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02-17-2018, 03:18 PM
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Borders Solace
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He wonders if this is....the right thing to do. Or rather, if it's the best idea. But he needs this--at least, he THINKS he does. He sighs heavily, carrying himself over the terra until the gentle roar of the waves that lick at the jetty delta that is the Cerulean reaches his ears. It isn't as if he can SEE what it is that is going on, so instead, he listens--and hopes. He is in dire need of something--something he isn't certain he can rightfully place. Perhaps it is the voice in his head--HER voice, the voice that is not Kurai, nor his own--that voice of some lost goddess that has plagued him since childhood, her demands-- or perhaps it is simply the madness that has infested his mind for far too long finally breaking through the cracks of his mental defenses. Whatever it may be, it is not something he knows by heart and so it is with a heavy heart and a deep sigh that he finally finds his toes at the borders.

Should he call? He knows nobody here.....but Keston and Clarke. As if that isn't whom he's come to talk to. No mattter. He sighs, pacing--perhaps he'll gather the strength after some time.


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