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01-21-2018, 10:29 AM
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Posted 12-27-2017, 03:52 PM |
Rogue Wolf
Female, 2.25
35 inches in, 82 lbs lbs
0 ep
© Moxee
It feels almost shameful to be here, but Resh is nothing but a blank canvass as she walks through this unpleasant place. For so long she'd been in hiding, away from contact, away from any invitation to join whichever pack might tempt her. She had been so disappointed in her lifetime, and she was not in the mood to meet further disappointment. But she feels week, pelt in too much disarray and flesh far too close to the bone for her to risk staying by herself for too long. Perhaps she is not a member a pack would want; her body is frail, her ragged fur suggests some sort of illness lurking within her punitive frame, and it all suggests some great inability to care for herself.

She'd had a family once. It seems to be a distant dream now, forgotten in the unreachable land of the past, lost to her in all but her memories. And oh, those memories were nothing but shallow things. Once she could pull up the sweetness of her mother's scent by demand, and now it is more abstract. Faces blur together, and she wonders if they miss her. If they miss the wild girl they'd forgotten long ago. She'd survived abandonment with a very limited skill set, but Resh had hardly thrived. Her fight had been long and trying, and now is the moment of her defeat. Here, where she searches for strangers in the most desolate of places, like the wreckage of a ship looking for a sandy shore.

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Posted 12-27-2017, 04:05 PM |
Earth Scout
Male, 3.75
36 in, 140 lbs
47 ep
© Tae
Images of the fight him and Pidge had with the rabid fox flashed through his mind. He swallowed harshly at the thought. No, he needed to focus on his duties as a scout. He strolled through the desolate land, shivering slightly as a hard gust of winters air battered against his strong body. He had decided to copy that divine man he had met the other day, taking a hare along with him upon dispersing from Earth. The mammal swung limply in his strong jaws. He did his best to ignore the strong winds, instead focusing on the figure ahead of him. His ears perked and his gait increased. He let out a muffled bark to announce his presence. He didn't want to startle the gal. As he finally was within a respectful distance, he would drop the hare in front of him and sit. he nosed the prey closer to her frail legs. "It would appear you're in need of some food ma'am. Feel free to have this. Also, let me be the first to welcome you to doutaini." he spoke in deep tones, a soft smile on his features as he would await her reply.

Adopt one today!

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Posted 12-27-2017, 04:45 PM |
Storm ( Admin )
Storm Wolf
Female, 4.00
32 in, 100 lbs
294 ep
© Julie
The wildflower of Storm found her way back to Kuro Pit with ease, with passage marked along a familiar trail. She had idle time for now, between her children grown enough to be exploring on their own and anticipating the coming thaw with the turn of seasons, when Philippa could begin her work on building a medicinal garden in Lightning Valley. Though truth be told, she rather enjoyed welcoming newcomers upon their entrance to Doutaini--the future lay out ahead of them with all the possibilities in the world. The smell hardly bothered her anymore either, though that could perhaps be attributed to the fragrance she often exuded of lavender and sage--a side effect from her work as a trained healer. It kept the pungent stench of the infamous Kuro Pit at bay, however, and Philippa was ever grateful for that.

She rested off in the distance, observing with blushing-rose eyes upon those that wandered here. Many wore a colored gemstone around their necks, and she was no exception, but a fair few traveled without; Philippa watched the crowd intertwine like the waves of the ocean beneath the wail of a tempest when a young lady caught her interest. The woman was disheveled in appearance, unkempt in a way that begged a question about the woman’s health and well-being. Intrigued by concern for the woman, Philippa trod through the muck and mire towards the woman, reserving caution and stopping at a respectable distance. A man arrived just before she had, and with a tilt of her head in greeting and a polite smile finding its way upon her features, the wildflower turned her attention towards the woman. “Hello, miss and welcome to Doutaini. My name is Philippa--have you traveled far?” Stealing a closer look, the storm woman could find no obvious wounds that might suggest the woman was injured. With empathy flooding to her heart, Philippa imagined travel during winter could not be an easy task to accomplish.

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Posted 01-01-2018, 12:32 PM |
Rebel ( Staff )
Rebel Wolf
Female, 3.00
33 in, 115 lbs
75 ep
© riv

Time was rarely spent lazily lounging around the gaia. Having done very much what she told Mars she wanted. A job, she wanted to have a job and have something to do to prove her devotion to the bear god. Doing her best to let each new comer know of their options, and the power that Kaede held. Following idly in the tracks of Akuma. Standing back from the gathering as she watches him and notices Philippa. Trying to think of how many times they had crossed paths in recent weeks. A slight smile on her lips as the lady in white finally moves closer to the group.

Offering a nod to the Storm woman as she moved behind Akuma. Sitting down, as she’d let him take the lead with this. Welcome to Doutaini, I’m Badr. Are you in need of any food or shelter to recover from your travels? Looking over the frail woman. Wondering slightly if she is ill, and if she was in need of some kind of healing. Still she offers a warm smile as she

Ereshkigal Akuma Philippa

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