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Private On the Edge [Ruellia]
Posted 01-11-2018, 05:05 PM |
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© Jamie


darling be wary
of the gold you seek it’s not
yours to freely take


He could finally smell the cold air that clung to the mountains, lingering with stubborn pride despite the onset of spring. Immediately it brought a grin to his dark lips, his pace quickening as his eyes scanned restlessly round every bend in the path. So close, the thoughts flashed through his mind like lightning, as if he weren't thinking them at all, but why do you live so far? Some husband you are. The beast scoffed at the darkness that taunted him, his lip curling just slightly above his pearly fangs. But he did slow a bit, his rough pads pressing intimately into the rock beneath him. Fuck you. He was too old for this shit, but coming to the Cavern always did this to him. For the briefest of moments, the beast closed his eyes and felt the pulsating soul of the darkness rush up through the stone, entering his pores and assimilating into his bloodstream. Come back to me. The only thing he wanted was Ruellia. The demon could tug and prick his soul all it wanted, but he had no intentions of returning here to lose his mind. Not yet, in any case.

There were still things that needed to be done.

Vaitan's eyes peered forward once more, shining in the shadowy entrance with unmatched brilliance. The two fires in his skull burned as he entered the Caliginous' borders, lighting the way into the deep, deep darkness. The only thing that mattered to the beast in this moment was his wife. For so long they garnered nothing but brief touches and mildly affectionate conversation. He was hungry for her--starving. And so, the beast sauntered through the familiar tunnels and past rubble-strewn caverns with purpose and confidence. As usual, his flaring aura practically dared the wolves of Enigma to question his presence, but now that Fire and Enigma were openly allies, there was no real reason for someone to stop him. He would likely walk uninterrupted all the way to his old den, where Ruellia made her home with the children.

Curious, Vaitan thought to himself, finding the place empty. He sniffed around the wet stone for a moment, catching his lover's scent trail. With a furrowed brow and bristled fur, the beast stalked around lesser-known tunnels, following Ruellia's distinctive perfume. Have I been here before? He was sure he had never traveled this far into the Cavern's underbelly, but he had that same, overwhelmingly eerie feeling that assaulted him when he first entered the Cavern four years ago. Even without Ruellia's scent, the beast was sure he could have navigated these hazardous depths.

Suddenly, an obsidian, unrelenting darkness appeared in the distance. The beast cautiously slowed his pace, using warmth if only to create a tiny light from his gem. Luckily he could use his powers without feeling sick, though it had taken weeks of recovery. Vaitan narrowed his eyes, and was able to see that the darkness was actually a giant chasm in the stone. It must have dropped down for hundreds of feet. For all Vaitan knew, it reached the very center of the earth--or it was the gaping maw of Hell itself. One eyebrow arched over his simmering visage as he turned another bend, parallel to the edge of the abyss. "Ruellia...?"

Ruellia <3

[Image: nm68E3I.png]

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