and friends will grow into and inhabit for centuries to come? Do the short decades we live for seem like days to the tree, as we see the few years the mouse lives for as weeks? Is our use of time so misconstrued; or is it our entire idea of purpose and place in this world that is wrong? There is something beyond us, something eternal, something permanent that will outlast our grandchildren and their grandchildren. It is the cycle, the part of you, I, and everyone. It is infinite. It is, Mother Nature.

Mother Nature (MN) is, in many cases, a random event within Doutaini. She is a force of the Earth; animals, trees, flowers, basically all forms of life outside of the wolves. At times MN is even used as a medium by the gods attempting to communicate or answer prayers. She can show up at any time in a roleplay, and the outcomes can be good or bad. If your thread meets certain requirements, there is a chance She will show up. Any players who choose to incorporate Mother Nature into their responding posts can also receive an additional 2 EP! To collect these points, all you need to do is have your character react in a noticeable way to whatever event is posted. That reaction should incorporate the event into the roleplay.


Mother Nature is a random occurrence, but there are some guidelines that, if followed, can make an event more likely to occur. This account was created to add an element of fun to the game. There is no risk of death to your character (unless you want it) and for those who aren't interested, Mother Nature posts can simply be ignored. However, if you choose to entice Mother Nature, here are some guidelines to follow;
    • Maintain an active board (with consistent replies from all players involved).
    • Edit your first post to include a request for Mother Nature (such as using [MN] in prefixes).
    This is not necessary though.

Blessed and Cursed
Using Spirit magic is inevitably dangerous, as the user's heart will completely stop during it. They, obviously, are still able to live while their hearts are idle; however, this does not make them immortal. If one attempts to preform a power for too long, or their communication with the outside was rejected, their heart will stop eternally.

Power Description EP
Illusion Creates a very transparent illusion. This power is incredibly weak and can only fool one sense at a time. 0
Telepathy The user may speak with a wolf through their minds. Unlike Enigma wolves, Blessed can create an open line of communication between themselves and another individual even if said individual is not also blessed. They can only communicate with one other wolf at a time, however, and cannot open a line between two different wolves outside themselves. It also cannot be used at great distances (100 feet maximum). 5
Outside Communication A power used to reach the dead. The user is in constant danger, however, for if the lost soul wishes to not be bothered, they could cut off communication, which will give the blessed wolf a great deal of physical discomfort, such as a headache. 20
Teleport With this power, a wolf may teleport from any one place to another. The longer the distance, the greater the possibility of being cut out. Non-blessed wolves cannot teleport along with a blessed wolf. 50
Animate With this power, if a blessed wolf is near the corpse of a small animal such as a bird, rodent, or fox, they may have the ability to control it. However, be warned, what corpses are summoned will come back exactly how the earth intends them to, and they are often gruesome looking things that are in the process of decaying. 100
Whisper The spirit wolf will be able to plant their voice into the opponents head, offering manipulative whispers, false memories, flashbacks and selective images to drive a weak mind into madness. But as the victim struggles with whatever is being forced into their mind, the user must overcome lapses of listlessness, and even the slight urge to completely connect with their opponent and fall victim to their own powers. 150
Empathy After a spirit wolf has managed to delve into the mind by impacting it with words and images, they may not take this one step further. By simply concentrating, a spirit wolf can impact or entirely alter the emotions of the victim. If they are within touching distance this requires little concentration. The further the other wolf is, the concentration required will be larger and draw on headaches. Emotions such as fear, happiness, anger or confusion can be easily induced. 200
Shape-Shift The user may mold its shape into something different. The more complex the shape or creature, the longer it will take to form, and the harder it will be to keep. This is an incredibly taxing form and the wolf's heart will be stopped through the entirety of its use. This limits the pumping of blood in the individual's system and, for larger animal transformations, this could be potentially fatal should the wolf keep the form for too long or strain themselves too much. Any elemental powers that need to use the heart (such as needing to breathe more or a changing of temperature) cannot be used in a shifted form. 250
Possession An extremely powerful spirit wolf may at times manage to completely possess another wolf. First they must weaken the 'victim' by using empathy or whisper to put them more at risk to being dominated through their mind. The spirit wolf must concentrate and remain still for several seconds. If the other wolf does not fight, their eyes will glow and the spirit wolf will have complete power over the victim. If the victim fights, the spirit wolf may be thrown out of their mind and in the event will receive small physical wounds such as cuts. Either whisper or empathy needs to be actively used in order to make this power work (obviously, using empathy will have a higher rate of success). 300
Pause With a large effort on the spirit wolf's behalf, they can literally slow down time and 'pause' it. Everything becomes slower for everyone but the user. To another wolf, the user becomes a blur. The energy sacrifice is amazing and will drain a wolf of that and more if they hold time still for too long. This can be used to attack an opponent easily or simply avoid an attack. The user must yield to the costs and usually will only keep it up for a minute. 350
Reversal Through a great matter of concentration the Blessed wolf is able to control time for yet another degree beyond Pause. With a tremendous sacrifice of both energy and concentration the user can not only slow time, but reverse it. This can affect all events within a surrounding area the size of which is determined by the amount of energy the Blessed wolf is willing to give up, though it averages only about 10 feet. All wolves and creatures within the hold of Reversal (save the user) are pushed back in time anywhere from a single minute to nearly half an hour. Naturally the longer the time frame the more energy is eaten away by this already consuming power. This is incredibly taxing on both body and mind and too much use, especially without the proper training, can easily put the Spirit wolf into a deep coma. 450
When the Spirit Pack disappeared, they were said to have found home in the stars. Sometimes, Hoshiko, the Goddess of Spirit, will appear to a wolf and pass her powers on to them so that her legacy may remain. Willingly or unwillingly, the victim will suddenly be able to perform the magic that was thought to have vanished with the Spirits.

How do I get blessed?

Twice a year, the infamous Stardust Festival occurs for believers of the gods to gather and celebrate. If enough advocates arrive, Hoshiko may descend from the stars and bless one of the wolves present. This means that there will only be two blessed wolves a year, other than very rare exceptions. No one may decide if their own character is worthy of Spirit magic. To raise your chances having your character chosen, simply be active!

Currently Blessed
Lypso'ru Ruellia Volos-Scorn
Vaitan Tzarani Mars Rioux
Keston Lioncourt
Past Blessed
Crux Alberaq Armande Naibu
Oblivion Zahl Vengeance Naibu
Atrocity Domine Anahera Vair
Xenres Iolurr Astucia Del Corazón
Lament Domine Fidelis Sinclair
Constantine Domine Deratus Victim
Vice Criptic Hallen ii Black-Kytan
Hekate Hemlock Zeppelin Dame
Bumblebee Latysm Pythia Phainó
Magdalena Eins Valor Revol
Liam Lioncourt Dresden Eins
Aegon Dezera Trace Verien
Azalea Viperus Nichaia Valentine
Noxaeterna Singer Whitlock
Rykerri Alanna Endymion Eins
This concept began with the unfathomable rage of Jiro seeking revenge on souls for his own enjoyment. It is the polar opposite of being blessed: to be cursed is not technically an honor and the curses in themselves are often cruel and unusual. The wolves that the gods choose to curse have not necessarily been evil or have committed a wrong-doing, as Jiro's wrath will often be drawn to those of purer spirit. The other main gods may find reason to punish a wolf, and use a curse as a means to do so. However for those unlucky enough to receive a curse there is almost always redemption on the distant horizon if you persevere.

Below is a list of the current wolves within Doutaini who bear a curse, and whether or not they have been freed of it.

Currently Cursed
Bhaltair Dalmasca, Crystal & Cerberus Cursed after Bhaltair contributed to a civil war that split Divine in two and killed one of its members. Devastated by the violence she'd witnessed, Hotaru tried to protect Bhaltair and Mystery's children from finding out, by making it so they could never learn of their father's identity. Anyone who tries to tell them will find themselves physically unable to do so, and Bhaltair will be unable to speak in their presence or come within 15 feet of them.
Rykerri Alanna, Seacca, & their Descendants Cursed by Jiro for Rykerri's insolence, and Seacca's solidarity with her, at the Festival of Champions final. Their descendants will be barred from participating in the Festival until a sacrifice is made in Jiro's honor, three generations hence, on any day other than the Festival. Their families will know of this curse and who caused it.
All Domine Wolves Cursed by Haruko and Kaede after Marisol Domine called them to a death match. All Domines have a more difficult time procreating (and may only breed if they roll a 1 or a 6, with a 6 still resulting in 4 pups plus loss of fertility OR miscarriage), and are banished from the Wind pack. They also feel the added effects of Earth's side-effects (vomiting, poison) when using elements, no matter what pack they are in (or double the intensity if they are in Earth). This affects anyone whose parents are a Domine, or if their last name is Domine. (Note: All Domines know by Divine whisper about this curse, but origin is not known until physically told.)

Past Cursed
Satan Azreal Drazen Cursed by Keitaro so that if he ever tries to speak he will feel immense pain. Simultaneously cursed by Kurai so that if he ever joins Enigma the side effects of utilizing the powers would be intensified. Enigma wolves that try to read more than occasional snippets of Satan's mind will experience immediate fatigue and a severe migraine. Carried his curse into death.
Viduus Ve Valpolicella Cursed by Ryo for calling Goren to a Deathmatch during the Stardust Festival. He cannot cross the veil - he cannot be at peace. He cannot speak to loved ones dead, alive, or otherwise -- only strangers and wolves who do not carry his blood can hear him. The walking undead -- unable to fight, be fought, kill or be killed. Cannot be touched, nor can he touch others. Cured later by Ryo.
Rykerri, Ezra, & Viserys Matthias and Bellana's children were cursed by Akako after Matthias had failed to please him as Alpha - both as a punishment, and as an attempt to guarantee that their lineage would remain part of Fire. After Ezra was killed in the great Earth fire, Hoshiko blessed Rykerri and cured her from the curse.
Vae Ve Valpolicella Cursed by Ryo to always feel sick whenever she's on the ridge or rebel run lands. nausea, vomiting, headaches and fatigue. the longer she remains within the ridge, the worse the sickness will become. Carried her curse into death.
Emerson, Churchill, Vespasian, Daniella, & Asenath Wrex Cursed by Kurai, who was angry with their mother, Natalaya, to remain members of Enigma while their mother and father were shut out from the Caverns. Cured later by Kurai in a series of quests.
Hekate Hemlock Cursed by Keitaro, who was incited with jealousy and rage. Whomever she loves, she cannot touch without inflicting burns upon them. Carried her curse into death.
Artemis Hemlock Cursed by Haruko to never be satisfied with her heart's desire. Her passions, dislikes will change at any instant. Cured by Haruko for defending the Wind pack in a challenge.
Ekel Shae Cursed by Hotaru, when he claimed Divine for selfish reasons and then sought to abandon the pack for an Alpha rank in Enigma. He can never join Divine or enter the Cove, and at the sight of a Divine wolf he will be plagued with the guilt of his crime. Family of Ekel may still join Divine. He has fled Doutaini.
Loki Fritjov Cursed by Jiro for challenging him during an SDF and overestimating his mortal life. He can no no longer join any pack that possesses a God. He has fled Doutaini.
Malik Laquerene Cursed by Haya at an SDF Pack Meeting to feel a constant pull/longing for the Valley so long as he is in another pack. He has died.
Hekate Hemlock Cursed by Ryo after he had just lifted a previous curse set upon her. She is unable to feel love nor passion. Cured later by Ryo.
Hekate & Bayonetta Cursed by the gods to feel one another's pain. What one feels, the other will suffer. Cured later by Ryo.
Asmodeus Cursed by Kurai at the Enigma reopening to suffer from chronic and intense dementia. He has died.
Enttäuschung Mordkaiser Cursed by Ryo at an SDF Feast to feel everything that Bumblebee feels, physically and emotionally, in an attempt to instill humility into the boy. He has fled Doutaini.
Fior Azeni Cursed by Kei at an SDF Pack Meeting to have hemophilia for displeasing her. Cured later by Kei.
Exley Naibu Cursed by Jiro to burn anything he touches that he loves. When someone near to him hurts, he feels that pain.