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Surrounded in ice spikes and spires of glistening stone, Dragon’s Rest is a difficult find for those unaware of its location. The cluster of hot springs is tucked away in Gelid Sierra's blue-white peaks, nestled in a crevasse between twin pillars jutting up from the mountain. An endless fountain of steam pours from the secluded bundle of evergreens dotting the perimeter of this peculiar phenomenon. It serves as a memento to Kiyoshi and his wolves, imparted in solemn memory of a bond between brothers, nearly broken by dogged pride. These waters never cool, and are fueled by an underground pocket of sweltering magma. Though the surrounding area is wreathed in rime and snow, the natural formations of rock encircling each blue-green basin remain forever bare. Snow that falls here cannot accumulate along these heated edges, lending instead to an abundance of foliage unique to this region.

Properties: The hot springs have an analgesic effect, easing pain and relieving soreness of all kinds including bones, muscles, open wounds, and other small injuries. They even promote the healing of minor wounds to those who rest in their relaxing waters.
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[L] The seasons change
04-14-2018, 02:38 PM
by Kearnal

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