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Posted 09-12-2017, 11:38 PM | This post was last modified: 09-12-2017, 11:38 PM by Mercury
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Sleep. Sleep, for some, is a respite-- a relief, an escape. But it is not so for the Blind Seer, for it is only in his dreams that he sees-- and Sees, truly. Broken images, like shattered glass falling upon a hard floor, words spoken through gritted teeth, muddy and foggy. Swimming, swimming in a sea of feelings. Feelings and voices and sounds and smells and it was overwhelming but no, he MUST settle it. As if peeling away the layers of an onion, breaking through the greasy film to see a clear and starry sky, he pulls himself free from the layers upon layers of sleep that have taken him, and immediately, he is lurched back to life--back to the now, back to the presence, thrown into a body that is stretched and sprawled in the grasses. A distant rumble in the earth--the pounding of hooves, though it is far. His body aches-- his left forelimb most of all. Ugly and raw the wound has become, with a lack of proper care. Though, he feels, perhaps, that he deserves it.

It is a pain he deserves to suffer.

Unseeing eyes crack open and he inhales a heavy breath, letting out in a heaving sigh, toes curling against the soil and grasses of the glade. Tickling at his muzzle, the summer grasses bows and sway in the wind and there is a peace and serenity that comes with the loss of the animals, for some reason. Only the warble of incessant songbirds in the distance seemed to break the monotony of the sounds-- the sounds of his own heartbeat, the way his blood sounds pumping through his veins, the way the cartilage and joints in his body creak and pop and snap as he lifts himself to stretch, however brief the action is. And it is brief, for as soon as his form feels languid again, he finds himself plopping back to the grassy earth to draw three of his four limbs beneath him, the other remaining stretched out before him, and he soon rests his haggard maw against his arm and allows his eyes to close again-- as if he'd see anything, whether they were open or closed.

"You've almost convinced me I'm real."


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