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Hunting what wolves do. [pack hunt]
Posted 11-05-2017, 04:24 PM | This post was last modified: 11-15-2017, 04:59 PM by Vaitan
Fire Alpha
Male, 5.75
36 in, 125 lbs
551 ep
© Jamie
The hardened earth crunched beneath his feet, and the expert hunter shifted his weight to avoid repeating the sound. Autumn's chill wind blew from the East, cascading over the flat plains between the sea and the Meadow. Winter was nearly upon them already, an entire summer wasted by tragedy and destruction. Despite living in the heart of the desert, Vaitan felt like it had been far too long since he'd seen the light of the sun. But times were changing, and so was he. He was reborn with the blessing of Akako, devoted heart and soul to rebuilding the pack that was ground into dust at his paws. We will be reborn from the ashes. He was tired from the constant searching, patrolling and hunting required to keep their small family afloat. And despite all his blessings, his mind still perused the thoughts of a life with Ruellia, with his children, in a place where duty did not rely on him. Here he was now, at the edge of the wild, prepared to lunge for the kill that would serve Fire yet again.

But the beast didn't have to think of any of that when he was in the field. He had only to think of his hunger, and how it drove his silent paws forward through the brush. He had only to think of his muscles, tensing and relaxing beneath the thick coat that protected him. He had only to think of his positioning, where his fellow wolves could join him, where the prey could fall beneath his weight. Scents wafted into his nostrils and gave directions to his brain; it was instinctive, an action he didn't have to concentrate on as much as he did in his youth. Perhaps this is why Vaitan enjoyed the hunt so dearly: he didn't have to think, just...do. It was the beauty of nature, the glory of being a wolf.

He'd released the call before leaving the Torrid, but he sent a howl in the Cavern's direction as well. Fire and Enigma were allies, two packs united as one family. Fire's ranks were practically bare, with only a few loyal members remaining. If they were busy, perhaps some wolves from Enigma would join the Fire Alpha in his hunt. Of course, the Meadow was still struggling to reclaim its former abundance; after Kiyoshi's blizzard, it took some time for animals to return to the grasses, and now it was almost winter again. But Vaitan was confident. The gods had taken, but they provided as well. Besides, tooth, claw, and determination were all the wolves of Doutaini truly needed to survive.


1. Vaitan
2. Mercury
3. Lyra
4. Pumpkin
5. Lyonesse

Tagging potentially interested parties: Lyonesse, Lilith, Tillyons, Pumpkin [to learn?], Mercury, Yvaine. Any Fire/Enigma wolves are welcome! :)

EDIT: I've posted in the prey account!

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Posted 11-08-2017, 02:20 PM | This post was last modified: 11-08-2017, 06:28 PM by Mercury
Enigma (Site Helper)
Enigma Sub-Alpha
Male, 5.25
41.35 in in, 102.22 lbs lbs
450 ep
© Sylvirr
[][] Dax Tembrel Valyn Ruellia Aderchop Nato just in case~[][]
He cuts through the tall grasses, the blade of knife--dark and oil slick, slicing through like a scythe before he comes upon Vaitan, having responded in short to his call. He flexes his toes, letting them sink into the chilling sod beneath them before taking a seat somewhere amongst the mottled shade, coiling his tail lightly overtop of his paws as he settles, statuesque and ebon, amongst the swaying grasses. Sightless eyes are tilted out towards the fields, and he chuckles slightly as his ears swivel, capturing the sounds of near-distant prey lost in the humming buzz of birds and bugs.
"So, what are we doing today?" An inquiry, laced with both anticipation and amusement, for he'd be loathe not find simple pleasures in life, such as this. "You know, Ruellia first started me in Enigma as a hunter. Perhaps testing me," he wriggles his haunches, prepared to strike, though if his aim at hunting is as bad good as his aim at snow-ball throwing, there miiiiggghhtt be a problem. Regardless, there was only one way to find out, though his snowball-throwing seemed to be more an indication of HOW he saw rather than how well he saw, for holding his own against Keston for any length of time seemed a feat.
"Are we going to split the bounty?"


[Image: eLCRPG4.png]

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Posted 11-09-2017, 09:29 PM |
Enigma ( Staff )
Enigma Wolf
Female, 2.75
30 in, 105 lbs
218 ep
© Ly
she follows mercury more than the sound of the stranger's call; pulled from the quiet dark of the caverns to a pleasant autumn day, syrupy light pooling through the breaks in the grasses. memories of her last hunt rise unbidden to the forefront of her mind. and all those wolves--delgata, canela, vali--presumably scattered now, or worse. she brushes off the creep of melancholy with a toss of her head, light eyes sharp as a blade in the daylight, aspect as prickly as the dead flora underfoot. she'd never be mistaken for a kindhearted woman. but she comes in earnest nonetheless; for the distraction of the hunt, or the promise of food come winter snows--one excuse is as good as another.

are we going to split the bounty? she drops to her haunches a few feet from the enigma leader, cataloging vaitan with her eyes as she settles. she knows little of fire, and had never encountered its leaders during her time in wind. the kinship evidently shared between the pack and enigma seems unlikely--a marriage of light and shadow--but she holds her ignorance close to vest, in the belief that everything would be illuminated with time. she's only concerned insofar as she gets her split of the bounty. after all, she'd hardly kill for another out of the goodness of her heart.

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Posted 11-13-2017, 04:54 PM |
Fire Alpha
Male, 5.75
36 in, 125 lbs
551 ep
© Jamie
ooc. Quick bump! We just need one more. :)

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Posted 11-14-2017, 04:00 AM |
Fire Scout
Female, 1.00
30 in, 100 (current) 110(a) lbs
© Aubers
She'd heard Vaitan's howl and after taking a moment to breath deep and pep herself up she'd followed. She wasn't the first to arrive but it seemed she was the first fire wolf. A poor showing. Never mind that. Moving forward; she aimed a touch of her shoulder towards Vaitan with a shy smile before looking at the rest gathered. Mercury and a lady she didn't know. Yet. A wag of her tail; a smile for the lady as she took a few steps closer to Lyra but her voice was kept on the quiet side so as not to scare any prey. "I'm Pumpkin; reporting for duty." It was more than that though... it wasn't just duty. It was a love; of her pack, her family and... yes, a love of a good meal. Her smile was just a bit toothy as she grinned and awaited her orders. She'd not been able to participate in a group hunt before now but she knew she could follow instructions like a champ. Hopefully Vaitan would see that she was growing up; that she was a teen now and able to join in instead of being sidelined.

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Posted 11-14-2017, 05:24 AM | This post was last modified: 11-14-2017, 05:24 AM by Lyonesse
Fire Beta
Female, 3.50
30 in, 110 lbs
104 ep
© Lou


The call provokes a part of her that she'd let sit too long, a hunter she had been as a child, something she had forgotten to chase as an adult. In her own defense, she had quite the life of misery and despair from her yearling stages, a life of loss and grief she was only just starting to get a handle on. So now, as Vaitan raises the call for a hunt; Lyon comes running. The meadows welcome her with open arms and the first scent she picks up is Pumpkin's, her daughter had become a valuable part of Fire and she was so proud of her. She only needed to remember to tell her at some point. "Mind if I join?" she whispers softly as she trots into the area Vaitan had chosen for them to meet, her paw steps silent, she flanks her daughter with a gentle nibble along the girls jaw in greeting, before those chartreuse eyes lift to her king. There was much stale air between them, miles of territory they needed to mend, but here, Lyonesse hoped to begin the repair.

tags; Vaitan

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