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Borders Second Times A Charm (scouting)
Posted 01-05-2018, 03:33 PM |
Fire Scout
Female, 1.50
30 in, 100 (current) 110(a) lbs
30 ep
© Aubers
Tembrel (in case brel wanted to go with pumpkin) Keston

After their fete of friendship in the caverns Pumpkin had ducked back into the fire borders and picked some Aloe plant. She didn't know if Keston needed any or not but she figured the herb wouldn't grow in the moist lands of the ocean pack. She'd considered trying to catch him a bird or some food but her pride in her hunting skills had waned a bit since the failed pack hunt. The adults tried to play it off like it happened all the time; but she had to wonder if it was 'cause of her inexperience with group hunts. Making her way towards the water lands she stopped outside of the caverns and let out a rather obnoxiously loud howl for Tembrel. She'd enjoyed the time they'd spent together so far and he was one of the few friends she had that were close to her own age.

Continuing along she made her way to the water borders. At least she was pretty sure that's where she was... Given that she'd never been to the water lands she hoped she was in the right place. Only one way to find out. Setting the Aloe down she let out another loud howl; this time calling for Keston and any of the water wolves that wanted to show up. Then she sat down to wait; her tail curling around her paws as the wind breezed over the distant sand dunes with a saline content completely different from the dry air of the desert.

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Posted 01-11-2018, 05:40 PM |
Enigma Scion
Male, 1.25
33 in, 110A lbs
25 ep
© vik
Unable to defy Ruellia's wishes for him to go with Pumpkin, Tembrel left Kurai's hallowed halls and stepped into the light. Pumpkin's howl had been impossible to ignore or mistake, so he knew he couldn't pretend to miss it. It had been, after all, rather loud and unpleasant, though the Scion could hardly hold it against her. Rather, he blamed his sudden case of nerves on the open sky above his head, and the eerie distant wail of a pipe, or something, falling down from it. That no one else ever seemed bothered by it depressed him, and today, it also sparked a peculiar sense of dread and irritation. "Hwewuh Unkin," he said around a mouthful of unlucky hare. It had been established that a gift was important, but Tembrel wasn't certain how long one of the Cavern's flashier staples, an eyeless fish, would last on the trip, or whether Keston would appreciate a bat if he wasn't used to eating them. So, hare it was. Respectable, if a little dull. Still, he smiled, dropped it briefly, and clarified: "Hi Pumpkin." After that, picking up his catch, he followed his friend to the borders of the Cerulean.

By the time they arrived, he had a headache. Tembrel worked his jaw, moving the hare limply about between his teeth before he remembered it was there. He set it down on the sand near his paws, and Pumpkin howled for Keston. While they waited, he had time to think. What was he doing here, he wondered miserably. He'd never been taught diplomacy or anything, and he was no scout. What if he badly misrepresented Enigma or Kurai? What if he embarrassed Pumpkin? And his headache was making it difficult to clear his mind, to think straight. He wanted to scuttle back into the caves, where the light and sounds and excitement of life didn't affect him. Where he could stagnate. Or evolve, perhaps, like the eyeless fish. Devoted to the dark.
Tembrel took a deep breath and sighed. He pointed his nose into the wind, trying to ignore the restless thoughts. He could smell the brine of the sea from here, which reminded him of Meliae. He had believed something was lurking under the waves at that time. Silly, he thought now, shifting his weight back and forth slightly.
Keston, Pumpkin

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Posted 01-15-2018, 01:33 PM |
Water ( Admin )
Water Alpha
Male, 4.00
36 in, 135 lbs
809 ep
© Julie

Unable to stand still under the weight of grief, Keston busied himself with the assignments of his role. Having visited Kuro Pit rather frequently as of late, he turned to his homeland that he had neglected during the visits, and set off to patrol the borders as he noted areas that needed work. The recent increase in storms as a result of spring had littered the golden beaches with a variety of driftwood and ocean debris, creating a rather unpleasant appearance. The lion-wolf observed from the overlooking bluffs that bordered the shoreline, moving to address the troubled area when a call rose into the skies. There was a hint of familiarity to the caller’s voice, Keston thought, as he made his way to greet the visitor. Climbing down from the bluffs, he discovered the pair of wolves awaiting his arrival to the borders—one of Fire and one of Enigma, though he was not surprised at the collaboration given the marriage between Vaitan and Ruellia. Now that he was closer, Keston discovered the young woman of Fire was hardly a stranger—my, how much she had grown! “Pumpkin, I hardly recognized you at first. It is good to see you again.” He admits with a smile, turning next towards her companion. “And hello to you—my name is Keston.” Continued the oceanic man, lowering his head in a polite greeting before he addressed them both. “Welcome to Cerulean Waters.” A curiosity brewed in his chest like one of the storms out at sea, intrigued by what had brought the pair here today as he looked upon the aloe plant and lifeless hare.

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