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Borders give me power;
Posted 11-05-2017, 03:23 PM |
Rebel Warrior
Male, 2.75
35 in, 129 lbs
62 ep
© Jorrvaskr

i'm the black bear; by the world, how he hates climbing this rocks. mountain lion ridge was not a easy place to walk around, he admints, but here? fuck, this is hell. he could feel the muscles burning was he walks up and up, jumping from rock to rock, always to the top. Only he finally found the borders of her lands, he stoped, practically falling on the ground, allowing his body to lay there and rest for a couple of minutes. his body was crying for it.

with tongue standing outside the mouth and breath was puffy and fast, his flame eyes would scan the scenario around him, watching the grayish world surrounding him carefully. feeling the cold breeze, and even windy, his lungs found difficulty in getting enough oxygen. it looked like a dead world, yet he saw the vegetation, trees and birds flying around. he wonders like kind of preys there were to hunt in this grounds. the wind carried the minutes and when he finally got enough breath, he allowed his powerful howl to echo in the mountains, calling her odd yet beautiful name. Then, he would only wait, in the same poistion, laying on the rocks.

Devil May Cry

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