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North of the unsightly Pit is a lush thicket that, at first, seems like any other forest. However, once inside there is an overwhelming sense of peace. A thick canopy filters ribbons of light to the soft, mossy floor and even in the dead of winter the trees are always in full bloom. At the heart of this forest a clearing opens up, revealing a circle of willow trees surrounding a solitary stump. They are tall, wide, and crowned with a plum of drooping branches. Each tree has a carving for its pack; a deep etching so clear that no earthly creature could have made it. Tongues of flame for Fire; a leaf for Earth; drop for Water; Curled lines for Wind; Snowflake for Ice; Bolt for Storm; Swirl for Enigma; Small star for Divine. Wolves who already know what pack they'd like to join normally come and sit beneath the Willow of their choice, waiting for an alpha or council member to come and accept them.

Note -- You can get the Alpha's attention by tagging them using @[Alphas Name]
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winter's berries // aster
05-30-2018, 06:49 PM
by Otto
One of two entrances into Doutaini, Kuro Pit is a wasteland of mud and shadows that stretches far into a mountainous horizon. Here the ground is a mixture of packed earth, watery soil, and thick mud that worsens or betters with the weather. Very little life grows here; only weeds, broken trees, and dried grass far as the eye can see. While it appears flat, the land actually slopes toward a large central pit with steep walls. Beside this crater stands a lonely Landmark; a black skeleton tree, taller than all the others, that seems to cast a dark shadow no matter the time or day. This unwelcoming land is where all packs come to recruit newcomers, or even claim unsuspecting wolves against their will.

Reminder -- 'Post comings' are not allowed in the Pit.
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guitar for dummies
06-11-2018, 04:36 PM
by Ruellia
Here, the dead make their home on an island created by the demi-gods to honor them. The isle takes on the shape of a solid infinity symbol. On the eastern side lays a circular pool filled with translucent water and succulent fish. While on the western side stands a circular forest that teems with forest life. Atop the northeastern portion of the isle stands a jagged mountain range which heralds a rather large volcano that chuffs smoke into the air, creating a film that obscures the island from mortal eyes; though the volcano itself never erupts. At the very heart of the infinity shaped isle is a rather peculiar, sentinel tree with deep chestnut bark and a thick array of leaves. These leaves appear a multitude of colors - each color matching to the gem of a wolf who died while serving as one of the demi-gods flocks - and some leaves remain translucent as markers for those who have passed on as either Rebel or rogue.

Note: Mortals cannot access the Isle except on Day of the Dead, when a land bridge becomes exposed.
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