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Posted 12-10-2017, 03:30 PM |
in, lbs

It was dusk when the feral child arrived, breaking the surface of her clogged reality. This place wasn’t welcoming to her skinny frame, layers of tough mud painting her legs. But she didn’t understand, couldn’t process her surroundings clearly. There were no thoughts to be skimmed through, no language to decipher. She was nothing. Confused maybe. An untouched corpse of a girl. But essentially nothing. No name. No idea of what she’s supposed to be. Unnamed. Fed soft words until she had some clue what she could be.

Wolf child. Hide-able. Free.

She had no true mindset. Everything frightened her. The sights. The smells. The noises. Isolation had conditioned the pup to black. Black nothing. Nothing to interrupt the calm. Now there were predators, and animals, and noises and smells. Some clung to her mold able skin. She’d thrive somehow, and in the ever shifting time frames in her brain, things clicked together. Clockwork. Perfectly timed. It was okay... Her amber eyes peered at the horizon, watching the sun set with bewilderment.

This wasn’t home, that became clear.

Her miniature body settled onto the muddy earth, embracing inevitable hunger with an open heart. Awaiting the voice that lead her to every meal. It was almost hour four of silence, she wouldn’t wait much longer.

This pup has no name, and has been kept in isolation for most of her life. She’ll have development issues, is highly skittish, and has the mind set of a 3 month old. She’s more or less completely “fresh out the box”, and will be named IC by somebody eventually. For further questions DM me on Discord. Happy Holidays!

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Posted 12-10-2017, 05:02 PM |
Rebel Wolf
Male, 4.50
30 in, 130 lbs
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© sorceror
He was bored and alone and lost; he didn't like the mud pits, but he didn't like anywhere else either. People kept trying to get him to do things, but, one way or another, he kept shaking them off. They all had their purposes, and he had his. Whatever it was.
He was, honestly, not sure what he was supposed to be doing, which was probably why he was back here. Maybe the first person to throw a fistful of dollars and a magic necklace at him would end up being the person he worked for. Because, well, what else was he going to do? Keep waiting around for an invasion that was never going to come? It was apparent that he had been tricked, and, not even unknowingly - he'd known this was a con, and he'd had no choice but to go along with it. Obey or die. And, for better or for worse, Gorgon Volante wasn't ready to quit yet.
But he wasn't ready to try either.
The sun was setting steadily and he was wandering through the icy mud, breath floating out in a cloud behind him, and scowling at the distant horizon. It was probably fate that made him almost trip over a cowering figure on the ground. It was probably bad luck that made him stop, instead of continuing on, to stare archly at the youth.
What was it doing out here? Was it his business? Not really. He figured it was smart to move on, but, maybe, he wasn't the smartest guy ever. Not even slightly. He hesitated instead of following his gut or paying attention to common sense and stared wordlessly at the black shape in the mud.
For one reason or another, he didn't think of any jokes to make. He was thinking that this wasn't someone who would think he was funny. The burly soldier reached a paw out, instead, cautiously, to prod at the shivering carcass on the ground. He had the air of a man who was holding out his hand to a smaller, lesser creature with the idea that maybe it would take it. He wasn't sure what he thought he was going to achieve, exactly. Maybe a distant vision of a somewhat similar child was hovering in his mind's eye.
Well out of reach, now, barring a miracle. He didn't think he was providing one of those by being here, either, but whatever he was doing was maybe something like it.

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Posted 12-11-2017, 10:12 PM |
Fire Beta
Female, 4.00
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104 ep
© Lou


"Don't you touch her!" the quarells of a woman scorned beats down on them, feminine in the way she moves yet soldier-like by the blessed training her mother had provided. She was maternal for a woman who had no children of her own, sure there was Pumpkin, a pup she'd found not unlike this one, shivering in the corner of last winters snowfall. There is a beastly rumble in her throat as she nears the pair, the cowering frame of a malnourished pup and a man with his paw extended towards it, had her eyes been playing tricks or had he actually hit the babe? "Who do you think you are?" she snaps, the hackles against her spine standing on end as akako's gem hums to life with a soft hued glow.

She tries to keep her voice down, the fire woman quite known for her rage fits, before she crouches in the ice and mud to peer at the pup. "Did this man hurt you?" she questions in not much more than a breath of a whisper, her emerald eyes softening at the edges, though she doesn't want to come across as too soft. She straightens and shoots him a knife-point glare before casting spark, instantly creating a fire for them to sit around. "Im Lyonesse, of a pack here called Fire. We can do all sorts of special tricks, come darling, get warm and tell me your name. Where have you come from?" she encourages the child to move closer by rounding the fire and sitting on the other side, there is a gesture there as well; for gorgon to join them. No point freezing.

tags; Unnamed

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Posted 12-12-2017, 03:47 AM | This post was last modified: 12-12-2017, 03:53 AM by Aderchop
Enigma Wolf
Male, 4.50
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© Sphinx
Grit and snow is an unsavoury combination, and it is just what the Kuro Pits are today when the serpent comes a-wandering. Hunger snarls, but still he forbids his tongue from so much as brushing the miserable little corpse in his slim jaws; a sickly hare, grey and weak in the clutch of winter, had merely watched him on the forest's edge as he'd come on steady, nonchalant steps to confiscate from it it's breath. He had taken it, and it had closed it's eyes as he'd bitten into its distended little ashen stomach.
As if holding an egg between his teeth, the snake king disallows himself to feast just yet. Perhaps to spice the flesh would improve the stale scent which drifts from it as he walks. A wrinkling of the nose as large emerald eyes glimmer dully. The snow and frost is brown and black and pale off-whites, unpleasant and unpicturesque.
And so, the far off flickering of flames springing skyward is a sight and sense which draws his skeletal self closer.

Two wolves stoop by a fire, crimson and low, and as he draws near upon silent feet, he takes notice of a broken little form of dark pelt which lies there too. A pup wandered in from the storm, having found itself to the very eye.
Eyes glow, lambent and suddenly hungrily interested. He picks up his feet into a dainty little trot, pretty and careful, as if to brush the muddy floor as little as can be managed, and as he comes into the wake of the fire he slows to a tentative treading. He intends to lean past the fire - conjured by the Firewoman who is present, he deduces - and to rest the measly corpse of the hare before the pup, at a distance which should allow for it to become warmed by the flames for as long as she may need to gather herself up, so that she might eat.
Backing up immediately, though not hastily, Aderchop now intends to stand before the fire and hold his craned neck straight, lifting his pallid visage and tucking his chin a little over his throat, smiling thinly and shuddering as the warmth steals the frost from his bones, slowly, slowly. The amethyst gem of his pack glints strangely upon his pale chest.
That same usual curiosity is there, and as his eyelids flutter he glances upon each of the others present.
”A pleasure,” he says gently, and nods, for his frame is too cold-stiff to bow. There is a rugged rogue male of brutish bodily structure, the aforementioned Firewoman with the gemstone gaze of fierce maternity - and, of course, there is the poor little whelp, who doth lie in the filth, her patchy dark pelt tarnished by the foul soils of the Pits.
”I mean no disrespect,” he quietly begins, watching the pup with wavering eye, ”but I feel that such an environment as the Torrid Desert for a little maid such as this would be unwise, at least for now.” Aderchop had heard only the hum of words as he had approached, but a quick brushing of psychic tentacles o'er the Firewoman's brain - and with it a twang of strain in his temples - reveals to him her mentioned intentions.
A strange interest he finds can be found within this sickly little creature; she seems to him a sullied little alien, having crawled from the dead womb of space and now flopping wetly upon the harsh lands of isolation. He wonders, with widening eye and subtly tilting head, how she might work, how she should grow here, if given the means of doing so.
And so, craning his neck forth a little again, eyes peering with greengage interest upon the nameless little pup, he hisses softly, ”Would you like to come inside, to a place with a roof and pretty crystals all around?”

”speech” thought

notes: aw
tags: Unnamed Gorgon Lyonesse
table credits to dee <3

Ever eating, never cloying,
All-devouring, all-destroying,
Never finding full repast,
Until I eat the world at last.

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Posted 12-16-2017, 09:35 PM |
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Posted 12-24-2017, 12:42 PM | This post was last modified: 12-24-2017, 04:01 PM by Riv
Rebel ( Staff )
Rebel Wolf
Female, 3.00
33 in, 115 lbs
75 ep
© riv
she was blessed with a plentiful home, hearing the commotion of the pit as she was drawn from the borders. her half tail flicking slightly as she moves closer to the pit. eyeing a gathering of wolves, with a variety of gems. spying only one recognizing face among the group. aderchop, nice to see you again. she slides up by his side, offering a smile, as eyes shift down to the pup. the rabbit in her mouth dropping to the muddy earth in front of the pup. you must be hungry, if you’d like. you can take this, i can always find another one for myself. she shifts slightly as she tries to understand the atmosphere of the these interactions. each one seems to be trying to sell the idea of a new home to the girl. she spies the fire and assumes the red gem belongs to the fire creator. offering a smile at the other female before finally sitting herself down.

the white female standing up tall, a figure of what earth has to offer as she tries to adjust to her new life. knowing that she could call for mars if need be but she preferred to try this as much as she could on her own. each of our homes has the ups and downs for a child. each of the environments are so different from one another and contrast. although it was something that most didn’t like to admit, it was a fact. each and everyone was different. perhaps you might even be interested in seeing what the gaia has to offer. sweet flowers always in bloom, plentiful in food and riches. full of nice people. it’s an option should you choose to take it. she stands back up, the smile still on her face. looking at the rogue man who is present, eyeing him gentle to understand him before she turns her attention back onto the others.

Unnamed Gorgon Lyonesse Aderchop
just throwing her here!

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