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Read-Only Garden of Indecision
Posted 11-10-2017, 07:12 PM | This post was last modified: 11-10-2017, 07:16 PM by Asceo
Earth Beta
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© Intricate
The lithe black she-wolf was beginning to regain some of her dignity that she had lost when she had been away from her pack. Kaede's gem faintly glowed against the black fur of her chest as if Earth's bear god was glad to have her home. Her pelt had been washed and groomed properly for the last several days, regaining its previous luster and shine. She had eaten a few rabbits since her return and her weight was returning, as was her energy levels. Asceo was finally beginning to feel better since she watched Briar die. She had brooded over Mars words for some time before she began to accept them for herself.

It wasn't my fault.

She wished that she had been home when the day of the dead had been celebrated. Maybe she could have seen him, albeit in spirit form. She imagined the light in his red-blue eyes shone as they did in his life, proud and relentlessly intense. Asceo wondered if he used psychomancy to communicate with other spirits when he was not on an earthly plane. Or did Briar simply cease to exist after his death? She resolved that one day, she would find a way to seek him out. To apologize for not being able to save him from killing himself.

With a shake of her head, Asceo tried to distract herself from her darkening thoughts. She had eaten and drank, reconnected with Mars, washed, and returned to the Gaia on her own terms. But there was still yet more to do–her medicine den desperately needed stocking, her garden had all but died in her absence with no one to care for the tender saplings and herbal plants. It had been so long that she felt distanced from the Gaia in her heart, like she didn't belong anymore. The discomfort grew within her until she decided to make herself feel at home again. She lifted her nose to scent the air, re-committing the scents of her territory to memory. The smells of aged bark, wet dirt, and endless rows of greenery flooded her nostrils, aromatic flowers and warm prey-scents lightly danced over the earthen notes. Asceo moved quietly under the trees searching over every rock, fern, and stray debris to feel more familiar with the scattered life that made up her territory.

She followed the small crooked stream to the fallen tree that housed her medicine and herb stores. Asceo poked her head through the gray lichen that had grown since she had left and into the hollow end of the tree beneath the roots. Dust and cobwebs smeared the walls and nooks that she had dug into the walls. None of her herb supplies were left, either rotted away or had been lost in the high floodwaters caused by Haya's storm. She remembered racing to her den to salvage her most basic healing supplies in the storm–she had chosen her herbs over her childrens' safety. She had not known where they were until Roscoe's piercing scream had lit up the night like the lighting that flashed in the wicked skyscape. It was because of her negligence that he had nearly been drowned. Once she was near him Asceo had forgotten all about her herbs and dropped them to pull Roscoe from the deepening hole he was clinging to the edge of. She had even fallen herself and nearly drowned trying to save him from the same fate. Asceo had struck her head on a stone at the bottom of the pit. She should have died that day; somehow she had survived, and had yet to discover who had pulled her out of the pit. It couldn't have been Roscoe, he was too young and small to have been able to carry her weight.

Asceo's heart ached as she surveyed the dead hollow where her garden used to be full of life. She turned away and followed the stream through her territory. She needed to find her children before she could even think about resuscitating her derelict garden. Asceo at least owed them that much.

As she angled herself towards the Cerulean Waters, she decided to at least re-explore her home. Maybe she could find out better spots to harvest herbs as she made her way to the Water Pack. Asceo sniffed the air curiously as she wandered beside the winding stream. She poked her nose into the small abandoned burrows that hid under bushes and large tree roots, noting several pawfuls of cobwebs, although she had plenty of those in her den from being absent for so long. As the trees thinned towards the eastern edge of Earth territory, the scent of fresh trees changed to a heavier more humid scent as she approached the border with the Hakai Mists Forest. She was delighted to see a patch of juniper bushes nearby and she started to step towards them before stopping suddenly mid-stride.

Amelia is still alive.

Mars' voice echoed in her mind and she veered away into the Hakai Mists.

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