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Nearest the center of the Mire there sits a new addition to the territory. In Mother Nature's wrath and confusion, a tsunami wreaked havoc upon the coastline, driving flood waters deep into Doutaini. When they receded, silt and sand were caught in the close tangle of trees here. Over time, they mingled and mixed with the native mud that had been stirred from the depths of the swamp. This mixture compacted, settling into its new home among the waterlogged trees of the Malignant Mire: Lital Isle. Trees sprout up through the soil and smaller vegetation has taken root in the thick earth. But though it seems to be a reprieve from endless swamp, it is one of the few spits of solid land in the Mire, making it the ideal place for the local alligators to sun themselves and build their nests. This makes the isle dangerous, though the excitement of digging for alligator eggs may attract the braver thrill-seekers.
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A Place to call Home
05-18-2018, 06:24 PM
by Badr

Malignant Mire
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