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Nestled along the northern edge of the Meadow is a circular pool of deep blue water, fringed and interlaced with dazzling icy colors, almost crystalline in appearance. The surface of the pool has a mirror-like sheen and when gazed into, its depths seem to endlessly drop away moments after the pool catches the image of a wolf, and shifts to occupy the soul’s eye–revealing to the wolf what fuels them. When touched, the cosmic substance does not ripple or act like water. The water within is not actually deep, though it looks as though it continues down indefinitely. This illusion is disrupted if a wolf stands in the pool, unveiling its true depth, a mere few inches.

Properties: The water therein is without earthly form, laced with shimmering icy colors amongst the dark blues that mimic the appearance of crystals in geodes. When touched or waded into, the illusion of eternal depth is dispelled to reveal that the pool is only a few inches deep, as well as induces a strange lack of physical sensation in the user. For any wolf who looks into their reflection, the oracle projects what drives a character more in the entire pool–their fears or their desires. This image is seen in the mind’s eye and cannot be viewed by others present. In this way, many wolves can look into the basin simultaneously without seeing each other’s visions.

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Role-Call (Meeting)
05-20-2018, 06:53 PM
by Lunafer

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