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The Divine Pack


To see the members who are currently in this pack, please visit here.


Divine wolves use the very power of their soul to harness the abilities that have been given to them by Hotaru. While their powers may not seem as immediately draining as some other elements, they are still subject to side effects. What begins as simple wooziness and blotches in vision can progress to confusion, numbness of the extremities, and loss of consciousness if the Divine wolf is not careful in using their powers.

Power Description EP
Shine Creates a brilliant (but not blinding) light from the Divine wolf's body, particularly from their eyes. Divine wolves are especially sensitive to this light as they often use it to summon one another. 0
Flash An upgrade from Shine, Flash is intensely bright light that has the power to temporarily blind the opponent (only for a few moments [five seconds max]). This usually comes from the Divine wolf's eyes, so if they aren't careful / use Flash for too long, they can end up blinding themselves as well. 5
Stun Sends out a wave/ball of energy that stuns the wolf for a moment and breaks concentration needed for elemental attacks. The stunning isn't so much a paralysis but a long hesitation where the muscles lock up for a couple of moments. This can catch a wolf off-guard and momentarily confuse them. 20
Mirror Coat A defensive move that covers the user in a brilliant light - though not brilliant enough to blind - that deflects/absorbs any elemental attack but does not deflect or absorb physical attacks. 50
Aurora Clash The user slams its target with either its (hot) light-covered body or a corporeal pulse of light. If the user chooses to coat their body in the light, they run the risk of first to second degree burns that they will, in turn, inflict upon their opponent. However, the more the user outweighs the target, the greater the damage. If they use the light as a pulse, it may exit any part of the Divine wolf's body. 100
Regeneration The Divine wolf must hone all of their energy in the form of a magnificent ball of light that enters the body of another wolf through the Divine wolf's muzzle. This power can heal any and all internal injuries and diseases. 150
Reflect A protective wall of translucent energy appears where the user wills it. This wall has the ability to deflect elemental attacks of the same power tier or lower (depending on its strength and the user's precision) and bounce them back at the opponent. It can also slow physical attacks, but not stop them completely. 200
Cosmic Whip Manifesting from above, the Divine Wolf can summon a single whip made of starlight and moonshine that is capable of two tactics: the whip may be used to strike the target, as it is capable of moderate to severe lacerations, OR the whip may be used to ensnare the target by means of wrapping about them in some fashion. Either way, the whip is sharp and will surely dig into the flesh if wrapped around mortal flesh. The longer the user utilizes the whip, the greater chance that they will succumb to Divine's side-effects. This move takes extraordinary precision, practice and concentration. 250
Astral Blade After a Divine Wolf draws light into their body for one full turn, they may turn the stored energy into three identical blades of light (about a foot in length) and therefore carry the ability to unleash them. When used at full force, these blades are capable of penetrating flesh to the bone and can be devestating to the opponent. When not used properly or not released immediately, the blades will then turn on the user. Usage of this power is incredibly taxing if drawn out across two turns and, if used too often, can result in second-degree burns and lacerations to the user. 300
Mesmerize With this ability, the user can temporarily stun their victim by consuming their senses with an extreme, unavoidable sense of utter calm. The victim experiences what could be explained as an "out of body" sensation in which their soul feels peacefully detached from their physical body. They are momentarily unable to move (up to a full turn) and are left vulnerable as a result. The user must be careful however, as they may succumb to their own enchantment and fall victim as well. 350
Ascension An ascended form of divinity. The user becomes enveloped in a golden light and his/her fur becomes tinted with white. This light is pure energy that the user can use to fuel their physical strength and speed up to two times its normalcy, or to shield themselves from a physical attack. It lasts only a short time (no more than two posts) and when this energy runs out, the user is left exhausted by the amount of energy that he/she has used, making them vulnerable. Without training, this form can cause internal injury and/or cause the user to be without energy for several days. 450

Past Alphas

Alpha Sub Alpha
Lunafer Fayell
August 2017-Present
Bhaltair Dalmasca
February 2017-Present
Panik Lucrece
April 2017-Present
Venus Bellum
February 2017-April 2017
Asher Dame
March 2016-January 2017
Velia Bellum
MARCH 2016-AUGUST 2016
Jarilo Hotaruson
Leonard Amzee
October 2014-February 2015
May 2014-January 2016
Corinthian Wrex
August 2014-October 2014
Leonard Amzee
May 2014-August 2014
Ekel Shae None
Syfka Dame
Corinthian Wrex Ari'el Wrex
None Leiley O'Sullivan
Cateo Nefarius
Roxas Fox
Goren Amzee None
Orochi Arceneau-Prideux
Pack Founder