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01-21-2018, 04:21 AM
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Borders at garden’s edge
Posted 12-26-2017, 10:29 AM |
Water ( Admin )
Water Alpha
Male, 4.00
36 in, 135 lbs
809 ep
© Julie
The recent meeting with the pack had left the Lioncourt disheartened as he witnessed the barrenness of Kei’s kingdom, and he could not help but feel as though the cause rested on his own shoulders. He had failed to uphold his promise to Kei, a worry that leeched deep into his mind with overpowering fervor and combined with the tribulations of his past. How many wolves had seen the golden shores of Cerulean Waters as a promising future, only to falter into absence? How many hours of his life he had spent searching for the lost and what did he have to show for it? Keston was exhausted by the efforts, but it was the purpose that kept him going and fed the deontology of his virtues, giving birth to a new thought that would foster change. Or so he hoped, Keston thought as he ventured towards the far western edge of Doutaini. Amelia had shore recently and placed a longing in his heart to seek out Asceo and Zion; it had been far too long since he visited them and there was little else that could bring his heart such joy. The path was a familiar one as he passed by Kuro Pit and ventured towards the Gaia where the brush grew thicker and the trees seemed to tower overhead. A canopy enveloped the golden knight in his pursuit, and when he encountered the scent of Mars along the borders, he drew to a halt. Tossing back his head, he felt the pressure of a call break over his vocal chords to reach out into the jungle before him.

Zion Mars

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Posted 12-26-2017, 11:04 AM |
Earth Scout
Male, 3.75
36 in, 140 lbs
47 ep
© Tae
Akuma walked on off-white limbs. His paws scattering leaves in his path. He was on the way to complete his daily duty of patrolling the borders when the how echoed through the crisp air. He paused, front paw lifting slightly and ears perked. It was his duty to patrol the borders, so if someone was there calling for the members of his pack then it would only be right to see who it was beforehand. he didn't need Mars getting attacked by a possible threat. His muscles tensed before lurching off the ground, paws scrabbling against the ground as he lurched forward. His emerald necklace thumped against his breast with each lop he took.

As he grew closer, the refreshing scent of salt and the sea reached his nostrils. He slowed down as wolf came into view with a blue pendant at their throat. He wagged his tail in a friendly greeting as he grew closer, happy the other had decided to wait at the border and not trespass. He bowed in greeting, before readjusting his posture with one of stoicness. "I'm AKuma, scout of Earth, sorry I'm not who you're looking for, but ho might you be?" he asked, voice curious. He kept his guard up but tried to look nonthreatening at the same time.


Adopt one today!

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Posted 01-15-2018, 02:34 PM |
Earth Wolf
Male, 1.50
37 in, 138 lbs
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© Sparrow
(oof, I'm sorry for the wait - did you still want to move forward with this, Julie?)

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Posted 01-15-2018, 02:37 PM |
Female, 28.50
--- in, --- lbs
0 ep
© Julie
( no worries! And yes, if you are interested, I’d love to continue! )

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