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01-19-2018, 07:13 AM
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Borders A flashing desire
Posted 11-16-2017, 12:44 PM |
Rogue wolf
Female, 3.00
39" in, 92 Lb. lbs
0 ep
© Gale
A masked face stared across the border into prominent Storm Pack territory, a longing raging within the female heart. For many a season, Gale has desired to join this pack of electricity, and that was exactly what she was attempting to do. A nervous rumble caused her mind to grind many times over the subject of bolting from the scene, cowardice induced by fear of rejection. Galevolt's pale jade eyes scanned the valley, fur standing on end, energy causing a crackle every time her side rubbed up against a wild cotton plant. The rumble of thunder in the distance caused her to jump out of her swimming mind, and confident that standing her would gather her no succession, she howled the name of the pack alpha, their alias ringing through the air, sure to travel far at the lack of dense growth.

@ Seacca

Posted 11-16-2017, 02:25 PM |
Storm Alpha
Female, 6.25
35 in, 83 lbs
532 ep
© sea
the skies are awake today, her voice filters down the well trod path to the border. it is thunder in itself, the poisoned rumbling growling without redemption. the nip of fall adjoins across her nose, those glacial eyes surveying the newcomer with renewed interest. the shades that drape across the female's canvas are intricate and poised, a dramatic entanglement of ebony and ivory. she's immediately curious about the masked creature, that which would ring the doorbell of the tempest. she's much too studious as she watches the tips of the woman's fur, scans the price of vibrance against her skin. it is an eerie thing, to be entirely unshaken by the chaos and the noise and the flashes that disdain every corner of her home. and yet the training of many years has shaped her into such a thing. she stops with some distance between them, a moment afforded before she continues. i am seacca, i lead storm. a pause. you called?


Posted 11-17-2017, 11:52 AM |
Rogue wolf
Female, 3.00
39" in, 92 Lb. lbs
0 ep
© Gale
GaleVolt's ears pricked at the sound of the femme's voice, her posture assuming a mien of an alpha or goddess, even. Her jade eyes flashed submissively, "Yes, I have come to your lan to request membership. I have been intrigued at a distance for a great expanse of time, and I ask of you to allow me entrance to you home, you legacy in which you rule over others." Her coal masked face looked up, her thickly furred, thin bodied frame hunkered down to suggest that of a peasant bowing to their queen. As she awaited the lordless's answer, she examined the physique of the lady, her fur's shading causing her pupils to dilate, taking in each follicle of hair upon her body, their light green depth marveling silently in her virtue.