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01-18-2018, 02:04 AM
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All Welcome Idle Animation
Posted 01-11-2018, 09:59 PM |
Male, 2.75
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© Fry

He waded through soft, golden tides of grass as he pressed on, weary. How far had he come? He'd not the faintest clue, but what hadn't slipped past him were the faint signs that he was drawing near civilization.

At last, he thought, maybe.

An old scent carried on the breeze, paw-worn patches of earth peeking from the grass, faint shadows of rocky formations on the horizon, all calling out to him. He knew not what he searched for, now, nor in all this time, yet he was overcome with the sense he'd found it, in this moment.

The sun had already set, and in the easy darkness Finlay continued, until, finally, he grew tired of wandering. With a final, long glance cast around the plain, he allowed himself a pause, and sank back on his haunches. Fighting the ever-present nod of exhaustion, he kept his ears pricked and inclined his nose to the faint breeze and darted his eyes back and forth along the horizon. Despite his concerted efforts, however, he felt himself slipping, dulling, close to falling victim to sleep. It just wouldn't do, especially out in the open, in an unfamiliar land.

Finlay forced himself up once more on weakened legs, and heavy-lidded, staggered on into the night.

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Posted 01-15-2018, 10:55 PM |
Water ( Admin )
Water Alpha
Male, 4.00
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© Julie

In the weeks that followed Niyole’s death, the oceanic man took to wandering in an effort to clear his thoughts. The shoreline was refreshing with the unyielding coastal breeze, but the memory of Niyole laying on the beach was too great a wound that festered beneath the weight of grief. He could not think clearly there where his mind was hazed by anguish, and took the opportunity to explore the vast world of Doutaini in corners he had rarely ventured to before. Keston had always been hung up on the idea of duty that he often forgot to indulge in times of leisure; the moment was well overdue as he decided to take a temporary sabbatical from and escape the worries of life’s tribulations that seemed persistent on plaguing his mind.

Taking to Aureate Plateau for his escape, he wandered until the day had turned to night and a sense of peace had fallen onto his leonine features. Oceanic eyes were alerted by the sudden shift as a man forced himself up from the ground, and through the distortion of night, Keston felt his heart jolt a moment before he realized his error. From a distance, the man nearly looked like his missing brother and Keston had unknowingly taken several steps forward to investigate. “My apologies for the intrusion, sir. I mistook you for someone else.” He offered repentantly with a polite smile urging the corners of his lips upward. “My name is Keston—are you well?” The warrior king asked then, noticing the man’s heavy lids and staggering gait and wondering if something ailed him.

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