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Pack Page
The Enigma Pack


To see the members who are currently in this pack, please visit here.


The illusionary element. Users of Enigma must keep their focus on what ability they are performing. If their concentration is broken, they will be unable to continue with their attacks. Any Enigma power puts an enormous strain on the mind. On top of that, the Enigma abilities, by far, utilize most of the user's energy, eating away at it like a hungry flame. The more powerful the ability, the more energy is used up. If pushed too far, an Enigma wolf is in danger of fainting and/or entering a coma. After performing an Enigma ability, wolves often feel lightheaded or disoriented. They may also experience exhaustion and require rest to regain their lost energy. On a lighter note, since they are able to read minds and connect with their fellow pack mates, everyone is highly attuned to each other, thus allowing the ability of telepathy between each Enigma member.

Disclaimer: When joining Enigma one must be forewarned about the effects of using this pack's abilities. When using said powers the Enigma wolf must experience fatigue and mental strain, no matter the level of the ability. With each increase, this effect worsens. Such fatigue and strain is strictly enforced. Dismissal of the effects will result in admin interjection. If repeated offenses occur you may be asked to remove your character from the pack. Thank you.

Power Description EP
Psychic This allows an Enigma wolf the ability to read only weak surface thoughts; clips of immediate conscience, the most overwhelming emotion. Together, Enigma members may communicate amongst each other, through their thoughts. This is accomplished because both parties are able to read each others minds. 0
Shadows An Enigma wolf can manipulate the shadows to a certain degree – he can make himself be enveloped with the shadow or cause the shadow cast from an animal to wrap around itself. This does no physical harm, but it may distract the eyesight and cause fear. However, they cannot detach a shadow. If a shadow is to be manipulated, it must come from a concrete source and never be extracted from it. 5
Doppelganger The user may created an exact copy of themselves. These illusions are often used to hinder or confuse opponents. They are not physical, however, and are easily passed through. They have a distinct lack of smell, which may make others believe that they are an apparition – but, when used next to the real user, the lack of smell is not noticeable. At most they can have six copies, though that drains the user quickly, and the most common is four. They can be separated from the user at the most of two miles, and they remember everything that they have been told or seen. Thus, they can be used as messengers. Every Doppelganger feeds into the user, and having to look at things from so many different angles can be extremely confusing. Therefore, it takes some practice before a wolf can get it right. Severe headaches are often the side effect. 20
Hypnotize By holding direct eye contact, an Enigma wolf may be able to put the other wolf into a trance. Usually, this is used lightly, but with concentration an Enigma wolf can convince and persuade. Enthralled, the other wolf is easily manipulated and acts as though extremely lethargic. Defenses lower, their awareness decreases, and they can be easily attacked. However, if the eyesight is broken too early then the victim will become instantly aware. If the Hypnosis is successful, the wolf will be swayed in feeling and compelled. This does not force the user to do anything, and the effect may linger or disappear after a time, but the victim will have no recollection of who did it to them. 50
Legilimency This is where things get interesting, and the power of reading minds becomes more acute. It is an advanced form of mind reading; images, memories, and feeling can be extracted. This is accomplished by a similar technique to Hypnotize – concentration is needed, with the direct eye contact, but higher, more accomplished Legilimens can use it with out eye contact. When you reach this amount of EP, things are more clear when reading surface thoughts, the clips now longer, and they can sense more of the underlying feeling. Truth and deception is also available for the Enigma to discern. This is draining, however, if used for more than a brief period of time. Usually, the required concentration does not allow for this power's use in short bursts, though this is not to say it is impossible. 100
Phantasm This is an advanced and difficult illusionary technique. During Phantasm, a very life like illusion can be placed before a victim. The user can create anything their mind desires, such as a butterfly, but the larger the illusion, the more strain put on the mind. Sounds, scent, light and dark can be created. This can be used to seduce the mind or make wolves injure themselves if they experience fear from the fabrication before them. At most, an illusion like this can only be held for about ten minutes without entering a realm of danger. 150
Nightmare This is an upgrade from Phantasm. In Nightmare, an Enigma wolf may cast a massive illusion, completely engulfing an area of land, putting all creatures within that area under the influence of the illusion. Entire new worlds can be fabricated, or the user can subtly alter the landscape to trip up their enemy. Hills, cliffs, rivers and the like may be fantasized. Large illusions drain energy fairly quickly, and like Phantasm, can only be held for a limited amount of time. The larger the illusion, the more dangerous to hold on to for too long. 200
Dark Pulse This is a strange ability for Enigma wolves. The user must concentrate extremely hard and envision their energy coming together inside of themselves – overwhelming emotions, memories, terror, bliss. Once it becomes unbearable, the user can then create a visibly black or purple pulse to expel from their body, physically throwing the opponent back as well as anyone around them. Due to the power of such an attack an Enigma wolf must be wary with this move, since they will become tired – However, you do become refreshed, as though after a long cry. 250
Deception This power is purely illusionary and no physical changes actually occur during its use. Beneath the illusion, your wolf is still physically a wolf, and the illusion has no tangible properties. These skilled Enigma wolves can cast an illusion over themselves to differ their appearance. They can change their eye color, fur color, stature, fake an injury, or take another wolf's form. With enough training, they may be able to appear as another creature entirely. This power is used to deceive or disturb a victim by masking the user's identity and altering reality. If held for more than a half hour, the illusion will trap the user between reality and figment, resulting in permanent mutilation and disability for the user. However, this power does not have much of a strain on the user. 300
Shadow Hold With this ability the user can manipulate the shadows and make them curl around a wolf's body, keeping them in place. The user must focus on the ground and force the shadows to approach the victim. If his concentration is broken, the shadows will go back to their proper place. The shadows lock the victim in place, wrapping around their body to keep them frozen, unable to do anything but watch. However, the effect is very short and it must be taken advantage of before the time runs out. It costs a great deal of focus, but the user does not suffer horribly except for slight exhaustion. 350
Poltergeist the user may lift (no higher than twelve feet) and manipulate/throw any object or being. The heavier or greater the object, the more taxing it will be on the Enigma wolf's mind. Eye contact is not necessary for this attack. The user need only look at the object or wolf that they wish to lift or manipulate with their mind. 450

Past Alphas

Alpha Sub Alpha
Ruellia Volos-Scorn
December 2016-Present
Mercury Metallia-Volos
August 2017-Present
Szymon Mohkov-Volos
February 2017-August 2017
Ramona Volos-Scorn
December 2016-February 2017
Ramona Volos-Scorn
August 2016-December 2016
Ruellia Volos-Scorn
September 2016-December 2016
Spiridion Volos
June 2016-August 2016
Ramona Volos - Scorn
June 2016-August 2016
Marvolo Domine
April 2016-June 2016
Sabriel Volos
June 2016
Tristan Scorn
February 2016-April 2016
Sabriel Volos
October 2015-March 2016
Rahu dan Kaul
October 2015-February 2016
Corinthian Wrex
January 2015-July 2015
Natalya Mohkov
November 2014-August 2015
Levon Graeme
October 2014-January 2015
Spectre Muse
February 2014-October 2014
No Alphas
None Magdalena Eins
Clarus Samhailt
Enigma Disbanded
Zeppelin Dame Magdalena Eins
Theodore Eins
Appomattox Amper None
Theodore Eins
Dracul Riddermark
Hekate Hemlock
Hero Revol
Resonance Elegy
Ekke Shae
None Elias Vallingby
Morgan Eins None
Luigi Lucheni
Hero Revol Plumeria A'monte
Vice Criptic (Female)
None Vice Criptic
Darcy Eins
Tain Fireheart  
Deratus Victim
Giratina Devi
Sabazius Aresite None
Dragos Domine
Constantine Domine None
Kachiri Hiedi  
Lethal Injection
Vatican Criptic
Sabbath Domine
Dinin Eins
Ixion Cadrel Pirate Kytan
Vaitan Tzarani
Revnik Tyurin Rasputin None
Phantom Domine Nym Sae La Fluur
Damien Delores
Zexion Kyosei
Pack Founder
Plumeria A'monte