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clipped wings
Posted 11-03-2017, 12:54 PM | This post was last modified: 11-03-2017, 12:55 PM by Niyole
Rogue Wolf
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she's got heaven in her eyes! Those lurid sunset peach eyes blink against the sudden light and cool drizzle that fills the air with a mist. Despite the moisture grass wilts beneath the clouded gray sky, evidence of autumn across the open fields just outside the entrance to Para Siempre. She'd gotten lost among the exits of the crystal lined caverns, emerging within an area much further than she'd intended, as she could not back track through the dingy and musty hallways as well as those wolves who were used to dwelling in the depths of such caverns. Instead, she found herself loping towards the first trickle of fresh air to be exposed to these dreary conditions.

Tucking her head between her shoulders she drew herself into the open, headed at a diagonal towards the rising river's edge. Her broad shoulders work as she jogs forth to follow the river, knowing it will lead her to more familiar territory if she follows its winding path through the fields. There's a soft sight from her lips as she wonders what Clarke is up to, if she cares much about her mother's wanderings or if she'd settled into her new life outside of Haruko's watchful eye.

Maybe it was a mistake...

A lone thought, one that yearns to return to Xyntanza's and look across the familiarity of the various foothills of the mountain and to climb to the welcoming arms of the valley within. Yet she is determined to discover more to Doutaini outside the past. Niyole had never called another place home and she was uncertain if her heart could betray the place she'd been born into and experienced all of what life had lead her. Still, here she was, jogging the wet pathway that might lead to some other salvation and unfurl new wings, as her's for Xyntanza's had been clipped so abruptly by the abandonment of her friends and family.

She did not worry about her course. The gods would guide her as she prayed Haruko's forgiveness in her renouncing of his powers and with the necklace, some of her faith in the god of air.

"Hoshiko's merciful hands steer my course and Keitaro bring me luck," dulcet tones call out to the misty air, a prayer reaching out to the heavens for proper direction.

( image from openclipart )
ooc: so sorry this took me so long Julie, I honestly forgot to get to this.

If I have not replied to you & it's been awhile please PM or re-tag me in the thread so that I don't forget it.

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Posted 11-23-2017, 01:06 AM |
Water ( Admin )
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There was a gravitational pull he felt to the source of Kei’s existence, as though the water of her element ran deep in his veins. It was as Keston moved towards landlocked regions of Doutaini that the pining in heart that long for a reunion with his seaside home ignited in his chest, and for the moment, the warrior was placated by the trickling waters of the Naveen River. The Lioncourt came from the wide mouth of the delta with his sights set towards another trip to Kuro Pit, a place he often felt he spent more time at than Cerulean Waters. But he could not forget the promise he had made Kei, combated by the rising sense of failure as he found her shores underpopulated once more. It was just one of the thoughts swimming amongst his conscious that kept him company along his travels, and it was soon interrupted when he crossed the path of a familiar scent. Nostrils flared for inspection as his heart pattered with a jolt of excitement that transcended into his steps. Clearwater eyes searched the surroundings as he followed the trail, hopeful that his memory had not played him for a fool. After coming across Tyrus and Lyra at Kuro Pit, Keston had been worried as to the fate of Niyole—though he had been too fearful of the answer to permit the question to form on his lips. But the scent trail had given him hope when suddenly, beryl eyes happened upon the unmistakable image of the former queen. “Niyole!” He called out, large paws kicking off the ground and set their feathering mark airborne to denote his passage. A wave of relief came over him to know that Niyole had escaped any immediate danger during whatever had transpired on Xyntanza’s Hill—a question better left for another time perhaps. “It feels like ages since I last saw you. How have you been?” Keston inquired then as his steps slowed to a halt and positioned himself with a lopsided grin before her. Slightly breathless from his excursion to find her, the golden lion eased back on his haunches in anticipation of her reply.

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