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Read-Only the center of the earth again. [leaving]
Posted 01-12-2018, 10:15 AM | This post was last modified: 01-12-2018, 10:15 AM by Wærnyss
Earth Healer
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© Jamie

Hidden. She blended into the earth so seamlessly that she became a part of it: her bones the roots of mangrove trees, her skin as thin as leaves whose veins are risen and spindly. The scent of wolf was all but gone from her now, replaced by wet moss and dirt and lavender. Every breath was the shallow whisper of wind through the treetops. Every sigh was as soft as the melting snow. Her eyes, once bright and curious and wise, reflected nothing but the plants that surrounded her. They were like paintings in her skull, flat images to gaze upon, to get lost in, but never interact with.

The woman had wandered aimlessly for some time. She knew she had failed her pack, leaving without a word after the tragedy that befell the Gaia. But every loss, she realized she did not have the strength to return. Vali and Penance were distant memories; she was not able to catch their scent anywhere in Doutaini, and part of her wondered if they were even real. Or maybe she crawled out of the earth one day and took the shape of a wolf, joining a family to quench her desperate loneliness. She had never looked like anyone in her family, in any case. Each of her siblings disappeared in time, as well--Dread, Hakon (were those the right names?), then Asa, Belial--though he had never accepted her--and... And even her parents' young litter was nowhere to be seen. And...Briar. How she loved him. It was his death that ruined her. She realized now that this place was never meant for her.

It took the nymph senseless months to reach the Willows. She knew of this place but she was born in Doutaini; she had never set foot so close to the edge. Still, she could feel it out there, pulling her. It was the world, and it called her name with all the gentleness of a lover. Struck briefly and suddenly with visions of Tyrus, the woodland wraith shook her head. He, too, had disappeared, but perhaps he was a figment of her imagination as well. Nothing more than a knight who saved her from her captor, another to share the burden of guilt that plagued her to this very day. She had never meant to kill. It was this place--it was never meant for her.

Come. She heard the call again; it resonated in her soul, it grounded her. She could feel it in her paws, could feel it tremor through the ground, as though it rung from the center of the earth. Hollow eyes glanced upon the tree that bore Kaede's symbol. And with no hesitation, the woman lowered her head, slipping the green gem from her neck. It sat on the ground for a moment before dissolving into millions of sparkling shards, carried away by the wind.

Revealed. There was resolution as she passed Doutaini's borders, a small glimmer of hope lighting in the woodnymph's visage. She left behind only a perfume of spring flowers, petals and twigs and strings of moss dancing from her ragged coat, the last message of a free spirit. This place was never meant for her, but maybe something out there was.

Wærnyss has left Doutaini.

Wærnyss is not my main character, so replies with her will be very delayed. Apologies in advance!

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