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A Mountains Heart [Aster]
Posted 11-15-2017, 01:50 AM |
Male, 1.75
34 in, 120 lbs
25 ep
© Wager

He freezes at the abruptness of her voice, just before her teeth appear on his shoulder. Hips swing around without hesitation to let him face Aster at full attention. Was he making an idle decision? Echo tried for a moment to further contemplate the full meaning of her offer, what it would mean for him, but it was undeniably... hard for the lad. His decisions were rarely made outside of spontaneity. He had never truly learned to weigh reason or consequence, as he had never been forced to do so. The grimace of concentration that had taken over him was slowly lost as the girl proceeded with her speech. "Legion?" he mindlessly repeated. The way his company explained it, the whole thing sounded rather unusual. Enticingly and bewitchingly, unusual. She herself seemed to be strongly captivated by the concepts.

Echo's ears stretched towards her words as they dropped into whispers, determined to catch each and every one of the light drifts. Family. Family stood out to him like a grizzly bear in a field of snow hares. Especially the second time she said it, for it was including of himself. Images of his homeland came to surface as he attempted to remember what such a thing felt like. Though, Jericho supposed he had never been the best example to go by, even then. The faces of his parents and his only sibling were barely able to be conjured up into lackluster blurs. A definitive sigh and a shudder of his coat brought him back to the present. Aster wasn't his mother, or his sister, or his father. This pack wasn't them. Perhaps they would be able to instill something different in him.

Characteristic whimsy would reclaim the boy's facade before long. "I understand, Cavegirl," he teased as if he hadn't any worry about his answer. He wasn't trying to hide that he did, in fact, have worries, they had just been deemed insignificant in the end. Whether it would be for the better or for the worse, he had essentially made a choice. He found the frail, quiet natured vixen to be quite likable, anyways. Calling her family might not be so difficult, and how different could her packmates be? He gave an antsy dip of his head before turning his muzzle back in the direction of the enigma girls kin. "Family." This time, he would hold his place until she took up the fore.

Aster - That would be great! I'm really enjoying them too <3

(I feel like this post is written awkwardly -not that I don't feel that way with all of them XD-, so I apologize for that.)

"Listen for the echo long after the mountains have crumbled.
Their ghosts might still have things to say."

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