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The Earth Pack


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Earth wolves mainly possess powers pertaining to healing and growing. As such, they essentially have the essence of nature inside of them and when using an ability find greater success comes when their esteem is high. If they are depressed, injured, etc., there is a chance that their performance will be dulled. Also, when using a skill, that same essence of nature begins tosap their strength, as though a poison were slowly eating their energy. The higher the skill and the longer it is attempted, the more the poison will begin to take effect and the user risks fatigue, nausea, delirium, and extreme body pains that could be potentially fatal.

Power Description EP
Growth With this simple power, earth wolves can cause small plants - such as flowers and herbs -to grow in a specific area. After a natural disaster, or a disaster created by another element, they can use this to replenish the lands with flourishing plant life. 0
Bloom The bloom ability allows the earth wolf to speed up the process of an already living piece of plant life. This works on all kinds of small foliage. 5
Vines With this ability, earth wolves can harness their element to manipulate up to three vines that will spring from the earth. They can control these vines and use them to reach something or even attack another wolf. These vines can be broken and/or torn through for a means of escape and cannot be gussied up with thorns or spikes of any kind. 20
Erosion In tune with the earth, an earth wolf may cause the ground to slide and crack, enough to literally create a small, flat wall or barrier. This can be dangerous if the earth wolf is in the way, and it will not curve or trap an opponent in any way. The earth wolf can also cause the ground to erode away beneath their opponent, creating a sliding effect; this, however, takes more energy from the user. 50
Life With this energy-consuming power, an earth wolf may literally close up a wound or mend a broken bone. They can employ this ability on themselves or someone else. When finished, however, they will become extremely lethargic and exhausted from their healing, depending on the amount of healing done. 100
Frenzy Plant Through the use of frenzy plant, a wolf may take under their control any sort of plant, be it a vine or a shrub or a cactus, and manipulate it to do their bidding. The amount of energy eaten up by this power depends on the size of the plant the earth wolf intends to manipulate; it would be much easier to cause a flower to wiggle and shake than it would to cause a willow tree to crawl around. 150
Earthquake With this power, the user may create an earthquake of varying magnitudes, depending on the amount of energy employed. This powerful attack will cause all sorts of nasty debris to come crashing down from their surroundings; the earth wolf, too, is in danger of being caught within their own attack, as they are not impervious to their own earth manipulations. 200
Woodhammer Through the use of woodhammer, an earth wolf may literally cause a tree to uproot itself and fling itself through the air; this is an incredibly dangerous attack for their intended target, as trees are rather difficult to side step and avoid. The earth wolf applying this move must be wary not to find themselves in the path of the tree, as they can not be wielded through any sort of levitation. This move is taxing on the user and will most likely drain them of more energy depending on the size of the tree and the distance thrown. 250
Leech Via a small sacrifice (of blood or strength), the earth wolf may conjure up roots or vines from the soil. These vines can be manipulated to attach themselves to another wolf of choice, to pierce their skin and cling to a vein, so that the earth wolf may literally "leech" them of their energy; at most, this can cause the victim to pass out. These roots or vines will not stay for very long (the length of a single turn) before they will wither away and fade back into the earth. 300
Rock Wave With this immensely powerful attack, an earth wolf can manipulate a literal shift in the earth so much so that a wave will burst beneath the ground and surge away from the earth wolf's paws. A huge ripple will thrust itself through the earth, creating a "wave" effect that snatches up rocks, shrubs, trees, and other such debris that is then sent straight away from the earth wolf. This can be extremely dangerous for an intended victim, as they can be buried beneath the weight of the earth - crushed, even, by the debris picked up by the wave. The farther away from the earth wolf the wave is taken, the more energy required to extend it - but with the distance, the wave can take up more loose debris to cause a more lethal attack. 350
Canopy The user creates an impenetrable dome of earth to surround themselves. It can only grow large enough to house at most two wolves and lasts for a single turn. It is incredibly taxing on the user but completely shields them from any attacks whether physical or elemental (opponent attacks cannot be created inside the dome, either). This allows for time to recover or use other elemental moves. It cannot be manipulated in any way regarding shape, size, or duration. Once its protection is done (the span of one turn) it crumbles into dust. During the attack the Earth wolf must use extreme caution and concentrate on keeping the dome up. If they lose control or fall unconscious it can collapse in on them and potentially crush them to death. 450

Past Alphas

Alpha Sub Alpha
Mars Rioux
September 2017-Present
Atticus Eins
September 2017-October 2017
Briar Deimos
January 2017-Septmeber 2017
Endymion Eins
January 2017-March 2017
Endymion Eins
October 2014-January 2017
Eleven Odol
August 2014-October 2014
Endymion Eins
August 2014-October 2014
Jaeger Sankt
June 2014-August 2014

Marishka Vladu
March 2014-August 2014
Aemilius Vladu
Djavulen Stendahl
Pythia Phainó
Justinian Ridge
Daedalus Black-Ether Nepenthe Phainó
Fior Azeni None
None Discordia Tuuli
Daedalus Ether None
Aegean Antionette
Bear Lyall-Ladislav
Kaala NightStar
Bumblebee Latsym None
Bear Lyall-Ladislav Kashira Lyall-Ladislav
Phobetor Ether None
None Kali Dusk-Ether
Solaria Ledal (Female) Lament Domine
Berlioz Ether Solari Ledal
Akira Vogue
Deratus Victim Tempest Vogue
Venom Iscariot Clairborne Law-Iscariot
Massacre Eros None
Jett Naibu Lament Domine
Meth Aeneas Domine None
None Amaterasu Alberaq Nirvan
Bete Noire Nirvan
Modesto Aeneas Domine
Jokull Eins
Pestillence Domine
Ohanzee None
Pestillence II Domine Modesto Aeneas
Pestillence Domine
Ash Quinta Keahi Friena
Pestillence Domine Modesto Aeneas
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Damek Ladislav
Pack Founder