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Posted 11-06-2017, 09:28 AM |
Divine Healer
Female, 1.50
37 in, 80 lbs
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© Kassandra
She had come lagging behind the alpha, her ribs no longer showing and feeling a power she had never known; it was as if she was reborn. The albino was prepared to learn, prepared to serve as an equal and not as a slave as the past had treated her. Her tail was still lower than her spine, but it was happily wagging, making short eye contact and a sharing a smile with everyone her alabaster form crossed past. She planted herself close to the leader, still a bit insecure about other wolves close to her bubble. Lunafer might’ve healed her body, yet there were scars that even his light could not touch. He spoke in turn to some beings, pink tourmalines wandering about their bodies to spot potential dangers of even the most kind. The Ivory King began to speak, mind lofting into a vivid imagination where everyone began to fly with dove wings lit up with the power of fireflies. Oh, what Huata could do with wings…

“Huh?” The she-wolf’s name was mentioned and something about being mentored. Were her chains disintegrating? Was she no longer at the mercy of others? The names couldn’t match a face she had seen, but Huata had only arrived not too long ago, still far too submissive to say a simple hello. “Do you mind,” She began, blush igniting on her cheeks, “telling me who they are?” The albino would have to form a bond with her fellow healers if she were to be successful; at least, that was what she kept hearing.

Posted 11-06-2017, 06:03 PM | This post was last modified: 11-06-2017, 07:13 PM by Rascal
Divine Warrior
Male, 3.00
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35 ep
© sorceror
He stared out over the crashing waves, silver eyes narrowed against the sunlight. His position on the cliffs was worrying at best; perched on a spire fifty feet over the beach, staring out at the horizon. It was black, except for a few seagulls. The wind howled into his eyes.
Rascal stared until his eyes watered, closed them, sneezed, and jacked his eyelids back open. The seagulls had disappeared from the waves; one seemed to be slightly different from the others. The distant whitecap disappeared, returned, drifted slightly away from the prevailing tide..
A dark shape rose out of it and smoothly dipped under the waves again. He held his breath and forced his eyes open, staring at the spot.
A second later, it rose up again, disappeared, and didn't resurface.
The black knight wavered on his rocky post, gap teeth exposed in a grin. He stared around wildly, spotted a group on the beach below him, and yelled into the wind.
"The sea monster!"
He had been waiting for it for what seemed like months, every day, sitting on the rocky outcropping and staring at the horizon. Summer had turned to fall and the wind had a very strong chill to it, but he'd kept watching and waiting and...
..maybe it had been months.
Time was easy to forget about.

Nobody on the beach seemed to hear him. He sat and stared at them, smiling benevolently; they were really small, all the way down there. Like ants. Like he was watching ants going in and out of the ant hills, but mostly out. Out to stand on the beach, circled around a slightly whiter ant, to talk about ant stuff. Like an ant meeting. Like they were people. Ants weren't people. They didn't have business meetings..
Something visibly connected in his brain, bringing a brief almost-sentient flash of light to his eyes. The black knight stood quickly, an inch from falling to his death off the windy peak, and went scrambling down the long path back to earth.

He accosted the group with wild, slobbery speed, wound to a sudden halt just before cannoning into one of them - a girl, who he didn't know, whoever it was - and stood, panting, salt-encrusted and tousled.
"Oh man, oops, uh, it's okay. I'm here now," he announced to the gathering at large. "I was just watching the borders for..enemies..for, uh.."
Was it two or three months? He wasn't really sure.
"..anyway, here I am! Everyone remain calm. Is there a mission? Am I going?"
He'd taken up watching for the sea monsters because, frankly, he was bored. He'd unfortunately gotten a little too interested in the mysterious creatures' behavior. He aimed a messy smile around at the other members of divine, strangers and familiar faces alike, and struck up a pose of what he assumed was noble preparedness.

Posted 11-09-2017, 11:35 AM | This post was last modified: 11-11-2017, 07:53 AM by Zinna
Divine Healer
Female, 2.75
30 in, 92 lbs
103 ep
© Amber
Few others arrived...including a spirit. Zinna felt her eyes widen as she gazed aas the half-transparent form stood beside the King. She was just... still unused to seeing the ghosts of those who had passed to the other side. She listened, dumbstruck, as two people were... apprenticed to her. Well that was something new.
By the time Lunafer finished his speech Zinna was filled with determination, with confidence. His words held a strength that gave her strength! They were going to protect, they were going to be the peaceholders of the world that... Zinna discovered to hold a dangerous, dark side. Yes, many were lost. Zinna would always remember them all, each and every face: from Mystery, who she had spent many days with, to Cerberus, who she had seen only ones apart from when he was born... but no matter what happened or how much Divine were to struggle against the hardships of life, they would endure. In that moment she felt becoming one with the others...
Hail, my Godess of light. she cast her thanks to the sky, hoping she could hear her gratitude.
There was just one lost member that the King didn't even mention... maybe he had went away willingly. Or maybe something had happened to him. Zinna quickly shook off the thought - he was surely okay... but why had he left? Well, since Martini and Luna's son were now scouts she could tell them to keep an eye out for Song.
Zinna also felt happy for finally getting to know Lunafer's son's name. Antheros! It sounded gentle, elven, like Lunafer's.
She listened as Vodka talked. Hm, who was this Asher?
There was an oddly pale girl amongst the others, who was probably Huata. Zinna looked both towards her and Adalaye, giving them a genuine smile and returning the wavy-haired girl's bow. She heard someone approaching, and was surprised to see Rascal! "Hi Rascal!" she greeted him, noticing it was a bit... odd to come like that and act like he was there all along. Then she remembered he had said he had to go 'find some people'. She smiled.


Posted 11-11-2017, 12:21 PM | This post was last modified: 11-11-2017, 12:22 PM by Nova
Female, 0.50
40 in, 90 lbs
34 ep
© Tae

There is a solemn air that seems to weigh heavy upon her shoulders. She turns her gaze away from the wolves and towards Lunafer. She listens solemnly to his words. Loss of life? Disappearances? Her eyes return to frantically search the crowd, if she were alive her heart would certainly be racing, threatening to crawl out her throat. But she was dead, a simple spirit. She could feel a sense of dread and panic swirling within her as her brother was nowhere to be found. Neither was her mother Mystery. She remembered flashes of blood spewing from her scarred mouth. She let loose a distressed and mournful whine at the possibilities filled her mind. Then she heard it, Mystery was gone, dead.

"My mother is gone... Asher... may as well be dead" her words were muttered quietly to herself, numbly.

A glimmering tear fell down her face, running down her muzzle and dripping off her face. It dissipated in mid-air, nothing more then part of her astral fur. She shook her head as if that would dislodge the depressing thoughts from her skull. She should've seen this coming, should've known that her brother would be no more at some point. She would nod her head solemnly as her guidance was welcomed into the pack, yet her eyes still hopelessly gazed for Asher and Mystery even though part of her knew she wouldn't find them. Her eyes paused upon seeing Vodka approach her. She knew the girl from her brother; how he had found her on the beach after being taken away by an eagle. She was a princess of ice at the time, and now here she was a scout of divine. She smiled softly at the dark female, a sign of warmth and welcome. The females question had a cold feeling settling within her, one that had her flinch slightly. Though she quickly brushed it away, letting a frown overtake her features.

"I don't know... I haven't seen him in death or life. When have you last seen him?And what of my mother, Mystery, has she passed?" she quietly questioned the ebony women, eyes gazing sadly at Vodka, ignoring the eyes of others upon her.


Vodka Lunafer

Posted 11-14-2017, 05:15 AM | This post was last modified: 11-14-2017, 05:16 AM by Amaranthe
Divine Warrior
Female, 1.50
20(30A) in, 50(110A) lbs
14 ep
© Lou
..The stars shine as bright as your soul..

More come, settling into the meeting softly to hear what Lunafer had to say. Ama keeps to her mothers' side, excitement forcing her paws to shuffle in the sand below. She didn't know what was really going on, what Luna might have to say and what it could mean for them all, but she was still excited for whatever it was. Soon enough it was her time to be addressed, she was given both rank and task and she couldn't quite contain the grin that widens her lips and pinches at her eyes. Hazel, just like her fathers. "Of course Luna! I'll find Cer and we'll work together," she looks over at Rascal with a smirk, just because she was a girl, didn't mean she couldn't handle it, or them. "I guess we'll be teaming up then," she jests, wiggling her tail towards Rascal with intent, bring it on! and then a chuckle. Hazelnut orbs turn upwards to her mother, she seeks pride or happiness there in those sapphire eyes, anything to guide her onto the right path. "I'll find papa, and everyone else who is missing..." a whisper meant just for Lypso, she leans up to kiss at her mothers' cheek in promise, for that was what she was making.

Notes; terribleeeeee. but here. <3

Posted 11-17-2017, 06:53 PM |
Divine Beta
Female, 4.25
32 in, 110 lbs
209 ep
© Lou
&& she is forever faithful

"Zinna.. it's wonderful to see you dear," she offers the healer a warm smile, her ears flicked forwards softly to cup the highest most part of her face. Being home, among her own people; it was a healing gem. Others arrived around her, a wraith and a few Divine wolves she couldn't for the life of her remember, she was sure they must be new. A welcoming smile was given to any that would catch her large, sapphire eyes, a dip of her muzzle in a silent but warm greeting. Before finally; Lunafer begun the meeting. Firefly cove was everything to her, and this place would quickly become her favorite by far. A pool that told ones' deepest desires, and fears, it was a mirror image of who you really were, and only for you to witness in the flesh. Perhaps in someway, it was an encouragement for those who would look in, or a deterrent. Lypso glances up at Lunafer as he begins to speak, hanging on to every word as if they'd be the last she ever heard. Only when she is addressed does her attention softly fade from him to the rest a little sheepishly, was she... embarrassed? No, she'd be humble. "Of course, Luna.. I'd be happy to help," and slowly does she glance around the crowd; "I'm available for any help that may be needed, whether training or a lesson on Divine history. Please feel free to come to me for anything," her smile is one-hundred watt as she turns back to Lunafer, home again!

A few late arrivals zip in, little Rascal who Lypso remembers but doesn't know much about, but it is that same ghost from before, and Vodka; that gain her attention first. "Nova, was it?" she turns slowly, facing the wraith more head on. "My dear, it is not unusual for Asher to disappear for months at a time, even when he was ruling Alpha of Divine, he would be gone for times at length." She gives her a dip of her head, a sincere apology but she encourages both the ghost and Vodka to not write him off just yet. "He always had the tendency to surprise us, just wait and see." her ears flick as Amaranthe pipes up beside her, she turns to nudge at her daughter, a chuckle on feather-light lips. "Congratulations dear, perhaps a day of training is in order soon." but as the child mentions Kaleddin, Lypso zones out, her mind elsewhere. Where had he gone? Suddenly, everything around her slips away... there is only the hazelnut eyes of her lover, and his downy coat of browns and beige. I miss you, my love.
Nova Vodka only cause she spoke directly to them.

Please tag me if I forget to reply within 3 days. <3

Posted 11-18-2017, 02:02 PM |
Divine Alpha
Intersex, 5.75
35.00 in in, 114.00 lbs lbs
355 ep
© Sylvirr
[][]OOC: Next posting round will be on the 23RD, so you still have time to get here and ask for clarification for things![][]

Zinna Lypso'ru Barrett Adalaye Cerberus Kaleddin Rascal Crystal Huata and Amaranthe Panik(if she wants~) Nova Leiley (if she wants)

Posted 11-26-2017, 08:57 AM |
Divine Alpha
Intersex, 5.75
35.00 in in, 114.00 lbs lbs
355 ep
© Sylvirr
He has given ample time now, for those he has addressed to get used to the things he's said to them, and he gazes out along the small but well-known pack to him, and with toes curled into the stone and sand, he now lays down the tenets by which they will live. He gives Rascal a momentary blank stare, but then reminds himself that really, theres' not much wrong he can do, and he smiles lightly as he settled more comfortably,"I'm glad you could make it, Rascal. There will be a mission for you soon, I promise. But first, I need you to listen." He inhales, and lets it out in a long, slow breath. "There are rules I wish to lay down, to prevent such sad events from happening again.
First, No wolf of Divine will use tooth or claw against another member of Divine to settle a quarrel. You will TALK, or if that fails to satisfy the requirements, then a competition can be held to put the disagreement to rest.

Second, training in both physical and elemental prowess will be mandatory. It is important to me for all members of Divine to know their limits, the limits of your packmates and family, and where you want to improve. To help each other in growing both stronger and more skilled is simply another facet of tightening the bonds of this family.

Third, we will not isolate ourselves from the other packs, but strive to learn about them, and befriend those within them. We will not be a solitary state, we will be worldly and well-traveled, that we may better be able to care for those who may seek refuge within our Cove, from any and all walks of life.

Forth, great wounds have been inflicted upon both Hotaru's spirit, and our own. For the next year or so, it would please me for us to get together and speak with Hotaru. Goddess she may be, nobody is exempt from the way feelings can harm, wound and scar you.

Fifth, by the time any youth of the pack reaches the age of one, they should be beginning to train in an aspect of pack life that most appeals to them, and by the age of two, they should be proficient enough in that skill to officially hold the rank. All those over the age of Three will be required to help train those younger than them.

Sixth, the healers of the pack will not depend only on Hotaru's gifts to heal, but take time in learning other things and natural remedies. It is also very important to know poisons and harmful plants, that we may better combat their effects if something were to happen." He stretches his sine upwards, stiff in his motions though peering at those who wear the pearly gem with an expression full of trust,"I believe in all of you. We can soothe the hurts done, and it will take time, but I know that we have the ability to be better than before. With that, we can conclude this meeting for now, and for any questions you may have, I'll be happy to answer."


"Saxifrage is my flower that splits the rocks."

Zinna Lypso'ru Barrett Adalaye Cerberus Kaleddin Rascal Crystal Huata Amaranthe Panik Nova

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