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Posted 11-17-2017, 06:14 PM |
Divine Healer
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© Amber
It was chilling. Like, really cold. The morning dew was frosted, crystallizing the sand, the grass, the stones, the northern wind. The sky was frozen-dark. The only thing that could still move in the stillness was the ocean. There was something about it that guarded it from the ice, and Zinna knew it would never freeze. The seafoam would always be crashing loud on the shore, sands hot or sands frozen. It would always clap like thunder, ignorant to everything else. It was relaxing to know something would stay right where you left it, it was comforting.
But it couldn't change the fact that it was the last day before winter.
Today by some chance she wandered to that pool that Lunafer had gathered them all around at the meeting. In all the work and training with Adalaye and Huata she had even forgotten it existed. But there it was now, right where she left it. She looked up at the world's ceiling - it was already lighter, and in just a few minutes the sun would peek from the curtains of the backstage and onto the crowd that was asleep and waiting for the act of the day to begin.
The red wolf looked down at the pool that was still a couple of meters away. She felt something. She... saw something. Zinna stood still, staring at the water like it was something dangerous. She was... well, she had never seen water like that before. Was it even water? Northern lights danced on it, it's surface clear and still even though there was a winter breeze blowing. She took a couple of tentative steps, still not close enough to see her reflection but quite enough to behold the view: The plasmatic substance lay untouched, and it appeared to go deep, deep down, crystals growing all the way to the unseen bottom.
"Wow..." she whispered in awe. Zinna then sat beside the pool and looked east, at the ocean's edge. Part of the sun could now be seen escaping from the waves' embrace. Sunrise
She looked down at the pool again: it was like a rift in this world, a gap made for them to admire what wasn't there... wasn't it? Maybe it was, like, a portal? The red wolf lowered her head to look: if it was water it would have her reflection.
Well, there it was. Wait...
Her eyes opened wide as she stared in bafflement at the two green eyes. It should've been her reflection into the water, and this looked a lot like her, but... the features she was facing bore the marks of an old person. She realized this must be no real water: the graying muzzle, the grass-colored eyes, the serious expression...
Her nose now almost touched the liquid. She felt like she had missed a heartbeat. Zinna hadn't seen that face in such a long time she hadn't even recognized it for a second.
"Father?" she whispered at the vision. She wasn't surprised when it didn't answer. She lifted from the substance and just regarded the old wolf from a sitting position. She hadn't thought about him for a long time now. She had almost forgotten him. It was nearly two years since he had died. About two years since she had her journey, since the moment she entered Doutaini for the first time. She had been crushed at Panik's murdering, and had cried her eyes out when Mystery died. She now remembered how she had cried most of the nights she had spent searching for her parent. She felt... genuinely grateful to the person that had raised her. She had looked up to him as someone perfect every day, even long after he had passed. Even now.
A small tear formed at the corners of each of her amber eyes, rolling down the moment she blinked them away.

Lunafer @anyone else who wants to

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Posted 11-17-2017, 07:13 PM |
Divine (Site Helper)
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Posted 11-17-2017, 07:17 PM |
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© Lou
&& she is forever faithful

The oracle was one of her favorite places these days, a place she could come to see a certain someone she hadn't laid eyes on in a long time. Each day it changed, the image a distorted form of release, Sullivan some days, her mother others, but mostly, Kaleddin would look up at her smiling from the waters' surface. She arrives in the wake of another that morning though, the sun barely visible under the canopy of clouds that had floated across the cliff tops. "Zinna?" Her voice is as soft as the crunching ice beneath her paws, it sends needles of chill through her feet but she doesn't mind it much. She joins divines' healer with a smile and a soft nudge of her nose to shoulder, if Zinna allowed. "From what I can gather," she whispers, any noise too loud for this time of morning, "is the pool shows you both fear and desire, depending on your mood..." she takes a step away from the healer and peers over the ledge of the pool, instantly it swirls into an image, and soon enough Kaleddin is grinning up at her, those hazelnut eyes piercing from the deepset lashes of his handsome face. Her throat clenches and to avoid the embarrassment she sits back, away from the pool and its' mysteries. "It shows you what you really want, the thing in your heart. You saw your father?" she questions softly, though she is accepting if Zinna didn't want to talk about it. There is a warmth to Lypso that often got people opening up to her, though she never minded much if they didn't, some secrets were not meant to form on lips. "How are you, Zinna?"

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