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01-18-2018, 02:00 AM
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Posted 01-08-2018, 02:14 AM |
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&& she is forever faithful

She had decided before the day had even begun that she had to see him today, had to know more about him and perhaps show him more of their world. There was a mingling of guilt that enshrouded her mind when it came to a new male in her life, but it had been many moons since Kaleddin had disappeared and for that, she let herself feel the excitement. She had spent her life alone, mulling over family she had lost and those she was yet to meet. By blood alone it was only Charlotte that remained, even her own daughters' flesh was made up of stardust and miracles. A gift from her deity. She waited for the sun to rise above the cloud line before calling for him, a soft melody at dawn that showed both her anxiety and her excitement. She'd meet him in the caves, the large room centered in Divine that split off in several directions for them to choose. He was blind, but that meant little to Lypso'ru for that didn't mean he couldn't see.

Below her feet an assortment of shells sit in a semi-circle, she had no doubt in the world that Ama had placed them there. They pointed towards the Oracle, a pool of future-telling water that they visited often to see Kaleddin's cheshire grin. But they couldn't live in the past anymore, no...it was time for the future.

Anubis sorry this is so late!

Please tag me if I forget to reply within 3 days. <3

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Posted 01-09-2018, 12:42 PM | This post was last modified: 01-09-2018, 12:42 PM by Anubis
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His arrival at the Cove had been nothing short of pleasant, what with Spring coming to rouse the hibernating flora and warm the chilled climate, Anubis had been fortunate enough to escape the last frost of winter by the ocean among a clan of generous souls. His travels had never put him so close to the music of the sea and he understood now why so many were seduced by it-- the taste of her brine always teasing his lips, her song a powerfully hypnotizing lullaby as he'd walk along the shorelines acquainting himself with the unfamiliar sensation of cool water lapping at his toes. Firefly Cove was apt to give him peace of mind, even while his thoughts often ran rampant with the well-being of his family, and the ensuing remorse of his decision to leave their secure way of life. He'd given so much of himself that it was a miracle he had not lost himself when his children had been snatched from his grasp. This is your time to heal. He consoled himself in his solitude, encouraged by the caress of the sea as it breathed tranquility into his rattled bones. She was also his escape, though he had not encountered her since she'd escorted him from the Glade, Lypso'ru's presence lingered, like a candied whisper in his ear coaxing him to enjoy the ephemeral moments of happiness he seemed to have found during his stay.

The sun had barely peeked its head in the horizon when Anubis was greeted by the siren's song, his ear flickered, his resting skull rising with the rest of his brawny form to follow. A rush of dopamine had him floating on a cloud as he purged the fog of sleep, abandoning himself to the gravitational pull she held on him. He came upon her in a moment of musing, and stood silent, observing the amplified air of feeling that his soul could feel rising from her person. His lips quirked into something of a debonair smile as the velvet baritone of his voice broke the quiet. "I hope I'm not interrupting a moment of prayer," but his anticipation for this moment had been boiling within him as potent as a volcano ready to bubble over. "It's good to be near you again, Lypso'ru. As much as I've enjoyed my time exploring the Cove, I'd be a liar if I said I didn't long for your company." It's a bold statement, he knows, but one of truth spoken from his heart, which is currently lodged in his throat. "How have you been lately?... and your daughter as well, Ama I believe you said her name was?"


Lypso'ru no need to apologize at all! <3

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