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Posted 09-12-2017, 11:52 PM |
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© Sylvirr

lorem ipsum She passes through without warning, a bone witch covered in windswept cobwebs, a spider queen who wears the silk of her minions as a veil. The sun is at her back. She is filled with disquiet, filled with a rabble that rattles inside the cage of her bones and screams and fights and struggles against her outward calm countenance. Nails on a blackboard, a screeching sound in her ears as she grits her ill-fitting teeth and finally descents into the warm and dusky madness that is the Ridge, and sharply, a snarl thrown over her shoulder towards the wildcat that that so dares to stalk her-- a poor choice, a foolish choice, for the creature's need has pricked its paw against the thorns of the thistle and Famine is too thorough a witch to allow her lair to be disturbed without due recourse, and like Sleeping Beauty who pricked her finger on a spindle, so too has the cougar who dared walk too close, to dare brush against trees, and so slowly does the feline fall that it seems as if exhaustion has taken it.

Not so.

She turns, she watches, she waits as the cougar falls to the earth in a heap, breath coming in haggard gasps that grow raspy and shallow and she waits waits waits until she hears it-- death rattle.

A time later, she passes through without warning, a bone witch covered in windswept cobwebs dyed in blood, a spider queen who wears the silk of her minions as a veil and the blood and bone and flesh of her enemies as a dress, for she has become the painted lady, a wolf in cougar's clothing. The sun is at her back, but she does not feel it.



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