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02-17-2018, 03:16 PM
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Borders [aw] the ocean
Posted 02-01-2018, 10:59 PM |
Divine (Site Helper)
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Alistar Vaitan Lyonesse
They'd said he was welcome to come back to the desert whenever he wanted. He hadn't really planned to go all the way to the borders of his old home; it was a tragic scene, and he had some thoughts of diving in the pools of light, but with his new friend it seemed like an opportune moment to make it back. The heat pounded against his dark shoulders; he barely noticed, with his typical idle aplomb. Neither heat or cold, hunger or thirst managed to pierce it, usually. He traveled with the ease of someone who'd never really done anything else. He just walked along, smiling up at the burning sky, and occasionally making comments about the terrain or the foliage. Or the fauna; a species of lizard caught his eye near the Fire borders, and he commented idly "It's a dragon."
The dragons in the desert were quite small and harmless, not like the ones in the swamp. Nothing to worry about.
His stomach growled on occasion, but he let the creatures go without incident. Reptiles weren't his favorite food. In any case, he was reasonably sure he could find something better out here, given time. And, if not, knights were supposed to be able to survive long periods of time without sustenance. Seven days without food or water, five days underwater; ten sealed in ice and three - he had always thought it was odd - three bleeding to death. So far he had managed none of those feats, but, he figured, it was only a matter of time. One day he would reach those heights. Possibly.
He filled the journey with idle chat, touching on those matters - the various feats - and others that crossed his mind, like whether or not the dragons of the desert could secretly shift shape into other forms, and some small incidents he'd heard of during his time in the wastelands where they'd done such things. Then he broke into a brief explanation of the fact that he'd used to live in the sands. That, he discovered, was still a touchy subject. He didn't elaborate.
So, by the time he reached the familiar borders of the dunes, he had mostly chattered about chivalry and lizards, and said very little about his past in the desert, and nothing at all about his secret reason for turning up. He really didn't plan to visit for old time's sake. The last time had been fairly painful, and he didn't want to repeat it. He did, however, want to see a certain person - the queen, he supposed, as far as that went - and it seemed uncomfortable to tell Alistar about it. For some reason, explaining that his mother had dropped him and his siblings off here for their fake grandmother to raise them was easier than giving out that he was hoping to see a girl.

He smiled happily at his new companion.
"Here we are!"
The evening sun set behind them, and the afternoon was growing immediately cooler. It was familiar from his childhood. It would be cold at night, but the temperature rarely bothered him. It didn't cross his mind to call for the leaders; he was more interested in showing off the rolling dunes.
"Do you think the dunes are like the sea?" He indicated their surroundings cheerfully. "But with sand and not water, I guess. I think they look the same. It's like a poem."
Or a metaphor, if he'd known the right word.
He fidgeted slightly, mind still on his secret personal mission, and kept smiling. Hopefully nobody would notice what he was doing. He thought he was being fairly secretive, for him. Knights went to visit other kingdoms all the time, right? Nothing strange about his arrival. Besides, Alistar should probably travel more. It was a good idea.

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Posted 02-02-2018, 07:59 PM |
Divine ( Admin )
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the path from the waterfall to the desert is not so very long, but the terrain is unforgiving: thick foliage gives way to unrelenting heat, so unfamiliar after his frigid winter in the wilds that he begins to feel faintly nauseaous. he masks his discomfort with a thoughtful frown. rascal, fortunately, seems satisfied with alistar's minimal interjections, filling the conversational void with his observations on knighthood and doutaini's bestiary. not all of which seems completely accurate to alistar, but, still feeling slightly sick and not totally confident that the lizards of the land were not in fact a miniature breed of dragon, he elects not to voice his doubts. by the time they have reached the desert's borders, he feels wholly steeped in rascal's strange worldview.

"they have an awful lot of dragons here." a thoughtful mutter as his bright eyes catch sight of yet another gecko sunning itself on a desert rock. but it only blinks at him, sundrunk and lazy; it looks more likely to fall asleep than breathe fire. and rascal, for his part, seems wholly unbothered by the presence of the lizards. alistar takes his cue from the more senior knight and tries to ignore the dragons they pass (but is betrayed by the darting backward glances he spares to each one).

do you think the dunes are like the sea? ... like a poem. alistar snorts, unimpressed by the comparison. (and besides, the dead white sand looked nothing like the countless shades of blue and green in the sea; could not hope to compare with the lively froth of waves breaking against the surf.) "i think you're better off leaving poetry to the poets." he turns to smirk at the other knight and catches his little fidget on the sand. he's observant enough to notice a new mood has struck his odd companion. but, presuming it to be the same heatsickness that had not long ago beset his own stomach, alistar politely says nothing and looks back into the breeze. violet dusk has begun to bathe the edges of the flat kingdom. to the east, the way to the cove has completely drowned in the oncoming night. the black horizon causes a flutter of nerves in his gut that tugs the edges of his focus. with luck, whoever found them on the kingdom's doorstep would recognize rascal before deciding to attack a pair of intruders in the night.

but he's never been the gambling type. silver-tipped hackles bristle softly against the back of his neck, lips lifting in a smile that falls a hair trigger short of a snarl. knights were always kind: he knew that much without rascal's lessons on chivalry. but knights also went nowhere unarmed. volcanic eyes fixated on the horizon, claws extending gently but insistently into the sand, he waits impatiently for whoever rascal seems so sure will greet them.

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Posted 02-07-2018, 12:17 AM |
Fire Beta
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