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Open beneath the stars
Posted 10-31-2017, 04:14 AM |
Divine Warrior
Female, 1.25
20(30A) in, 50(110A) lbs
14 ep
© Lou
..The stars shine as bright as your soul..

She'd spent the morning exploring the cove again, reacquainting herself with the home she had spent so much time away from. Galloping paws had taken her around the whole bay, she'd climbed the cave rocks and searched the meadow for yummy fruits and berries, she'd even looked into the oracle pool once or twice, but she couldn't really say she'd enjoyed the vision displayed for her. She didn't think that was what she wanted, or feared, instead it was rather confusing and so she'd decided to ignore it until she was at an age where she understood it. Slowly, the day had drawn to a close and from the caves where she prowled for the afternoon, she could see the sunset was quickly upon her. Already? She wanted to complain, but she wasn't finished exploring yet! She supposed there was always tomorrow, and the day after that and every moment for eternity, it brought her unending happiness to know that the cove was hers again.

After hiding her treasures in one of the cave walls, the now teen makes her way out of the caves and into the afternoon sunlight, she wasn't sure which she enjoyed more, the setting or rising of the sun. Large paws take her towards the sea and as she skips down the golden sand, she hums a lullaby, the same her mother used to help her sleep with. Uplifting but soothing, the song laces its' way around the cove eagerly. It is just before her feet touch the cool water, that she takes a seat, ready for the sunset.

Tags; Anteros <3
Notes; Ama sits on the beach just before sunset humming.

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